10 Best Organic Farming WordPress Themes

Before starting with the best farming WordPress themes, let’s understand the importance of organic farming. Organic farming provides crops and other food products to markets that offer organic foods that are free of chemical interventions and avoid the use of pesticides. In order to be considered organic, there are restrictions and limitations on the processes that can be used. Organic items are becoming for alternative food choices. As the popularity of organic items grows, the need for organic farms also increases, creating a great opportunity for farms around the country to create their websites and reach out to new customers.

To get the most out of any business, a website is crucial. Organic farming website templates are one of the most efficient ways to build a website that is tailored to the farming industry, as well as grocery stores and markets. Organic farm WordPress themes are ideal for those who have dairy, poultry, milk, or other farm websites. Each site should contain contact and location information, as well as pricing and ordering options to attract new customers. Additionally, galleries allow people to learn about your organic farm and can be used to create connections with customers.

Take a look at a few of the themes to find your favorite. Once you have chosen one, it can be personalized with key information and photographs. Showcasing the standards and experience of the farm will make it attractive to new customers as well as returning shoppers. The demand for farm-to-table meals is growing, and more people are buying directly from farms rather than from grocery stores.

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Ferme by Vamtam ( ThemeForest )


Introduce the world to your modern organic farm with the Ferme theme, built specifically for farms and stores offering organic options. This organic farm website template features a modern design with a clean presentation that makes the page easy to read and scroll through. With translation support for several languages and multiple payment options, you can open your store to a wider audience.

Attract customers looking for top-quality organic produce by showcasing photos of your farm. Each section has a designated focus area, and the modern layouts make it easy to read. The clean presentation and bright color scheme create a sense of freshness that corresponds well with farm-fresh food. Enhance this fresh and clean feeling with a modern template and bright images. Additionally, Ferme is an HTML5 and CSS3 validated theme, and it is compatible with Elementor PRO, , , local translate, WooCommerce, and many other WordPress plugins.

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Agro by Ninetheme ( ThemeForest )


Share your bountiful harvest or crops with the world through the Agro. This template is designed to showcase organic farms and their products with bright colors, idyllic backgrounds, and clean typography. It is perfect for the farm-to-table movement, as it emphasizes fresh food and ingredients. The Agro theme offers a clean and easy-to-use shopping cart, making it ideal for stores, organic groceries, fresh dairy, landscaping, farmers, and other markets.

Highlight your farm’s fresh ingredients and meals by adding a blog to your website. Include recipes and cooking suggestions to increase traffic and interactions. This farming WordPress theme offers unlimited customization options, allowing you to showcase your farm’s strengths. Use sliders for easy navigation and add your personal touches to the menus. Additionally, you can use any other 3rd party slider plugins such as Revolution Slider, , LayerSlider, etc. It is already set for SEO, and it comes with WPBakery drag and drop editing which makes it easy to build a website.

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Grocery Store by aThemeArt

Grocery Store

Create a minimalist and efficient website for your organic farm with the simple farming WordPress theme. It offers a welcoming space for visitors with smooth scrolling and faster loading times. Maximize every visit with top features and easy navigation.

It features simple templates and layouts that allow your products to speak for themselves. Use fresh and light colors to present a clean and simple site. It is perfect for food-related businesses such as grocery stores, delivery services, markets, community farms, and other natural products like flowers and craft goods.

This template is intended to evoke a feeling of youthfulness and freshness with a touch of elegance. Showcase your fresh produce and flowers with well-lit photos for the best results. Organic flowers and baking supplies are also in demand and fit well with this WP theme.

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Orga by Designthemes ( ThemeForest )

Introduce the world to your organic farm with the Orga. This WordPress farming theme offers options for accepting donations as well as building an online store, making it perfect for farms and wineries looking to the fundraiser. Use the built-in blog to share information about your farm, such as the processes and techniques used, and choose eye-catching photos to maintain interest and prolong visits. Raise funds for causes that matter to you with every sale.

The Orga theme offers easy navigation through its menus and a search function to help visitors find the items they are looking for. It is also highly customizable, allowing you to make it fit your business and personality. The responsive layouts and the ability to move sections for optimal flow make it easy to adapt the theme to your needs. Additionally, including newsletter sign-ups and social media links encourages visitors to interact with your farm.

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Agronix by ThemePure ( ThemeForest )


The Agronix, organic farm WordPress theme is not only responsive and easy to navigate, but it is also highly compatible with some of the most essential website building tools and extensions, such as Elementor, WooCommerce, Bootstrap and more. This makes it an ideal choice for farmers and agricultural businesses looking to create a professional, functional website that can be easily customized to meet their specific needs.

Additionally, the theme’s developer offers a free installation service, which includes 5 customizable sample landing pages and an easy-to-use inner page demo importer, making it even easier to get your website up and running quickly. Aslo, the Agronix theme well match for dairy farm, beef cattle and butcher, sheep and lamb farm, crop farm (fruits, vegetables, grains), greenhouse & hydroponic, tea garden and supported agriculture (CSA) farm websites.

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by Themagnifico ( WordPress.org )

Gardener Lite a agro farm wordpress theme

Gardener is a theme that was designed to showcase the best in landscaping and agriculture for anyone in their local area. This green farm WordPress theme is perfect for setting your website apart from others with its distinct green aesthetic. Whether you’re a biological farm, a crop grower, or a business that specializes in fresh dairy products, flowers, or gardens, Gardener is the perfect theme for you.

The layout of the theme is minimal yet attention-grabbing and modern. It combines top-notch functionality with detailed and focused images to provide a smooth user experience. The use of icons for the menus adds to the farming atmosphere, making it easy for visitors to navigate your website.

In the paid version of Gardener, you have access to over 10 demo pages to choose from, ensuring that there is a layout that fits any type of business. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and connect with visitors on a personal level. The personality and atmosphere of the theme make each page unique and perfect for your business. With Gardener, you can be sure that your website will stand out and make a lasting impression on your visitors.

Dairy Farm by AncoraThemes ( ThemeForest )

Dairy Farm

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and be a trendsetter in your industry. If you’re in the organic dairy or produce industry, you can do just that with the Dairy Farm & Eco Products theme.

This theme offers one of the most on-trend layouts, with bold colors and large images that create a creative and welcoming atmosphere. allows you to showcase the personality of your animals and demonstrate how well they are cared for. By displaying to visitors that the animals are happy and healthy, the crops are healthy and vibrant, and other positives about your business, you’ll be able to build trust with customers.

Likewise, this organic website template is a great solution for dairy, chicken, crops, produce, food baskets, healthy food deliveries, and organic food or crafting items. You can follow the organic trend with the food produced or items offered, and with this organic and bold page, you can make a lasting impression on your customers. With this theme, you’ll be able to stand out and be a trendsetter in the organic dairy and produce industry.

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Mildar by Like-themes ( ThemeForest )

Mildar a Organic Farming WordPress Theme

Mildar’s theme is a well-designed, bold, and strong option that sets your business apart from the rest. The templates and layouts are strong and guide visitors through your site with ease. The fast scrolling and responsive menu selections make the theme user-friendly and easy to navigate, minimizing frustration for visitors. With smooth operations and peak functionality, this theme is sure to provide a positive experience for your customers.

Also includes a gallery feature, which you can use to showcase your organic foods, produce, skincare, clothing, or homemade items. The short descriptions provided with the items allow for easy decision-making for your customers, resulting in happy and satisfied customers. Automatic updates ensure that your site is always live and functioning properly, providing a seamless experience for visitors. Additionally, you can change the colors of the template to match your logo and highlight the things that matter most to your business.

Mildar also allows you to customize each page to fit your needs, and represent your company as advanced and on-trend. With this theme, you’ll be able to watch your business grow and attract new customers. This farming WordPress theme is perfect for the farm and dairy industry, which is a competitive industry, Mildar will make sure you stand out.

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Farmin by IQONIC Design ( ThemeForest )


If you’re new to building websites and looking for an easy and beginner-friendly option, Farmin is the perfect choice for you. This WordPress farming theme comes with pre-built page templates that save you time and reduce stress. You can easily change the photos to images of your organic farm, and adapt the colors to match your logo.

Farmin also ensures the best responsiveness, improving interactions with visitors and bringing more people to your page. It is ideal for community gardens, organic farming and supplies, and the foods offered from these sources. It’s fast and easy to build, putting you in charge of your website.

The homegrown styling of Farmin connects well with organic foods, making it perfect for scheduling deliveries or offering packages for repeat customers. You can also share daily experiences to keep people coming back for updates. Relationship building is a key part of customer service and is easily done with this stylish WordPress theme. With Farmin, you’ll be able to build a website that showcases your organic farm and its offerings in a visually appealing and user-friendly way.

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by YogsThemes ( ThemeForest )


Organic foods and household supplies are in high demand, and finding your place in the market can be challenging. However, with the Organiqo theme, you can set your business apart and reach a wider audience. The simple and modern layouts of this theme make it easy to read and navigate, allowing you to share the best of your offerings with businesses and people in your area. You can also include important details such as contacts, locations, and maps to make it easy for customers to find you.

This farmers market WordPress theme is perfect for a variety of businesses, including Farmer’s markets, craft markets, organic farms, food delivery, and u-pick locations. By adding tips, recipes, directions for building crafts, and more, you can gain a following and establish yourself as a trusted source of information. Setting the curve by offering only organic and natural items will help you stand out and attract customers who are looking for high-quality, healthy options.

The Organiqo also includes a WooCommerce store function, which will help your business grow both online and offline. With clear layouts, bold colors, and bright pages, you can represent fresh foods in an appealing and inviting way. Using natural colors for food and farms will improve the connection between your business and website, making it easy for customers to understand what you have to offer. With Organiqo, you’ll be able to build a website that effectively showcases your organic and natural offerings and helps you reach your target audience.

Bottom Line

When it comes to setting up a website for your farming business, choosing the right theme is crucial. A theme that is easy to edit and customize can make a big difference in the success of your online presence.

Organic farming and foods should be represented by themes that feature clean lines, responsive menus, and clear layouts. These elements help to create a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website for visitors. Bright and fresh colors can also help to create a positive atmosphere and enhance the overall user experience.

When looking for a farming WordPress theme, it’s important to consider a few top choices before making a final decision. Many themes can be easily adapted and changed to fit the specific needs of your business. With endless color and font combinations available, you can complement the images and products provided on your website.

It’s also important to keep in mind that your website should represent the personality and goals of your business. Whether you’re running a winery, berry farm, organic vegetable farm, or selling clothing made from natural fibers, organic farm WordPress themes can be tailored to suit your needs.

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