Top 12 Single Product Shopify Themes

Single product stores or websites do not require all of the same abilities that a regular website with several items requires. In order to make the right fit, it can be created as a one page store that offers a single product. These are effective ways to gain new customers and clients. It presents all of the needed information and benefits without being overwhelming.

Encourage visitors to learn about the product that you have available. This focus limits distractions and presents focused information. Look for a single product Shopify theme that offers easy customization. It is necessary to have more than one payment option, easy checkout wizard, marketing and analytics tools and friendly design and layouts. Your one page Shopify theme will have only one page to introduce an item, share benefits, explain how it works, and close the sale. This requires focus and attention to detail.

Navigation keys and sliders are still beneficial of single product Shopify themes. These allow people to find the information they are seeking quickly. Fast loading speeds, easy-to-use guides, fast scrolling, and intuitive navigation are all keys to the most successful websites. It is also important that you be able to update the standard pages, tax and shipping and compatibility with essential apps. Changeable branding information, visual contents, colors, fonts can be beneficial for making the site custom to your needs. To find just the right one page Shopify theme, it may be necessary to look over a few of the best and choose from there.

Citrus by BuddhaThemes ( ThemeForest )


Citrus offers a one page Shopify website that works for a single product or several. This approach allows you to launch after designing only one page. For time savings and ease of use, this can be a great choice. It is easily edited to meet your needs and match your brand. Connect your contact information to maintain high customer service standards.

Smooth scrolling with the included sliders adds to the functionality of the website. It is also compatible with many apps and widget ready sidebar to add additional functions. A shopping cart can be used for multiple purchases at once. The two beautiful demos are fast to download and allow you to see exactly how it functions and design layouts.

Clean arrangements and easy navigation and sitemap are top priorities for this template. It ensures that all needed information is provided. Smooth checkouts impress both customers and site builders.

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Milmaa Single Product Shopify Theme


Use pop up letters to reach more customers with Milmaa. This fresh approach to a template will let your site stand out among competitors. The popup function can add readers to your newsletter or add them to your contact list. Advanced features include a deal counter, a mega menu, and a pop-up cart.

This single product shopify theme is aimed at making shopping fun and simple. Counters track what items are being added to the cart and how many. The slide view keeps all the needed information easy to access and use. Included advanced search functions ensure your customers find exactly what they are looking for. Sell around the world with currency converters and multiple payment options. Also, compatible with a variety of Shopify inventory management and order tracking apps, for example, , , etc.

With a strong administration panel, you can make all of the needed changes. Adapt the layout and colors, font, and backgrounds to fit your own brand. Whether you sell one item or many it will be displayed well. Great for service providers such as photographers, costume designer, tailors, custom items, and more.

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by Clean Canvas ( Shopify )


Now, introducing the most expensive item of single product Shopify themes listing. Not only for sole product stores, but the Mode theme is suitable for enterprise’s eCommerce websites. Drag and drop for editing is one of the fastest ways to personalize any website template. You can adapt the layout as well as the font and color of any labels and information.

Modern and smooth, the fast load speeds keep your site accessible for everyone. It is compatible with any web browser and with any smart device. Shop from tablets, phones, or home computers and edit where you work best.

Well suited for both old and young eCommerce websites, it also competes with large stores, has high volume sales, and tells the story behind the brand. It offers a sticky cart, color swatches, stock counter, and badges for the easiest shopping experience. Offer in-store or curbside pickup, delivery, blogs, upsells, cross-sell and product matching, and more. It is ideal for all types of clothing or entertainment items, along with tools and the service industry. The Mode theme is bit expensive than other single-product Shopify themes, it’ starting with $320 USD.

Elomus by Masstechnologist ( ThemeForest )


For your single product Shopify theme, Elomus is one of the top contenders. The smooth transitions and focus on that product make it attractive to any visitor. Best using scope for electronics such as headphones, scooters, smartwatches, earphones, Bluetooth devices, phone cases, skateboards, air purifiers, and more. It is easy to set up and maintain. Besides, the developer ensures the coding standard of the application programming interface. Work with the most popular page builders such as , , AI Search & Discovery, Slider Revolution, Master Slider, etc…

The bold presentation and the strong layout are sure to make your business stand out. It creates a beautiful e-store for the sole product. Color swatches provide a simple way to adapt the template and draw attention to your store and give a new experience of one page love. Sliders are included to show different views or images or to move between products and styles. Easy navigation is key to a positive experience for shoppers.

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Boom by Designthemes ( ThemeForest )


Using different skins with a theme can change the look of it with very little effort. This multipurpose Shopify theme offers many skins for its template. By downloading and changing these you can update your site in minutes. With sections that are easy to navigate visitors can find all the information, they need to make a decision.

The top functions for this single product Shopify theme include sliders for full control. Moreover, you can also use other free or premium slider apps such as Enorm Image Slider, Layer Slider, Elfsight Image Slider, etc. The cart offers a drop down summary any time during shopping as well as a full cart during check out. Shoppers can choose the size and color with the color filter. Quick views offer details and images without leaving the page. Pop ups of quick views also include the ability to add to a cart directly. Select the views you prefer and include tracking for all orders.

Also, Boom has well reapportioned to work with dropshipping businesses. Moreover, some of its brilliant dropshipping features include API access to provider companies, real-time & ePacket shipping rates, inventory management, warehouse management system etc. Besides, This fully functional theme works for any personal care items, electronics, computer accessories, parts, and so much more.

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Menoa by TemplateTrip ( TemplateMonster )

Menoa a one page Shopify theme

For an elegant and responsive one-product website, Menoa is a must see. With a focus on the details that make a site different from others. It supports several different currencies that allow sales around the world. This is ideal for downloadable content including music, books, and meditations. Also suitable for beauty products, headphones, smartwatches and other devices, and clothing, among other items. Represent your brand with a strong and beautiful website.

Maximized for top performance on mobile devices makes it accessible to everyone. It also, included AJAX add to cart, wishlist and compare, smart product and block grids, product rollover animation, inner zooming, AJAX search and Theme Options, etc. One click import allows you to download and build your store quickly. For those with no prior experience, they offer support and well documentation in installing and setting up your new website.

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Sinp by CodeCarnival ( ThemeForest )

Sinp Shopify theme for one product store

For an advanced page that has key functions and fast responses, Sinp theme should be considered. The Ajax cart shows updates to the cart during shopping and improves checkout. Multiple layouts allow the utmost control over each aspect of your new webstore.

The modern shopify template structure ensure your site is on trend for shoppers. As well as, drag and drop sections, stylish header and footer, shop grid and list view, product countdown are common features of this single product Shopify theme. Also, it build with Bootstrap and ensure W3c valid all HTML5 & CSS3 templates, content section. It loads quickly and updates are provided ongoing. Anyone wanting to see the page in action can use one of the many demos available before purchase. Fast downloading and included updates get you online quickly and keep it there.

Created for new and popular items in any industry, it works well for fitness devices, electronics, accessories, food, and newly launched items. The included counter can count down until deals end or new products launch.

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Ap Strollik by ApolloTheme ( ThemeForest )

Ap Strollik

With the most advanced features, your site will grab the attention of shoppers everywhere. Videos, animations, slide shows, parallax effect, mega menus, and top connectivity are all top features for this Ap Strollik. It provides a contemporary feel with the most up to date abilities.

Allow your customers the best information with the 360-degree view. Incorporating this animated view of the item shows each side as it rotates on the screen. Compete with any large store with all the features that they have access to with this Shopify one product theme. Ideal for baby items, furniture, toys, and artwork, this site brings your product to life. As well as, included all demos for about us, product by brand, contact us, FAQs, our story, shortcodes preview, and more pages. Also, this tested with functionality with upsell, cross-selling, soldout – waitlist, countdown, and more.

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Ex Watch V-2 One Product Shopify Theme

Ex Watch

Ex Watch is a great chooicse for a one product website. you are sure to impress all of your customers with this elegant, simple design layouts. It scrolls smoothly in any browser or on any device. The icons are easy to change during customization for your target market. Some of its amazing features Ajax sidebar filters, multi-currency, beautiful blog template and more.

Use the upscale layout to create a sense of luxury and high demand. A minimalist approach keeps it clean and responsive. Include testimonials and reviews for great referrals. As your business grows your page will grow with it. Modern call to action buttons and the easy addition of color and size choices are key to many items you may sell. This single product shopify theme is perfect for watches, fitness bands, cell phones, accessories for electronic devices such as cases, and clothing items.

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Mixture by Nova Creative ( ThemeForest )


Drones, electronics, models, and building toys are all at home with this one item Shopify store theme. Mixture offers several layouts to choose from and is easy to use. Build your business with intuitive and responsive web design. Checkouts are improved with space for notes and requests. Multiple payment options keep your store flexible and accessible.

Each item is listed with several photos and details. Using a grid or list version, you can create the storage you need. It also allows for a selection of colors and styles. Lots of space for descriptions help you share all the benefits of your product. Several home pages are premade for the fastest one-product website building possible.

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One Page Shopify Theme


Refresh theme offers many different ways to display your merchandise. This includes video, high resolution images in galleries, and rollover zoom. Ensure that customers get all the details with look books and videos. Include all of the shipping information, delivery estimations, many payment options, order tracking, chatbots and other eCommerce module . Slide shows create movement and increase interest. For clothing brands, the included size charge is a strong benefit.

Not only for clothing but it is also recommended for electronics and powered toys such as cars and trains. It is easily adapted for electronics and tools. Baby items and even furniture are shown in great detail for easy decision making.

Customers are sure to feel confident using such a professional template. It is both easy to build and allows easy checkout and order management. Increase the ease of navigation with well organized menus and selections. Besides, it’s ready for Shopify o.s 2.0 store. Also, this single-product Shopify theme ensure compatible with modern web browsers and devices.

Rose Gold by Blog Pixie ( Creative Market )


Blog Pixie was created for people who love to create a product landing page with Shopify. While the blog is the main focus, it also has several other key pages. With premade layouts and templates, it is intuitive to update and fast to download and install with Shopify hosting account. It presents an elegant yet modern view.

Each aspect is fully customizable on design layout and HTML, CSSS, and Javascript. With the wide range of fonts and colors it can suit any business. Remain up to date with easy editing. From minimalist one-page stores to full websites this flexible template structure offers a feeling of luxury and decadence. Besides, this one-product Shopify theme well suited to high end items and home made offerings, it is great for jewelry, business services, make up and skin care, clothing items, and high end purses. The way that each item is displayed will create additional demand for your items.

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One of the most important decisions in launching your single product website or store is which theme or template to use. By viewing some of these top choices you are sure to find a good fit. Each allows for the personalization of your brand and product. Some only offer one page but a few layouts while others have a full range of pages for a website.

Check for the behind the scenes support if you are inexperienced in web building. Your site should represent your brand in colors, font, and logos. Search for a theme that offers each function that you need from images to checkout. Customer accounts can encourage people to return in the future and makes tracking their orders seamless.

hope you’ve liked the hand-picked list of the one product Shopify themes and your approach is different than other sellers on your website benchmark while still appealing to your core customer.

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