The 20 Best Shopify Themes Compatibility With OS 2.0

In any business, how you make your website design plays a very important role. Your client can tell if you design your site well, and a site should be simple to use to attract clients. However, various strategies for website marketing can help in attracting more attention. But how you design still speaks about the website.

With Shopify, you will get good access to lovely designs with unique functions. You don’t need a premium theme to succeed because it doesn’t usually mean more sales. Besides, it cannot be easy to pick the best free Shopify theme. Because not all are always up to date, and some offer more comprehensive support than others.

Every great web design has a personal touch to it. And If you’re in search of the best free Shopify themes, consider the age of your clients. Also, how old they are, their passions, and the kind of devices they use. ECommerce shopify themes must include many essential elements that meet your customers needs.

Below are the best free Shopify themes to create that amazing and interesting store.

1. Debut


Debut, Shopify OS2 theme is so popular. It’s highly configurable, lightning-fast, and simple to use. Also, it’s adaptable enough to suit a wide range of stores, not minding the size of inventory. It also looks fantastic on both desktop and mobile devices.

Features of Debut

  • Slideshow: On your home page, use a slide show to show off various items or brand imagery.
  • It has a predictive search box that displays all live search results.
  • You can share testimonials and quotations to promote your items.
  • Promote your most recent sale, promotion, or discount at the top of your store’s home page
  • Use a YouTube or Vimeo video on your homepage to explain your product.
  • Allows users to filter products by type and sort them by best sellers and price.

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2. Crave


Crave is a Shopify os2 theme, with bold colors and unique shadows. It demands attention from shoppers, ideal for food and beverage companies of any size catalog. It has mobile-friendly layouts with dynamic checkout choices ideal for on-the-go selling and buying. Customers can complete purchases on tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. It also stands out from the crowd because it uses new blocks to tell a visual story. It includes a variety of adaptable blocks for images, products, videos, quotations, and other content.

Crave Features

  • Contains images with a high resolution.
  • It can give a slideshow and galleries of images.
  • You can zoom or roll over the image to see if it’s larger.
  • From look books, you can create videos of the product .
  • It has a size chart that contains shipping or delivery details.
  • It provides a how-to-use information.

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3. Dawn


This is another Shopify 2.0 theme name Dawn, and it’s chock-full of new features. This amazing theme works well for any store because you can set up a store and begin selling. It has sections that provide more control over organizing your store’s content. Also, allowing you to design the appearance of your online store without having to alter code. The design is flexible and includes many adaptable blocks for photos, items, videos, quotations, etc.

Dawn theme’s Features

  • Dawn supports high-resolution images for clearer viewing.
  • It can contain many images as you desire.
  • You can zoom images with a rollover.
  • Dawn has many customizable options for products.
  • You can display videos of the goods to give more information.
  • There is a size chart that shows shipping and delivery details.
  • Design and display many products with the slideshow option.
  • It has self-guide information.

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4. Express


One of the best free Shopify themes which are good for traders. Express gives retailers many product photos and a bright image. It’s perfect for stores that are just coming up. This design works with a one-page shop and you can configure the settings to make them suitable for your store. Also, it has cool sections that improve the layout of your online store’s various pages.


  • The page has a header and footer.
  • It has a responsive layout.
  • It has a collapsible cart drawer where potential customers can add product.
  • There are suggestions for products.
  • Banner template for Collections.
  • Custom content Image with text featured good.
  • It displays many colors that make the layout attractive.

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5. Narrative

Narrative a best free Shopify theme

This theme displays single products through storytelling. The design shows a product and highlights its benefits and features on a single page. This is not to say that you can’t add more, but Narrative works best for single products. It has minimal design steps without effort.


  • Unique navigation improves browsing by surfacing the menu, logo, and cart when scrolling up.
  • Vertical slideshow which allows stylish vertical slideshow of display products, information, etc.
  • Special Instructions at the box on the Cart Page, which allows your customer to give you specific instructions.
  • A wide layout that allows you to show big images. This helps the shopper see the fine details of the products you sell.

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6. Sense


Sense friend of Shopify 2.0, it’s free for Online Store. It has a clean, simple, and colorful design. This makes it appropriate for any size health and beauty establishment. It gives product information and ratings to assist you in gaining client trust. Without knowing how to code, your designs will come out well. This theme setup step allows for the quick launching of a beautiful site.


  • It has images with a high resolution and galleries of images.
  • You can zoom images with a rollover.
  • It can display short videos of the products and give information on how to use the product.
  • Contains information about shipping with delivery and size guide.
  • Discovering available new goods.
  • You can navigate through collection pages.
  • Sorting and selecting products has become easy with the search box.
  • It has sticky headers that suggest goods.

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7. Venture


This free Shopify theme is bold yet minimal for dropshipping, clothing, or mobile store. The design is for high-volume stores. The venture has customizable template settings to make it suitable for your store. It even has a layout that influences the section of your store’s various pages.


  • By design, it can handle big catalogs, Ideal for establishments with a lot of merchandise.
  • Display of menu with many columns of product information and photographs in a big, multi-column drop-down menu.
  • Edge to edge slideshow on the home page, displaying various photos.
  • Banner for a promotion at the top of your store’s home page, highlight your most recent sale, promotion, or discount.
  • Promote a single product on your home page.

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8. Boundless


Is a Shopify minimal theme that focuses on photography with clear UI and full-width imagery. Its design is for stores with medium to big inventories and is mobile-friendly. You can customize almost all settings of Boundless.


  • Display high-resolution product photos throughout your store.
  • Slideshow with fading effect: Use a fade-effect slideshow on your homepage to display multiple product s brand photos.
  • Sticky navigation: As you browse down the page, keep menus fixed at the top.
  • Single product gallery: Use a separate product gallery to display huge, high-resolution photos.
  • The photographs in the collection are in a full-width grid style, which is ideal for presenting product photography.
  • Tell your narrative by putting a YouTube or Vimeo video front and center on your home page.

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9. Simple


Another minimal shopify theme is also good for showing products. Clean and very easy to build while giving the main functions you want. Its designs can make your website operate fast, and It is valuable for your page on your website. This is because it provides a big space for a product picture show. Simple is among one of the best free themes on this list.

  • It has a sidebar menu that displays your items and collections in accordion style.
  • When clients hover over a product image, it gives them a deeper look and more product details.
  • Image animations to create transition effects of good and brand.
  • It recommends goods to boost discoverability and highlight the products on product pages.

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10. Supply free shopify theme


Supply integrates easily with the product reviews app, allowing you to add user review features to your product. Supply can have more than 50 products, more than 5 collections, or extensive menus. This one is perfect for you.

  • The Supply is Ideal for large catalogs, dropshipping or warehouse.
  • Its template is ideal for stores that have a high number of products.
  • Allow customers to filter collection pages by brand, price, and other customizable parameters.
  • Showcase various product or brand photos on your home page with a slideshow.
  • It shows many collections on the front page.

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11. Minimal


This is a responsive layout with a wide layout that looks fantastic on any device. Minimal free theme is an easy, clean design that focuses on your products. You may change your store with extra layout options, product views, collection views, etc. All of these are to provide you the greatest flexibility.

  • Homepage video: a video on your homepage can help you create a more enjoyable, positive experience for your visitors.
  • It has zoomable product photos where people can picture how your products look in depth.
  • The cart page allows customers to add notes to their orders.

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12. Azexo


This is one of the free best themes for entrepreneurs on a budget. Anexo is an outstanding Shopify page builder. It integrates with your , allowing you to alter any template or override a piece of your templating. You’ll only be able to add basic elements to your pages on the free plan. Azexo credits will appear in the footer of your pages.

  • Lookbook/map of hotspots.
  • You can add basic elements to your pages on the free plan.
  • Overriding existing template sections.
  • It has Photoshop building with layers .
  • It can create a layer structure using header editor, footer editor, and other tools.

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13. Debutify


Deputy is a solid alternative to Shopify distribution themes. It is a great option that doesn’t need coding, and it has a fast page loading speed, which is an important way to reduce store abandonment. It comes with more attractive options, such as adding a customizable footer or product testimonials. As well as advanced product filters and featured image sliders. Yet, this is a nice Shopify OS2 theme because it’s its fast loading ability

Features of Deputy

  • It has a method of customization that is simple.
  • Abandonment of lower cart & bounce rates.
  • Get more sales by turning exits into purchases.
  • Sync contacts with Klavyio & Mailchimp.
  • Fully customizable: text, style, image, trigger, animation, coupon code & more.
  • Deputy has a responsive layout that clients can understand.
  • It is a starter theme ready for customization.
  • The codes are simple and clear to view.

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14. Classygift


The Classygift is one of the best free Shopify templates. When it comes to online gift shops, it’s crucial to establish a welcoming atmosphere. Gift businesses, flower shops, and accessory stores will enjoy this theme. The classy gift is an editable template with a beautiful structure and design. You may get even more features on a Classy gift Shopify theme and check out the design.


  • It is an editable template with a nice structure and design.
  • Customers can open an account and begin to use it to make buying more convenient.
  • It has a responsive layout that customers can understand.
  • An Admin Panel where administrators and other site officials can relate well
  • It has Bootstrap, a free and open-source front-end development framework.
  • Gives complete information about location and sites around the globe.

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15. Nx-Shopify


Nx-Shopify Shopify GPL theme created using Nx plugin with hand of few wonderful Contributors ( Sebastian Duque, Karen Santana, Mauricio Vuljevas and more ) .

  • Its function is based on TypeScript.
  • Jest provides out-of-the-box .
  • Environments for many applications and Themekit.
  • Create new themes with separate configurations using a code generator.
  • It has theme blocks such as layouts, templates, and sections.
  • It has a code generator used to create snippets.

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16. Tailwind theme


The free theme using Tailwind css framework to match any product and service. It’s similar to shopify dawn theme, Moreover, You can focus on building the best experience for your product and service.

  • It supports an online store.
  • It has ready to use customizable themes to create an engaging website.
  • Its clean structure makes it user-friendly.
  • Responsive layout which gives room for major online agora activities.
  • It allows you to repackage your products or change a picture in the background after publishing.

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17. Bootstrap theme

bootstrap shopify theme

Bootstrap is the most popular framework globally, with millions of developers utilizing it. Bootstrap is an excellent alternative for Shopify merchants. It provides new methods to improve and expand online stores.

Bootstrap themes are HTML, CSS, and Javascript code that you can use to customize your websites.

Best. Bootstrap themes for Shopify include the Wookiee, Porto themes. Bootstrap-based template and others are compatible with Bootstrap 4. x.

  • Very easy to Customize.
  • It has a unique dark background which makes it stand out.
  • Different homepage design layouts y can choose from.
  • Sticky header variations that are one-of-a-kind.
  • Option for many grids and lists.
  • Bootstrap 4. X is a framework for creating a website.
  • Responsive layout that engages customers on your page.
  • Integrates mega menu which keeps the site up and running.

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18. Doris


This minimal theme is a fantastic choice for individuals looking for the top Shopify themes. It is a valuable resource for store owners in the houseware, home, and garden industries. With this, you can show how your items fit into the area of your customers’ homes. You can change the layout, typography, and promotions because of Doris’s extensive customizability.

  • On collection and blog pages, responsive shows menus, a search bar, and other content in a switchable sidebar.
  • The top of the menu bar has a currency converter.
  • Instagram feed where you can connect your Shopify account to your Instagram account.
  • It allows you to exhibit full-width slideshows with the menu navigation in the center.

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19. SuitUP

SuitUP a best free shopify theme
Has an eye-catchy look theme with soft color tones to attract different customers at first sight. It includes many visual effects to make your website look good.

  • Responsive Design for catching customers interest.
  • has a full plugin that includes a cart, wishlist, and currency options.
  • allows you to accept digital payments to give your users an unforgettable buying experience in your online fashion or sportswear store.
  • Suit up fashion store has many category pages that will help you to add and to sell more products or items like footwear, sportswear, uniforms, etc.
  • Its user interface e is responsive at high speed.
  • It has an Admin Panel for controlling and viewing activities on page.

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20. Apparelix Free Shopify theme

Apparelix Free Shopify

This is a fashionable Shopify theme that uses a variety of fashion-related subjects. It’s a great fit for clothes stores, apparel, and boutiques. It has a well-designed homepage style that can showcase each variety to its full potential.

  • Contains banner mega section to display product in large siz.
  • Keeps time of collections by customers with the Timer Collections menu.
  • Can show products that attracted customers interest.
  • Image Gallery on a Single Product Page.
  • Maps by Google to give customers location.
  • Filter for the Product Carousel Collection.
  • Gives a quick view of products.
  • Multiple currency options for easy payment methods.

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21. Lena

Lena Shopify templates

This Shopify theme is modern, sleek, and responsive. Any type of eCommerce company can use this theme. It has 6 unique homepage layouts powerful features. Responsive design and 1-click demo content installation.

  • Control panel for the administrator.
  • Optional Header Styles.
  • There are no limits on how many colors you can use The site is fully responsive.
  • In the header, there is a drop-down shopping cart.
  • Zoom in on the product.
  • Slider with thumbnails of products.
  • It gives a label on the product and also shows the best selling ones.
  • It has a color picker and background patterns to create a good looking site.
  • With a single click, you can import all of your need.

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Take away keys

To get your eCommerce store up and running, use the best free Shopify themes. A successful eCommerce website relies heavily on its design. With many themes, including free ones, you can construct a stunning online shop.

Most templates come with plenty of customization options to help you get the appearance you want.

It’s not enough to have a beautiful design online business, regardless of whatever Shopify theme you select. What you do next and how you communicate with your consumers will determine whether or not you have a successful online store. That thrills and engages your customers.

If you have a clear knowledge of who your audience is, you will be able to choose the finest Shopify theme. You will tailor a store that will thrill and engage your customers.

Inspire us with your love!

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