The 15 Best Education WordPress Themes

Embarking on the journey of creating a professional and reliable educational website can be a daunting task, but fear not! Thanks to the vast array of education WordPress themes available, the process becomes a seamless roadmap rather than starting from scratch. In this collection, we present the fifteen best templates that cater to diverse educational needs, whether it’s for a university, primary school, high school, coaching center, or any other academic institution. From the fundamental settings to the intricacies of design, these educational themes allow you to configure the appearance, header, footer, sidebar, and overall look and feel directly and programmatically.

Gone are the days of manual installation and exhaustive documentation; these templates offer impressive mockup and configuration options, making visual design management a breeze. Whether you are focused on instruction, e-learning, scholarship, or classroom management, these WordPress education themes address the educational website’s style and influencers directly, ensuring a successful online presence for your institution. Say goodbye to the complexities of website development, and say hello to a beautiful and functional platform for your educational journey.

Dive into a carefully curated collection of articles showcasing organic templates designed for bookstore and coaching business sites.

1.) Edubin By Pixelcurve ( ThemeForest )

Edubin: A High-end Academic Website Template

Discovering how to efficiently update and renovate your educational platform has never been more exciting than with Edubin, a highly customizable LMS WordPress theme. With the user-friendly drag-and-drop Elementor visual editor, customization becomes a seamless and enjoyable process, ensuring a high-end look and feel for your academic website. The internal configuration panel adds a touch of sophistication, streamlining the update process without the need for expensive manual documentation, ultimately enhancing performance and user experience.

Edubin is not merely a visual upgrade; it’s a dynamic learning companion. Compatible with leading LMS plugins like Tutor, LearnPress, LearnDash, and Sensei, this template offers diverse course styles, including grid and list layouts, accommodating a range of presentation preferences. The powerful functionality and build-in script facilitates easy navigation and course filtering, creating a user-friendly menu structure akin to a well-organized sitemap. Whether you’re showcasing courses or selling educational materials, Edubin transforms your educational platform into a captivating and engaging space.

Moreover, Edubin is not just about courses; it’s a comprehensive educational tool with LMS functionality, offering courses, lessons, quizzes, and topics to enrich the learning experience. The learning WP theme seamlessly integrates with popular form plugins like WPForms and Contact Form 7, promoting easy communication and interaction. Additionally, compatibility with The Events Calendar extension ensures smooth event management integration, enhancing the overall functionality of the educational application.

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2.) Kingster By GoodLayers ( ThemeForest )

Kingster: An Ideal Template for School Website

Kingster emerges as the optimal and ultimate solution for education-focused WordPress themes, providing a seamless platform for selling online courses, video tutorials, documentation, and manual lessons. Tailored to accommodate a variety of educational institutions, including universities, schools, colleges, coaching centers, and martial arts academies, Kingster proves to be the ideal choice for establishing a comprehensive educational resource hub.

With its powerful integration with WooCommerce and LearnPress or , Kingster creates a harmonious synergy, enabling an extensive digital download shopping experience. Boost sales effortlessly by implementing enticing discount prices, & loyalty points, and manage inventory seamlessly. By providing specific course durations, this theme adds clarity for potential students, helping them understand the time commitment required for each educational program.

Moreover, goes beyond traditional templates by allowing educators to create a manageable and personalized learning environment. Effortlessly connect with mobile apps through the REST API, ensuring seamless accessibility and a responsive user experience. Additionally, the university WordPress theme offers flexibility with features like easy switching to maintenance or coming soon mode, ensuring a smooth transition during updates or new launches without disrupting the user experience. Whether you’re a new web designer, business entrepreneur, or someone starting an educational resource hub website, Kingster proves to be the perfect choice.

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3.) Masterstudy By StylemixThemes ( ThemeForest )

Masterstudy: A Solid E-Learning Website Template

Unlock the sleek and impressive potential of online teaching with MasterStudy, a cutting-edge education WordPress theme that redefines the user interface and design of learning platforms. Compatibility with leading page builders like Elementor or WP Bakery ensures you can create responsive web pages with eye-catching design elements and widgets.

Likewise, the course builder within MasterStudy empowers you to craft professional courses effortlessly, offering a comprehensive section for course showcase, curriculum design, diverse lesson types, and exam categories. Take your online learning community to new heights by integrating BuddyPress with this learning theme, creating one of the best applications available.

Moreover, the incorporation of Zoom video conferencing elevates the interactive experience, allowing real-time communication between educators and students. The live stream script enhances e-learning and online education with course groups, activity feeds, messaging, and advanced profile management, providing a comprehensive and engaging virtual classroom environment.

Monetize your educational efforts with the point reward system, creating an outstanding experience for students and encouraging their active participation. With the option to extend your reach to iOS and Android mobile apps, MasterStudy is not just a simple theme but a holistic solution for a modern online eLearning website.

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4.) WPLMS By VibeThemes ( ThemeForest )

WPLMS, a Robust WordPress Education Theme

Experience the pinnacle of educational themes with WPLMS, a best-selling and top-choice solution renowned for its advanced design and functionality. Tailored for online coaching, personal instructors, courses marketplaces, IT learning centers, fashion schools, and sewing academics, WPLMS offers a plethora of versatile header layouts. Take control of your website’s appearance with easy settings for logo placement and menu styles, be it horizontal or vertical.

Likewise, goes beyond aesthetics; its seamless integration with Easy Digital Downloads and BuddyPress transforms it into a community eCommerce solution for downloadable content or video playlists. The incorporation of artificial intelligence in course units takes learning to new heights, providing an smart and interactive experience. The addition of AI Bot integration introduces responsiveness to the learning interface, while an AI questions generator brings dynamic and interactive assessment methods to the forefront.

Furthermore, this WordPress theme guarantees seamless compatibility with any learning management system, facilitating the export of courses built in the SCORM format. Adhering to coding best practices in both HTML and PHP on both the backend and front-end, and leveraging well-resourced frameworks like React JS and Bootstrap, developers find it easy to extend new features by replacing hooks and filters. It stands as the ideal choice for those in search of a comprehensive and innovative solution for managing their download repository, supporting various media types such as video, audio, documents, PDFs, and text.

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5.) Astra By By Brainstorm Force ( )

Astra: An Elite Education WordPress Theme

Astra, the most wanted and newest multipurpose theme, redefines web design by eliminating the need for coding expertise. With an extensive library pack featuring over a thousand demos, Astra caters to diverse niches such as daycare, martial arts, educational institutions, eCourses, and more, accelerating website design with efficient and customizable settings. Its sleek appearance and versatile layout designs, including boxed, padded, full-width, and fluid, ensure seamless alignment with your vision.

Customizing your website’s appearance is a breeze with Astra, offering complete control over settings, and allowing users to effortlessly set colors and fonts that resonate with their brand identity. Plus, supports popular page builders like Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and Divi, ensuring smooth integration with e-commerce functionality for online course transactions. Astra also seamlessly integrates with LearnDash LMS, further enhancing its capabilities for educational platforms.

Endorsed by notable blogging networks such as Newt Labs, InstaWP, Acme Themes, Bluehost, ShoutMeLoud, and more, this e-learning WordPress theme ensures global accessibility with RTL and multilingual capabilities. Its feather-light structure and optimized performance make it a favorite in web development tools, guaranteeing quick loading times and efficient rendering. Whether you’re a beginner, expert, developer, or educator, Astra stands as the preferred choice for creating elite download shops and education organizations with minimal appearance settings.

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6.) Ed School By Aislin ( ThemeForest )

Ed School: A Bold LMS Template

Ed School, a premium education WordPress theme, stands out with its unique features and visual page builder, making it a top choice for creating exceptional educational sites. Simplifies the template development process with numerous demos and build-in blocks, allowing users to easily craft layouts and blog designs. Offers an abundance of configuration options, enabling users to personalize every aspect of their pages, from headers to footers and containers to sidebars.

Likewise, goes beyond aesthetics, prioritizing a comprehensive learning experience by ensuring the author’s availability to answer questions on the discussion board. Students can explore teacher profiles, directly connect with course instructors, and benefit from personalized assistance. Also incorporates a video popup feature for effective school promotion and engagement, keeping users informed with school news and transparent pricing plans.

Moreover, earned a well-established reputation in the industry, trusted by leaders such as LIBT, Goethe-Universität, Ansgargymnasiet, GEE Preparatory, Universität Basel, and more. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced developer, this course theme serves as a handbook with variations and strategies to elevate your site’s fundamentals. Solidifying its position as a go-to solution for training, pedagogy, curriculum development, and e-learning, Ed School is a versatile and successful template for educational business.

Download Now ( Ed School )

7.) Course Builder By ThimPress ( ThemeForest )

Course Builder: Elevating Education Website Template

CourseBuilder, a high-end LMS WordPress theme, is a powerhouse designed to cater to various educational needs. Powered by LearnPress, it provides numerous benefits, including ease of updating, independence from the template, and the seamless creation and sale of courses online. Whether the focus is on learning, literacy, enlightenment, or cultivation, Course Builder stands as a robust application in the educational landscape.

Course Builder not only excels in powerful learning management but also enhances the curriculum experience with a personalized and visually engaging blog layout. This versatile feature provides educators with an ideal space to share insights, updates, and relevant content through single posts, taxonomies, categories, and tags. It caters to a diverse audience, allowing seamless publishing and sharing on social media, and fostering engagement through subscriptions and memberships. With customizable patterns, post excerpts, and “read more” options, Course Builder ensures a dynamic and captivating presentation suitable for both newspaper and magazine-style content layouts.

Moreover, the Customizer feature takes customization to the next level, providing advanced control over elements typically beyond the reach of standard layout controls. Empowering users with design and editing flexibility, this school theme seamlessly integrates with Elementor, providing a rich array of widgets and shortcodes for content presentation. This enables users to add diverse container layouts, thumbnail animation, page titles, and templates to different pages, creating a tailored and dynamic user experience across the learning website.

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8.) TutorStarter By Themeum ( )

TutorStarter: A Free WordPress Course Theme

Tutor Starter embodies enduring style in the realm of eLearning templates, offering a sophisticated visual design that seamlessly aligns with Tutor LMS. This dynamic layout caters to a broad spectrum of users, from individual instructors to educational institutions, allowing them to craft a unique and lasting online presence. With its diverse header variations and customizable footers and sidebars, Tutor Starter empowers users to tailor the look and feel of their educational applications, ensuring a captivating and personalized user interface.

Also, It serves as a comprehensive resource hub, providing an array of features such as video lessons, quizzes, certificates, and online webinars. Its compatibility with Gutenberg and Elementor signifies a commitment to the evolving landscape of content creation. The advanced typography options further contribute to the theme’s popularity, allowing users to elevate the visual design and readability of their content. In essence, this LMS WP theme is a recipe for success in the competitive online teaching landscape, offering a real and impactful solution for educators and institutions alike.

Moreover, With its fine-tuned one page capabilities and contextual settings, users can achieve precision in crafting diverse layouts for different sections of their websites. The theme’s top-notch SEO performance and Schema markup contribute to enhanced search engine visibility, making it a standout choice for those looking to create an enduring and user-friendly e-learning experience. Tutor Starter is not just a startup template; it is a game-changer, combining innovation with timeless style to redefine the landscape of online education.

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9.) Divi By Elegant Themes

Divi: The Elegant Choice for Your Educational Website

Divi, a multipurpose and minimal WordPress theme, adheres to coding best practices, ensuring websites are highly customizable and visually captivating. Renowned for its advanced visual builder and user-friendly interface, Divi caters to diverse needs, from blogs to eCommerce platforms. The drag-and-drop visual editor simplifies the editing process, enabling users to effortlessly craft unique layouts without any coding skills. Notably, Divi’s full-screen slider, supporting both video and static images, contributes to a clean and attention-grabbing look and feel, enhancing the appeal of online environments.

When it comes to educational sites, this online teaching template excels by offering specialized enhancements for the learning experience. It provides pre-designed layouts tailored to educational institutions, online courses, and e-learning platforms. Compatibility with plugins like LearnDash for learning management systems further underscores Divi’s suitability for creating engaging educational websites. Navigation features include links to admission details, opening hours, booking button, and academic information, along with multiple blogs and galleries showcasing classes with students.

Moreover, Divi stands out by offering an extensive array of demos showcasing various teaching niches, such as a bookstore, library management, driving schools, day cares, salon & beauty school, and more. This allows users to preview the theme’s potential in different contexts before making a purchase decision. Trusted and recommended by industry leaders like PixelFish, HostGator, Bluehost, Udemy, OceanWP, and WPBeginner, Divi boasts a decade-long track record with regular updates. Whether managing a school, university, or online courses, Divi equips users with the necessary tools to create a professional and visually appealing educational blogging experience.

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10.) Efor By Pixelwars ( ThemeForest )

Efor: A Solid WordPress LMS Theme

EduFlex, a dynamic template tailored for educational websites, offers an array of features for a compelling online learning experience. Its inspiring and pixel-perfect layout suits various purposes, including business coaching, lifestyle instruction, tennis coaching, gun shooting clubs, career influencers, and graphic design academics. Empowers educators to attract new clients, expand email lists, and efficiently sell digital downloads, making it an ideal solution for enhancing coaching businesses.

Moreover, it boasts compatibility with both LearnPress and TutorLMS, seamlessly enabling educators to sell courses online. The WordPress education theme‘s support for WooCommerce opens up opportunities to sell supplementary materials, ensuring a comprehensive shopping cart experience with easy inventory management. The customizable featured area, equipped with post sliders, link boxes, and intro widgets, provides a visually appealing introduction to diverse course offerings, establishing EduFlex as the best choice for creating an engaging and visually striking online coursing website.

Download Now ( Efor )

11.) Academica By WPZOOM ( )

Academica: Elevating the Standard for WordPress School Themes

Embrace the future of education with Academica, a comprehensive learning and school management CMS designed to meet the needs of academic institutions. This multi-purpose template caters to various aspects of academia, including instructional methods, knowledge base development, training programs, and curriculum repositories. With a smart control panel, Academica provides unparalleled customization, allowing users to easily adjust every detail of their layout to align with specific needs.

Additionally, ensures a seamless setup with its user-friendly installation process, enabling you to have your awesome site up and running in no time. The theme’s responsiveness and retina-ready design guarantee optimal display on all screen resolutions, from desktops to mobile devices like Macs and iPads. Moreover, goes beyond borders by offering translation and multilingual support, facilitating global accessibility for educational content and connecting with learners worldwide. This elite school theme empowers educational agencies to build a virtual presence that identifies and embraces trending networking guidelines within the best community.

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12.) LMS By Design Themes ( ThemeForest )

The LMS: Crafting a Distinctive School Design Template

The LMS, a potent learning management WordPress theme, seamlessly blends sophistication with simplicity through its convention-over-configuration development approach. Integrated with the Sensei add-on, users effortlessly manage courses, lessons, and quizzes, offering flexible options for free and paid classes. The built-in timetable feature streamlines class schedules, and user-friendly payment methods ensure a seamless transaction process, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Emphasizing simplicity and ease of use, LMS provides administrators with graphical insights for effective course management. Supporting secure self-hosted video integration maintains control over the elearning environment. It facilitates comprehensive educational experiences by tracking course progress, managing online classes, facilitating course bookings, and implementing an online examination system. The LMS doesn’t just reset the standards for online education—it establishes a classic presence in the world of learning management systems.

Upon download, users gain access to premium and free plugins like Slider Revolution, BuddyPress, Yoast SEO, Beaver Builder, and WPBakery—a creative arsenal for enhancing their learning websites. With free lifetime updates, the WordPress education template stays current with the latest features and security measures. Addressing a broad spectrum of educational needs, from multi-course offerings to kids’ education courses and online training, the LMS emerges as a versatile and indispensable solution for various educational platforms, leaving a notable impact on the landscape of online learning.

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13.) University By CactusThemes ( ThemeForest )

University: A Streamlined WordPress Theme

University goes beyond the typical education-focused theme, providing a versatile platform that caters to various needs. Seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce, the template simplifies course management, allowing students to effortlessly pay for their selected courses. Moving beyond traditional educational functions, the University seamlessly connects with the backend to create and manage events, offering an intuitive eCommerce system for selling event tickets directly.

Efficient organization is further supported by a member script managing speakers for events or lecturers for courses. Social account integration and sharing options enhance the university WordPress template’s online presence across various platforms, establishing the University as the go-to solution for a website that seamlessly combines education, events, and e-commerce, offering a well-rounded and creatively designed online presence.

Moreover, the theme places a strong emphasis on dynamic engagement with a robust comment system integrated with Facebook and Disqus APIs. Visual Composer enhances the user experience with a drag-and-drop interface for easy page building. Plus, it presents a complete package, featuring a dark and classic design with customizable scrolling effects for an aesthetically pleasing website. Adhering to industry standards with W3C-validated clean HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, the University ensures a solid foundation for a seamless user experience.

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14.) EduMall By ThemeMove ( ThemeForest )

EduMall: A Comprehensive WooCommerce LMS Solution

EduMall redefines what an e-learning management system can achieve for educational platforms, standing out as a remarkable WordPress LMS theme. The certificate builder and content drip feature work seamlessly to add value to course completion and control content release for a structured learning experience. The ultimate goal is to provide a seamless and responsive learning environment, allowing students to access course content effortlessly and engage with the material at their own pace.

What sets EduMall apart is its empowering approach to users in taking control of their educational journey. The user-friendly frontend course builder and eLearning management system provide businesses with valuable insights into course performance, allowing for adaptive content strategies. Enhance courses with material attachments, provide additional resources for an enriched learning journey, and foster user engagement through ratings and comparison features, actively encouraging interaction.

Additionally, opt for the dark skin version to explore an alternative visual educational theme tailored to diverse preferences. boasts 100% WPML compatibility, facilitating seamless translation into any language through the WPML extension. Access in-depth documentation and tutorial videos for a straightforward installation process and guidance, ensuring an easy installation experience. Plus, enjoy six months of free dedicated custom support, ensuring a smooth and exceptional user experience for your learning network.

Download Now ( EduMall )

15.) Neve By Themeisle ( )

Neve: A Free WordPress Template for Education

Neve, synonymous with excellence, is the go-to theme for various educational platforms, catering to universities and online courses. With a mobile-friendly design, AMP compatibility, and a commitment to accessibility, it stands out as a top-tier choice. Notably, Neve seamlessly integrates with renowned page builders like Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, and Divi, offering professional visual web page editing without the need for preview knowledge.

A standout feature is its powerful mega menu and breadcrumbs, combining user-friendliness with easy customization for a modern and engaging interface. Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) enhances capabilities, ensuring efficient content delivery. Neve’s diverse components, including mini carts and social widgets, contribute to a comprehensive website experience for educational resource hubs.

Whether you’re a large production studio or a membership site expert, Neve offers unparalleled flexibility. It streamlines news updates, announcements, and class schedules while customizing sidebars and shortcodes for an efficient user experience on both upcoming and established educational sites.

Download Now ( Neve )


In essence, this compilation unveils a carefully curated collection of the fifteen best education WordPress themes, each meticulously handpicked for its inspiring and clean design. The underlying blueprint of these templates ensures a downright beautiful layout, guaranteeing that your educational portal or learning system will captivate users with its aesthetic appeal. Whether your emphasis lies in teaching, tutoring, or pedagogy, these themes serve as the ideal roadmap for achieving success in the realm of online education. Bookmark this collection as your go-to resource for creating a successful, visually appealing, and user-friendly online educational presence.

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