The 10 Best Craft and Handicraft WordPress Themes for Selling Goods

In today’s digital age, crafting has evolved beyond a hobby; it’s a creative outlet and a potential source of income. Selling your crafts online has become remarkably simple, allowing you to connect with a wider customer base. WordPress, with its user-friendly interfaces and specialized themes for craters, stands out as the ideal platform. We’ve curated a list of the top ten handicraft WordPress themes, each combining stunning visual design with essential features to enhance your online selling experience.

Tailored for artisans and craftsmen, these templates offer seamless browsing experiences, regardless of your craft, be it arts, sewing, quilting, or any other form. They provide a robust platform to showcase your crafts attractively. With their beautiful layouts, your website will radiate professionalism, laying a solid foundation for a prosperous online venture.

In the competitive online sales landscape, these craft WordPress themes not only offer appealing layouts but also serve as blueprints for crafting market success. By integrating cutting-edge web development codes and following the latest design trends, you’ll grasp the essentials of a successful craft website or niche blog. Dive into this hand-picked collection for your next web development project, starting entirely from scratch. Let’s transform your handicraft passion into a visually stunning and thriving online business.

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1.) Handmade Shop by CMSMasters ( ThemeForest )

Handmade Shop: A Craft Website Theme

Handmade Shop stands out as a visually appealing and meticulously crafted theme for handicraft websites. With its grid and slider layout, this template allows you to effortlessly showcase multiple products on your homepage, making it an ideal choice for handmade stores, jewelry items, boutique shops, knitting outlets, handmade toy shops, and personal blogs dedicated to crafting skills.

The theme’s full-width image slider serves as a perfect platform for promoting your latest or featured products, enhancing your display, and capturing visitors’ attention effectively. Additionally, integrates seamlessly with the powerful MailChimp email marketing tool, enabling you to collect customer emails and promote your products more efficiently.

Moreover, this craftsman WordPress theme prioritizes functionality and user experience, ensuring your online store meets the highest standards. Its valid code and clean design contribute to improved search engine rankings, and its responsive and retina-ready features guarantee that your website looks impeccable across all devices, regardless of screen size. Embrace Handmade Shop to elevate your handmade crafts business and engage your audience effectively.

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2.) by aThemeArt ( )

Joyas Shop: Sophisticated and Elegant Website Template

Joyas stands out as an affordable yet powerful handicraft WordPress theme tailored for handmade and creative businesses, offering an array of features to enhance your online presence. Its clean and minimal design ensures your products are the focal point, while the flexibility of multiple layouts and color schemes allows you to customize your website’s appearance according to your preferences.

One of Joyas’ notable features is its integrated blog section, providing you with a platform to write articles and attract organic traffic to your website. This space also serves as an opportunity to showcase your latest products and trends in the handicraft industry. The premium version of Joyas offers additional features like built-in social sharing, post author biography, and diverse blog post styles, resembling newspaper, magazine, and Pinterest layouts, enhancing your content presentation.

Moreover, this eCommerce theme enhances user experience through widgets like the new products widget, prominently displaying your latest arrivals on the landing page. Customers can efficiently filter products by category, aiding them in finding their desired items swiftly. Also, compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor, simplifying the process of creating visually appealing pages and posts. While the free version provides a basic foundation, upgrading to the pro version unlocks access to all features, allowing you to replicate the demo’s sophisticated and elegant design seamlessly.

3.) Creator by Elated-Themes ( ThemeForest )

Creator: A Robust Foundation for Craftsman Websites

When choosing a craft WordPress theme for your storefront or business sites, certain requirements are essential. Creator meets these requirements with its elegant design and multiple landing page layouts. It understands the need for an efficient product filter, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. Effective management of product information is crucial, and the Creator’s product page is well-organized, displaying details like size, color, and materials used. Crafters and craftsmen alike will appreciate the pre-built wishlist and compare modules, handy tools for comparing products before making a decision.

For those considering a platform migration, tips for a seamless transition are invaluable. Understanding the density of information and how it appears on the new platform is essential for effective management. Slow loading times can deter potential customers, so it’s essential to choose a theme like Creator that prioritizes speed. As a handyman values his tools, a craftsman values efficient website practices. Creator not only caters to the needs of a carpenter or a hunter but also provides a user-friendly experience for anyone interested in the art of handicraft. Its extensive inner pages give you options galore, ensuring your website showcases your creations in the best light.

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4.) Shopper Handmade WooCommerce Theme

Shopper: A Beginner-Friendly Craft Template

As a newcomer to the eCommerce world, this multipurpose template is your ideal starting point. Acting as a robust starter kit, it guides you step-by-step in establishing your online storefront. Thanks to its clean and minimal design, your products take center stage, boosting your personal brand effectively. Whether you operate a furniture shop, specialize in windows and doors as a woodworker, or feature wheel accessories in a clothing store, this craft WordPress theme provides the best plans tailored to industry standards, optimizing your website effectively.

The process of setting up your online store becomes effortless, all thanks to the one-click demo installer. It enables you to quickly recover your investment with its budget-friendly prices. Moreover, it equips you with essential resources, widgets, and shortcodes necessary for eCommerce success. Also, compatibility with leading WordPress plugins like RoyalSlider, , WPML, and Contact From 7 allows for seamless customization. Likewise, easily personalize headers, colors, icons, and fonts, reflecting your unique brand identity. Additionally, it supports multiple languages and offers multilingual functionality, ensuring your online venture operates seamlessly and efficiently.

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5.) Calla by Elated-Themes ( ThemeForest )

Calla: A Stylish Craftsman Website Theme

The handicrafts WordPress theme, Calla, offers a minimalist design that ensures your craft items are the center of attention. Its clean code guarantees swift loading, a must for an amazing online shopping experience. Tailored for various craft niches like home decor, handmade jewelry, candle making, glass art, sewing embroidery, and traditional crafts, this template is also recommended for workshops and renovation accessories. Customers will appreciate the eye-catching portfolio section, allowing you to showcase your best handicrafts in actual, real environments.

What makes Calla truly awesome is its robust set of features. Includes Visual Composer, a powerful drag-and-drop page builder, with over 50 pre-built elements, widgets, shortcodes, and blocks for customization. It’s not just about aesthetics; a healthy website needs a robust admin dashboard. Calla delivers, allowing you to troubleshoot and install with ease. You can swiftly modify color schemes, typography, fonts, logos, brand names, and other elements. Social media integration ensures your craft items reach a wealthy online audience through real-time feeds from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Plus, with search engine optimization and compatibility with WooCommerce, WPBakery, WPForms, and other extensions, your site can become a thriving craft marketplace.

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6.) Fastest Craft Store WordPress Theme

Fastest: A Speedy WordPress Theme for Crafters

Fastest Shop offers a healthy, fast, and responsive eCommerce website experience. Powered by the Codestar and Bootstrap, it ensures your website is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your needs without hassle. Plus, the easy-to-use split testing feature lets you experiment with different website aspects, helping you optimize for your business success.

Creating a stunning web page is a breeze with the Elementor page builder, even if you lack coding skills. The robust control panel enables real-time changes, providing an actual, live experience as you visually customize your site. The best part? You can enjoy all these features without needing extensive coding knowledge, making it swift and efficient to set up your online presence.

Moreover, this store theme is built following the best practices of coding standards like HTML, PHP, and other front-end frameworks. This means you’ll get an amazing, eye-catching site that operates seamlessly whether you’re editing or browsing. When you download the theme, it comes packed with all the necessary files for easy server installation, ensuring a trouble-free setup. With free lifetime customer support, you’re recommended to dive in and transform your website into an awesome, wealth-generating eStore or workshop platform.

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7.) Håndlavet by Edge-Themes ( ThemeForest )

Håndlavet: An Elegant Craftsman Website Template

Håndlavet is more than just a WordPress handicraft theme; it’s a masterpiece of minimal design and stunning functionality. Crafted with care, its handpicked designs make it perfect for boutique craft, flower shops, car decor, gadget items, and gift storefronts. This theme isn’t just a template; it’s your gateway to a thriving online community. Its advanced customization options ensure your site stands out in the crowded online landscape, offering unmatched speed and style.

Incorporating advanced techniques, Håndlavet guarantees optimal viewing on all devices. Thanks to edge developers, compatibility with WooCommerce, WPBakery, and WPML plugins is seamless, making it the fastest route to a visually stunning website. Explore convenient elements like blog lists and blog slider shortcodes, enhancing your content presentation. Plus, the side area sidebar, fly overlap container, and anchor functionality provide smooth one-page scrolling and multi-page URLs, adding to the theme’s versatility.

Håndlavet’s minimal design conceals a wealth of potential, ensuring your online presence is as stunning as your craft. Whether you’re showcasing unique production techniques or creating a simple online craft directory, this crafts theme is your ticket to an eye-catching and handpicked website tailored to your advanced needs. Step into a world of endless possibilities with Håndlavet, where simplicity meets sophistication in the digital landscape.

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8.) Krafti by Elated Themes ( ThemeForest )

Krafti: Your Ultimate Craft Blogging Experience with WordPress Theme

Krafti stands out as a sleek and bold choice for your online presence, offering an exceptional website solution. Crafters in diverse fields like moving art, artist crafts, fashion designers, optical crafts, and handmade toy shops find this handicraft WP theme exceptional for showcasing their creations. The mobile-friendly design, coupled with separate mobile header styling options, ensures a seamless browsing experience. Customers can directly access your products on the go, making their choice effortless.

The theme’s fundamentals are robust, enhanced by the WPBakery page builder, allowing effortless editing in both backend and frontend modes. Clear and engaging explanations of your products or services are ensured through crisp typography. Krafti’s masonry and standard blog layouts empower you to effortlessly attract new customers with high-quality articles. Also, support for custom post formats like audio, video, and gallery content offers variation and creativity in your online repository. Social media integration facilitates effortless communication with customers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, fostering successful customer engagement.

Krafti isn’t just a common choice; it’s a handbook for successful online crafting ventures. Its exceptional features and user-friendly design create a unique and vibrant online space for crafters, ensuring their creations shine brightly in the digital realm.

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9.) Kunstwerk by Monkeysan ( ThemeForest )

Kunstwerk: An Optimal Crafts WordPress Template

Creating a handicraft store website is incredibly easy with Kunstwerk – no coding skills are needed. This handmade shop theme is a game changer, designed for the most wanted handicrafts market. Thanks to the visual composer page builder, crafting your website is a breeze. With over 50 shortcodes, widgets, and blocks included, adding impressive features like sliders, price comparison, contact forms, and newsletter subscriptions is a simple task. Whether you’re into textile craft, gift packaging design, plant artistry, carpet handcraft, or handmade appliances, Kunstwerk’s micro-niche design allows you to target your market effectively.

Kunstwerk is a trusted choice for crafts portfolios. Its innovative features make your online presence viral. Plus, offers a unique approach by including a coming soon page and an FAQ section, ensuring customer engagement from the get-go. Plus, you can easily build a multi-vendor marketplace using WooCommerce and Dokan plugins, becoming a market leader in handicrafts.

This handmade store theme is a market favorite, enduring in its impact. With features like the 404 page, the game-changing manager, and recommendations included, Kunstwerk ensures that your crafts reach the biggest audience possible. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to outshine your competition in the handmade market.

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10.) Etruscan by Mikado-Themes ( ThemeForest )

Etruscan: A Handicraft WordPress Template

Etruscan stands as an outstanding choice for your handicrafts website, offering specific features to cater to your needs. Crafted to perfection, it allows you to rock the crafts market with ease. The theme’s floating and latest designs are inspiring and creative, providing you with smart tools like WooCommerce variations swatches, Ajax product search, and more. With its outstanding libraries, you can showcase your products in a professional manner. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the solid, easy-to-manage code, making it accessible even for those without coding knowledge.

This handmade shop theme is highly flexible, allowing you to experiment with different layouts and designs. Its swift drag-and-drop feature empowers you to add content effortlessly, ensuring an impressive showcase of your handmade items. The sizeable swapping image gallery provides ample space to display your products creatively. Etruscan’s one-click import wizard lets you quickly set up your website, and you can reuse sample content for new pages. Plus, the theme offers a seamless link to your social media accounts, promoting easy customer engagement. With a powerful admin interface, compatibility with Elementor builder, and streamlined workflow code, Etruscan is the smart choice for a Handicrafts website that stands out from the rest.

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Final words

Finding the right handicraft WordPress theme is crucial for your business success. These templates, ranging from handmade to artisan, offer a diverse collection tailored for crafters, coaching services, and small agencies. Each theme in this handpicked selection serves as a guided roadmap, supercharging your online presence. With the newest features and support, these craft shop themes provide a maximum gainful impact, ensuring that your craft business stands out successfully in the competitive market. Choosing the perfect theme from this curated list will not only set you on the right path but also empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in the industry. So don’t hesitate – try out these top handicraft and craft WordPress themes today and transform your passion into a successful online venture.

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