40 Clean and Modern Web Typography Fonts for Designers

When creating your website, there are many choices, and one of them is which font will work best for which area of your site. There are many choices, almost unlimited options, and they each have a specific feel and appearance. To select the best typography for your page, begin with determining the style you want to use, the colors that will fit best, and the type and font that will match those specifications best. With many places to download new fonts, you can find one that is just right and will create the aesthetic you prefer for your website. Following are some of the most used modern fonts for websites.

1. Pacifico


Pacifico offers a rounded version of a script and can be used widely with many themes for an elegant yet simple clean font for websites. The letters are well-formed and easy to read, while the thickness of the lines seems to jump off the page.

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2. Alex Brush

Alex Brush

Alex Brush is a script font that offers an angle to the thin lettering, creating a professional appearance and offering an elegance that shows the intent of the script font. The brush strokes are clear and clean, easy to read, and approachable. It shows personality and creativity well suited to weddings and other planning websites.

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3. Great Vibes

Great Vibes

For a calligraphy font that adds an artistic approach, with curls to set it apart from other fonts, Good Vibes may be the right choice. Recommended for invitations and professional sites that need an elegance, yet remain light and fun.

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4. Lobster


This bold, brush script is a clean website font with a strong presence and vintage feel. Clear printing makes it easy to read, and the thick letters grab the viewer’s attention and make the details easy to pick out.

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5. Allura


Allura offers a calligraphic script with embellishments and clarity. It is solid and delicate, with a gentle flow between letters and from one word to the next. It holds the reader’s attention and encourages them to keep reading for the entire page.

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6. Kaushan Script

Kaushan Script

A relaxed modern font for websites, this casual type will offer embellished, clear, crisp, yet detailed printing. Each stroke seems to be made with a calligraphy pen that offers different thicknesses to each angle. It creates a realistic appearance of handmade details.

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7. Public Sans


For a traditional, basic font, public sans offers many different styles, including regular, bold, italic, light, semi bold, and more. By selecting this particular type, you can download all of the options and use the same yet varied font on your entire site to create cohesiveness across the entire site while still using variances to draw attention to certain details.

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8. Acre


Acre was created to memorialize an artist and the signs that he made across the USA. It is clear, simple, and direct in its appearance and presentation. It is a geometric typeface with , making it suitable for many uses and websites.

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9. Alatsi


Created to mimic traditional types with a contemporary approach to bring the familiar feel to a new page. The lines are crisp, and the writing is clear, allowing it to be used on any webpage and present information clearly and concisely. This will appeal to people of all ages and topics of any kind.

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10. Aleo


Offered in several different thicknesses and presentations, Aleo is a contemporary twist on a traditional font, with edges that are more rounded than square yet not quite rounded enough to be soft yet not square enough to be aggressive. Aleo is a font that can be used for any professional page.

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11. Amble


Each of the effects on the Amble font maintains the font’s shape and directness while offering alternate versions for each intended use. The combination is approachable with straight lines followed by curves and flows easily through any word or sentence. Useable for both headings and paragraph bodies, it offers an all-in-one approach.

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12. Aukim


Aukim is a block font that offers a geometrical approach and remains clear and direct, with no frills or extras. This clear font has 3 sub-families and several different variations, including styles that seem aggressive and demanding alongside those that are curved and welcoming. Useful in many languages and styles, anyone can use this font.

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13. Banda


Banda is a relaxed font that offers rounded edges and points of focus on each letter to draw attention to that space. This typeset is crisp yet calm and feels familiar and friendly. It is best matched to a casual page while still being suited for professional use.

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14. Be Vietnam


This typeface offers a natural yet casual appearance that reads well in any of it’s variations from thin to bold and italic to regular. Created for corporate use, it is both professional and approachable. There is an easy-to-read version that will fit any need, and it’s clear presentation remain intact for each version.

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15. Bitstream Vera Sans


Bitstream Vera Sans is a sans serif typeface that presents a clear and professional font. It creates an approachable site with soft lines and curved edges that encourages people to interact with the page. It is clear, clean, and simple, and this font is well suited to business, casual, or educational uses.

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16. Bona Nova


Bona Nova is an updated and digitized version of Bona from the early 1970s. It is offered with regular and bold variations and an italic presentation that is soft and feminine. With sharp edges that present a clear reading experience and rounded letters that maintain an approachable feeling.

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17. Cabrito Didone


The Cabrito Didone offers a soft and flowing font for an elegant and formal appearance. Unlimited in its uses and suitable for any website this font is easy to read and clear. This modern approach to the cabrito family of fonts provides a excellent font for crafting websites with a relaxed feel.

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18. Calluna


The Calluna serif presents a severe feel with the extra details to make it worthwhile for formal pages. Details similar to calligraphy yet easier and smoother make it suitable for causal and formal writing. This typeset will appeal to users of all ages.

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19. Carlito


Carlito offers a straightforward print that is easy to read and well-rounded. Suitable to any use or purpose, it has no embellishments or flourishes, keeping it clean and precise. Use this font for paragraphs and headings on your website and enjoy the four versions with bold or italic.

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20. Carrois Gothic


A modern take on the gothic family of fonts, Carrois Gothic, is clear and precise. It says only what is needed without any extras or frills. Also offered is a version using capital letters that are smaller rather than using small case letters, offering more personality to your page.

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21. Catamaran


Catamaran is a font family that is available in various styles to fit any need. It is a direct font with no extras, and an introductory presentation focused on elegance or embellishments. Professional and straightforward, it is suitable for formal and casual communications.

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22. ChanticleerRoman


ChanticleerRoman offers a new update to the traditional roman font families. Detailed and precise, it is a fun and relaxed font. Best suited to casual or professional use, it is famous for school assignments and creative websites.

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23. ColorTube


This brightly colored and bold font is excellent for creating websites and uses. The letters are created with oversized tubes and each offers a color collection and overlays. Casual uses and websites for children will find this font well suited to their page.

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24. COM4t Sans Medium


Clean lines and simple presentation make the COM4t Sans Medium type suited to many uses. Your website can create a friendly and familiar feeling for new visitors and frequent visitors alike when added to your website. This font is suited to any use and can be easily added to make your site stand out.

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25. Comme


Comme is an essential and straightforward font that portrays professionalism and tradition. Adjustable to bold, thin, light, and italic, it can be used for paragraphs, emails, and headings. It is a flexible typeface and can be used for any purpose.

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26. Cooper Hewitt


The Cooper Hewitt typeface was created to expand the offerings of Polaris Condensed. It offers many adjustments, including heavy italic, bold, bold italic, and several more. The clean lines and introductory presentation offer easy-to-read headings and paragraphs that are well suited to any use.

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27. CoreHumanistSans


Rounded letters and a softer feeling make this font approachable and create welcoming websites. It is often used for comics and quotes. When building you do it yourself or crafting a website, this font will fit right in.

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28. Crossten


This font offers simple elegance and 20 different styles at any weight. Part of the sans serif family, it’s based upon geometric shapes. Intended for creative designs, it works well with creator sites. Crafters may find it easy to use and provide the feel they want.

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29. Black Jack

Black Jack

This script font creates the illusion of brush strokes for each letter. It appears handmade rather than typed and is excellent for any creative endeavor. Black Jack offers an alternative to feminine or embellished scripts with a straightforward approach.

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30. Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel

Opulence is seen throughout the connected script of Grand Hotel. Often used by businesses for a welcoming and hometown feel, it is popular with bakeries and related businesses. This professional yet casual font is weighted for a comfortable reading experience.

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31. Dehuti


Dehuti Book offers a modern take on the slab serif and brings new clear lines to the traditional fonts. Each letter is exact, keeping it easy to read no matter what style is used. Both bold, regular, and italic versions are available.

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32. DejaVu Serif

DejaVu Serif

Created to add a new take and additional characters to the Bitstream Vera font, Dejavu Serif brings the old fonts with new ideas. The easy-to-read font is suitable for almost any purpose or website. It can be used for headings and paragraphs in various styles.

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33. Dezen Pro

Dezen Pro

Dezen Pro is a clear and direct font that has no extra flourishes. Created with a mechanical feel, it is built one letter at a time, and each remains separate during use. It has been spaced evenly with narrow letters to work best with headlines and headers.

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34. Dubai


Dubai font was created to reflect the aesthetic of the city itself. Clear, bold, and assertive works well in headings and directions. Able to be adjusted to any topic and page, it is a good choice for extended use.

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35. Exo


Exo is a modern font that feels futuristic. The thickness of letters varies to create drama and draw attention. Without becoming inelegant, it offers a new approach to professional fonts. Suitable for attention-grabbing, headings, and futuristic aesthetics.

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36. Full Sans

Full Sans

Full Sans is a geometric font that follows the tradition of others before it. The letters are crisp and clean with no extras and a slight curve to create interest. At first glance, this font is essential, but the small details and slight curves make it original and exciting.

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37. Franklin Gothic FS

Franklin Gothic FS

Franklin Gothic FS offers a traditional spin on the available modern fonts. It reads and feels familiar and safe, lulling the reader into comfort. The styles are varied and work for any website or communication.

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39. Halibut Serif

Halibut Serif

Available in regular and condensed serif this sharp-edged font is serious. It is not inelegant, though harsh in presentation. The professional feel makes it suited for business websites and communications. Flourishes are clear and clean, with the same sharp edges as the rest of the letters.

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40. JT Marnie

JT Marnie

Precision makes the JT Marnie font ideal for short paragraphs or headings. Several letter weights are available to make it thin and transparent or thicker to create a more relaxed feel. Well suited for statement pieces and attention-grabbing, it can be used in several ways to meet these goals.

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Selecting a specialized or specific font allows you to create the exact feel and aesthetic that you want for your website. There is a perfect font for every website and communication with many available. They can show professionalism and creativity while offering a way to make your site stand out from others. Downloading fonts can be simple and easy, and many of them are free or at a low cost. Locating and downloading additional fonts that can work with your site will allow you to personalize and customize your headings, posts, and information.

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