8 Best Sport Gear and Sportswear WordPress Themes

Sports have always had specific clothing needs. These specially designed clothing work well with sports gear and the movements of each activity. Sports gear is also different for each sport. These items have been moving off the fields and arenas into daily wear and use.

The popularity of these items has led to a need for more stores, in person and online. An online store is a solid supplement to an in person store, and with sportswear WordPress themes, they can be flexible and functional. Extend the in person feel to online.

Where an in person store is not possible, an online store is a good alternative. It allows people to find and view items quickly. Offer shopping from home with well made websites and solid customer service. Keep your sports gear WordPress theme up to date with sales, offers, and your newest items for the biggest appeal.

Using a WooCommerce sports theme allows for a fast launch to any website. You can build each page to your specifications and needs. With easy customizations it can show the personality and quality of both business and products. Each item is showcased and advertised to your customers every hour of the day. It keeps your store open even while you sleep. Your business is also easier to find when available online, and a robust website attracts new and returning customers.

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Eirwen by Select-Themes ( ThemeForest )

Eirwen a Sportswear WordPress Theme

Bring your sportswear business up to date with this modern theme. Included are images and photos that you can access to draw focus on your page. Adapt each of the headings, menus, fonts, and colors to fit your business needs.

Showing your brand’s personality and style is key to maintaining a customer base. Continuation of colors and designs across all social media is key. Modern and smooth operations make this page easy to use and link to social media platforms. Engage customers with emails, reviews, and other interactions.

Wide reaching websites can attract customers around the world. Use this Eirwen for clothing, sports gear, game item, home décor, flooring, carpets, and more. Any product that is for personal or business use is easily matched to this style.

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Beloni by Wpbingo ( ThemeForest )


Beloni sports and workout wear based WordPress theme is ready to keep your customers moving! Using bold displays and sections, it is easy to navigate. Include images of people in motion to keep the flow of the page. It displays your products best when they are photographed in use.

Premade homepages demo are ready for personalization and easy to use. Widgets and blocks are created for each sports sections or use, giving customers a smooth shopping experience. Drop-in your own images and change the colors, animation and design to fit the feel of your brand and website.

This high energy theme is for you if you need a page for an active group, fitness classes, gym, private training, yoga, or electronics used for fitness purposes. Provide motivation and encouragement throughout for improved engagement.

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Diet Shop


Are you looking for a great gym or sports instrument selling a WooCommerce theme? This may be the right pick for you! It fits almost any need to be created for sporting clubs, teams, health clubs, fitness trainers, yoga teachers, and even nutrition coaches.

With a bold presentation, this theme is all business. Built for speed and it is streamlined for faster loading. Share information about your team or club to gather new members and keep current members updated. With sliders for each page, it is easy to navigate for new and experienced users. Besides, You can use 3rd party slider as a hero sidebar. Also, tested with Slider Revolution, Smart Slider, and more.

Your store can maintain regular contact through forms and social media widgets. Answer questions as they arise and help your customers find the right fit for them. Change the template colors and fonts to fit your clubs’s style for the best results.

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Bikeway by themesdotzone ( ThemeForest )

Bikeway a WordPress sportswear theme

Bikeway is ideal for your bike or biking related store. With smooth functions and a bright and clean presentation it focuses on lifestyle. Promote the lifestyle that your brand supports to create a connection.

Each product has an independent details page to provide all key benefits. Top customer service ensures each person finds the right fit for them with the expanded details pages. Adding to the cart will help add all items that work together and increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Create your ideal site for bikes, biking gear, clothing, sportswear, athletic shoes and protective gear, and more. It represents products and a way of life that brings people back when they try a new sport.

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Are your customers shopping on the go? Offer great mobile compatibility and stay on trend with ShopStore Pro. It remains minimalistic in presentation while still staying up to date. For utmost flexibility, it offers membership pricing for clubs, memberships, and subscriptions as well. The shopping cart feature allows for multiple items to be added and full sets purchased at once. This makes it easy for your customer to get all the gear they need for their favorite sport. Also, Compatible with , , WooCommerce Product Search and more must have plugins.

The WordPress sportswear theme doesn’t only work well for sporting gear and equipment but sports wear, shoes, high-end fashion, trendy decorations, home décor, stylish accessories, and a way of life. Use it to encourage active and full lives for all your customers. Accepting payments online for the easiest shopping experience.

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Azeno by Wpbingo ( ThemeForest )

Azeno a Sports Store wordpress theme

Mini shopping carts, payment options, and around the clock availability of Azeno sports ups the game of your whole business. Athletes and those playing sports are always on the go, and this site is optimized for mobility. Be available whenever the urge to try a new sport or grab new equipment arises.

The key to great shopping experiences is organization, menus, and flexibility. Ideal for any activity that keeps you on the move. Bikes, biking equipment, athlete shoes, hockey equipment, fitness electronics, and homework out equipment are all well suited to this sports gear theme. Advanced check-out keeps the process smooth and builds trust with customers. Let customers take risks with their activities and not their shopping.

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Are you on-trend and stylish? Find your ideal customers with Shoper. The up to date presentation and stylish approach are perfect for adventurous shoppers trying new activities or supporting old favorites. Also, this sports store WordPress theme includes strong headlines, and headers are attention-grabbing and bold.

Include your top items in the headers for the best results. Each item has a product page that provides all the necessary information for the right choices. Use on trend fonts and brand colors to represent yourself on the front edge of sportswear trends. Seamless integrations connect to social media and email updates.

With endless color schemes, layouts and templates, and features, this site will represent your store well. Great for clothing and accessories, footwear, workout and gym clothing and supplies, and more.

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Xtreme by Templines ( ThemeForest )

Xtreme theme

Grab the attention of even the most extreme athletes with a modern and unique theme. Sliders, well designed menus, bold headlines and titles, and live updating make it easy to build and easy to use. Color wheels and custom colors and fonts make personalization fast and easy.

Enjoy the process with all of the available functions and the easy way changes are made. The Xtreme theme is simple to learn and works with many widgets, shortcodes, and tools. Across the top include contact info, navigation tabs, and social media links. Bring together groups and support local sports with calendars and group orders. Xtreme works on any device, making it ideal for shoppers who are on the go, or ordering from gatherings. Teams can find their favorite equipment together. This theme is suitable for sporting gear, athletic shoes, fitness trackers, clothing, and even home decorations.

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Choosing a suitable WooCommerce sportswear theme can help attract your target customers. Offer the best functionality and launch your website faster using a downloaded theme with premade pages demo. Each of these top choices will make your business a professional and easy-to-use website. They are suited to sports, games, fitness trackers, gym equipment, and even home décor pieces.

Update your chosen template with your own color scheme. By matching, colors and fonts to your brand or in-person store, continuity will promote connection and brand loyalty. Easy-to-use menus and checkouts are vital to supporting easy shopping. And last we recommend few item to use Xtreme, Shopper and Eirwen.

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