Top 10 Medicine Store and Pharmacy Shopify Themes

There are to having a website to represent a pharmacy, medical shop, medicine store, or related business. It can help to over full and accessible support to customers and encourage interaction. Shopify medicine themes included necessary functions and modules So that customers can easily find answers to their questions, request refills, or even order necessary drugs through the website.

Besides, your health mart website should include contact information and location. The ability to order or ask questions on stock and hours is key to a strong representation. Your Shopify pharmacy theme should be easy to use and navigate. When choosing a Shopify theme for pharmacy services, health clinics, or a drug store! look for easy installation and editing.

Other necessary abilities include adding app blocks, section assets, slideshows, and graphic design. Also, Drug store Shopify themes can track stock and message the pharmacy. Menus should be intuitive and simple. Each template, snippet, layout, and section can be customized to your website before going live.

1. Athens by Truly Fine Pixels ( Shopify Theme Store )

Athens by Truly Fine Pixels

Focused on speed and usability, Athens is a flexible, minimal, and mobile-friendly theme. It was created to work on mobile devices first then on desktops. The mega menu ensures usability and simple navigation with a sticky header. It is created to be simple to use for any visitor or guest. Use the layout of sections and blocks to easily adjust each page to fit your needs.

Besides, designed with dropshipping, retail stores, and busy sellers, it works well for any pharmacy or medical supply store. Including expanded details on each item supports safe and healthy choices for customers. For convenience, it includes a shopping cart function. This includes notes, in-store pick up, and more. Filtering and sorting search results are built in. Choose from several templates, config files, and layouts that are ready to install.

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2. Medicul By Designthemes ( ThemeForest )

Medicul By Designthemes

Your medical eCommerce website or e-pharmacy has a great representation with Medicul theme. It was designed specifically for these businesses. It offers clean and minimal layouts that are professional in appearance. Flexible sliders offer full control to viewers and help locate the information needed. Create the exact slider that you need by changing the color, font, and listings.

Pop-ups are ideal for encouraging newsletter signs ups or logging in to customer accounts. Included popups can be used for several actions to increase interaction and return visits. Advanced and unique filters make it easy to sort through items and products. Each page template is created for the viewer. Also, mini cart shows the items and offers the chance to view the cart, checkout, or return to shopping and add more items. As a full store, it is responsive and flexible. Besides, this Shopify pharmacy theme comes with a simple directory structure and components. As well as, the developer didn’t compromise the theme architecture to ensure the ultimate experience of accessibility, sections, design, and blocks.

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3. Leo Medicovi By LeoTheme ( ThemeForest )

Leo Medicovi by LeoTheme

Leo Medicovi offers several pages that are predesigned templates and ready-to-upload zip files. This allows your website to go live quickly and with minimal effort. Made for builders with no prior experience, anyone can build a beautiful site with this theme. Create sections to organize the page for the best results.

Connect to Shopify editors for editing page templates with drag and drop block layouts and theme settings that are fast and simple. Change fonts, color schemes, and images quickly. Banners are included for the latest promotions. Advanced mega menus build easy navigation. Labels and tabs organized your store efficiently. As well, this drug store Shopify theme is best suitable for medical and health online stores, laboratory equipment, fitness & gym equipment, health supplement medicine products other related eCommerce websites.

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4. Medik By Designthemes ( ThemeForest )

Medik By Designthemes

Stylish sliders, predesigned pages, and upgraded functions make this ideal for medical based businesses. Medical supplies, appointment booking, doctor’s offices, and pharmacies can take advantage of all the top functions. Smooth scrolling keeps the experience enjoyable for shoppers.

For locating items, the search filters are well-targeted. Search by cost, color, or use. Able to convert your variable product to visual swatches. The included megamenu has several divisions to help locate all of your products. For sales, engage the deal counter to help customers checkout on time. For easy tracking of shopping the cart includes a drop-down summary and totals.

Guests can switch from list layouts or grids. With an Ajax cart and multiple views, the whole experience is simple. Also, the Medik theme is compatible with Liquid Prettier Plugin, Lighthouse CI, Theme Kit, Code editor, and more essential plugins.

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5. Medz Pharmacy Shopify Template

Medz By designthemes

Medz theme is a stylish approach to a medical supply, medical drugs, online prescriptions services, or pharmacy website. Stunning sliders move smoothly through products. Megamenus is designed for the easiest navigation possible. Space for sales and special offers is the situation on each page. The predesigned pages can be downloaded quickly and easily edited. Some of the awesome features are Ajax Shopping cart, Live product filters, order tracking, easy store management, product carousel, cloud zooming, and more. As well as, included 3rd party assets and media libraries, for example, Google web fonts, Font Awesome Icons, Owl Carousel 2, and more.

For a great shopping experience, there are several included functions. Filters are available for any aspect of the items. Drop-down menu summaries let people view what they added to the cart. Visitors can view items by table layout, list or grid view. Select the layout that best represents your business. Ideal for pharmacies, cosmetic surgery supplies, beauty supplies, medical equipment, and more. A fun and simple easy shop let people shop quickly and efficiently.

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6. Medexi By TemplateMela ( TemplateMonster )

Medexi By TemplateMela

If you are building a medical herbal, natural products, or supplement store, this medical healthcare Shopify theme is for you! Several skins are available for easily adjusting the appearance. Flexibility is key and this template makes anything possible. Facebook Messenger is included for easy contact. Floating buttons allow you to include action buttons anywhere. These aspects make it simple for customers to reach out and complete their shopping easily.

Create a lookbook for gift sets and pairing ideas. Several areas can be added such as banners, dividers, images, and more. It also, included various features like a sidebar layout manager, shop by brand, section, product showcase, actual zooming effects, easy
hosting migrating and more started tools.

Separating each section with a new banner keeps it organized and tidy. Several apps can be connected to bring top functionality. Connect to social media, messenger, amazon, downloads, buttons, and more.

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7. Medical Treatment By RocketTheme ( TemplateMonster )

Medical Treatment By RocketTheme

This Shopify pharmacy theme is built on HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap for an amazing functionality store website. It is fast and responsive, as well as passes liquid syntax errors, missing templates, unknown and deprecated tags, and more checker tools. Use the banner at the top for contact information including social media. Side menus are ideal for fast navigation. Each premade page is created for intuitive shopping and scrolling. Use the gallery to display each product and its details. The shopping cart function encourages multiple items to be purchased at once. Ideal for drug stores, pharmacies, medical supply stores, beauty supplies, nephropathy, supplements, and other health-related topics, it is seamless.

Easily transition from page to page with fast loading speeds. Allowing customer profiles increases interaction and allow for fast repeat purchases. Providing top customer service is key to a successful store and these functions do just that. This theme identifies best practices in designing and coding. Also, easy migrating option to Shopify OS 2.0.

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8. Etsy shop From Shopify Health – Etsy

Shopify Nutrition theme

Your Etsy shop can be both beautiful and functional with Shopify medicine theme. Alternative product layouts lets you personalize it to fit your brand. Large galleries are easy to use with great navigation and search functions. The quick shop and quick view pop up make shopping a breeze. Newletter pop ups can encourage customers to join your newsletter for deals and updates. These will encourage repeat visitors and increases your page reach. It also includes customer accounts and wish lists for convenience.

If you are building a supplement, nutrition center, body building, healthcare, or gym website and store this template may be just right. It is easily edited and personalized. Several options for layout and features keeps it different from any other themes.

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9. KURE Shopify Pharmacy Theme

KURE By BuddhaThemes

Offer your customers the easiest shopping experience with the Kure theme. While it was created for medical supplies, it works very well for pharmacies, drug stores, medical offices, cosmetic surgery supplies and practitioners, nephropathy, acupuncture, dietitian, and many more. Each item is given its own product page with a countdown available for top-selling items. The menu can be adapted to fit your needs from the five menu styles included.

Personalize with your brand colors and logo for the best representation. This includes font, colors, layouts, images, and other media assets. Also, included is a side cart summary so guests can see their purchases in full without leaving the page they are on. Filters make it easy to shop by color, function, cost, and more. Order tracking helps customers follow their purchase from your store to their door so that get maximum revenue.

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10. MyMedi By ArenaCommerce ( ThemeForest )

MyMedi By ArenaCommerce

If your focus is on speed and performance MyMedi might be for you! It has fast loading speeds on both desktop and mobile and works well on either type of device. Created for small businesses, it offers a big website for a small business. Change colors, fonts, and images, add logos, and more quickly and efficiently. Smooth transitions and layouts that guide from one section to the next build a positive shopping experience.

Use the live demo to see if this is the right fit for your business website. Included are promotional banners, subcategories, top deals and sales, top brands, rewards, gift card, and any featured products. Solid rock layouts such as this help customers find what they need easily and will encourage them to return. Creating a positive shopping experience is key to building a strong customer base than your competitors. What more! the pharmacy Shopify store theme offers several plugins and extensions like , , Grove, and more Shopify apps. As well, those tools give a maximum percentage of customization options.

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11. Goodwin Medical Healthcare Shopify Theme

Goodwin By bigsteps

For the most flexibility, Goodwin theme offers over 14 premade home pages, and 50 inner pages, and is great for both desktop and mobile. Easily used on any device it is lightweight and fast. Choose from dark mode or light mode to fit your customers best. Each function is created to make shopping simple for a single product or a complete eCommerce solution. Select from left or right columns, update banners easily, focus on sale items or most popular, and include shopping carts for multi purchases.

With many widgets, over 70 available, and drag-and-drop editing it is perfect for building a site quickly and easily. Layouts are ideal for furniture, clothing, electronics, medical supplies, pharmacies, clinics, equipment rental, pharmaceuticals, meal plans, and chiropractor supplies and offices. Keep your finder happy with easy-to-use headers and footers for intuitive navigation of each page.

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12. Esteva By ShopiLaunch ( ThemeForest )

Esteva By ShopiLaunch

Esteva was designed for health coaching, dieticians, nutritionists, fitness, and health nursing or pharmacies. Focused on overall wellness and natural solutions it is minimalist, clean, and uncluttered. Compatibility with most, if not all, Shopify apps makes this theme multi functional. Several widgets share information about products, and hours, and add functions. Use the reports to export data on how well it is performing to ensure you are getting the most from your store.

Unlimited color selections allow you to make it exactly how you want. There are also several swatches ready for a faster building experience. Sliders, blog layouts, grids, animations, and mega menus are also included. There is nothing this pharmaceutical Shopify theme can’t do for your store! It works well on both desktop and mobile for peak functionality.

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Selecting the right theme for your online store can be an involved and confusing process. By using the demos, and example and reading all the options and additions you can find just the right one for your pharmacy Shopify theme. These will provide a strong basis for your new site and will ensure all necessary features are included for your website. They make building simple and fast, even if you have no experience. Each will work with Shopify to bring you new customers and support your existing ones. Look for those that will work on mobile devices and all browsers. Editing should be simple with drag and drop or color schemes built in.

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