The 10 Best WooCommerce Bulk Discount Plugins for Dynamic Pricing

A website store owner always tries to differentiate every provided service from the market. For that reason, it is an essential fact that how you maintain the pricing on your store. Generally, the customers always want the best deals for any good, and they find it on a few websites. To give them a fruitful offer, you will need some helpful woocommerce bulk discount plugins. Using them, it will be possible to approve reductions for clients with ease if you are an admin.

Here, I will explain how you can handle the pricing process with offers. The deduction will help customers a lot, and you will have an excellent rate of sales than before. Also, if you are interested to know how to show your store products in responsive list view, you can read about some Woo product table addons.

Let’s begin the listing of the 10 Best woocommerce bulk discount Plugins for dynamic pricing:



WC BulkDiscount is an essential and powerful addon developed by Rene Puchinger. Using it, you can give people woocommerce bulk discounts for your online store products in the shopping cart. It is possible to apply the reduction for particular products or on the quantity of the ordered items.

Here, BulkDiscounts provides fixed and flat SALE in currency units too. The settings for this plugin require a simple process with a wide range of policies. It would be a helpful addon for your website’s pricing sections.

Key Features

  • It is compatible with WooCommerce 4.9 version.
  • Also, it supports WordPress Multisite.
  • You can set here percentage, fixed, or flat bulks.
  • Also, you can set deductions separately for each item or globally for all items.
  • A reduction percentage will be shown while hovering over the rate in the cart.
  • Viewers can avail of deductions in various locations.
  • You can see the reduction on the Checkout page, Order Details page, order emails, and invoices.
  • But people cannot apply for deduction if they use a coupon code already, depending on the configuration.

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DiscountRules for WooCommerce


Released by Flycart, DRW allows you to set woocommerce bulk discounts based on percentage, advanced, product-based offers, and dynamic prices. Also, it is possible with this plugin to provide offs based on the item’s quantity, cart, or a fixed amount on total order. You can create “buy ONE get ONE ( BOGO )” deals to grow sales by offering reductions based on purchase history, user roles, cart items, and more.

Also, it is easy to give reductions for stocks or their variations. People can see the provided “SALE” on the product details page, like email notifications, checkout, or cart.

Key Features

  • Customers will get quantity range-based pricing with percentage reduction. For example, Buy 5 to 10 quantities, get 15%, Buy 6 to 15 items, get 25% off.
  • Also, for clients, you can provide a cart-based percentage. For instance, by spending more than $500, a customer will get 10% off.
  • People can also have item-based offers. For example- Buy three different variants and Get 5% off.
  • Admin can exclude particular goods from deduction rules too.
  • You can display in your website offers table on product pages and give people date-based off on the purchase.
  • Its pro version includes every feature of the free version.
  • In the paid version, dependant item-based reductions are available. For example, Buy cloth A and get off on cloth B.
  • You will get a variety of extra features in the Pro version of this addon.

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It is a handy and latest addon of providing SALE for various goods in a web store. It has come to the marketplace by AA-Team, and it includes many new features. Plus, you will get here an easy-to-use interface. Your business will have outstanding sales records with this addon. For that, you will need an effective strategy for reducing the rates of goods in your store.

Key Features

  • You can set here SALE depending on a percentage or fixed value.
  • It can be applied with a single click for thousands of stocks together.
  • Also, using deduction based on Product category, tags, or attributes is possible here.
  • You can set reductions for future dates or from present dates.
  • And, it is simple to exclude things from sections or edit the entire campaign using it.

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Developed by wpunleash, it is a WordPress plugin that works smoothly for WooCommerce. There are many features such as offers, promotions, and more. It is possible to add or delete rules for pricing from the admin panel.

However, the admin can schedule the time for a campaign by selecting a start and end date. Also, people can install it on the WordPress site just like other plugins. After installation, it will be available in the menu.

Key Features

  • With this plugin, you can Mark the product as on SALE
  • It is possible to calculate the basic rate.
  • If the item is already on reduction, then people cannot apply the rate
  • Here you can set conditions for the stock in variations or the cart
  • You can define the woocommerce category discount for the selected, cart total products.

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WC ProductShare ForDiscounts


Developed by devdiggers, it is a useful addon for setting the woocommerce bulk discount¬†on pricing for the websites. Using it, customers can share products on social media via social sharing options. If anyone buys the same thing from that link, then they both will get discounts. As a result, your shop’s sales will grow drastically as you never expected. It meets the WordPress quality standards with security, performance, and coding. Envato has also awarded it with WP Requirements Compliant Badge for its CodeCanyon Profile.

Key Features

  • It is possible here to enable/disable the module functionality.
  • Enabling many social share options is possible with it.
  • You can fix the text for the social share button.
  • It is easy here to exclude goods from being on the social share.
  • Admin can set everything on the My Accounts page menu.
  • It supports multilingual language and includes a .pot file.

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WC Product BulkDiscount


Developed by Crevol, it is a handy and powerful addon that helps people set rules for bulk discounts. It is possible here to fix offers for all items at the same time. Also, you can set a WooCommerce category discount for particular items.

Key Features

  • You can have available options for setting rules.
  • Also, it gives people Flat and Percentage base deductions.
  • Variation Products: Admin can set reductions of stocks on simple and variation.

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WC Pre-OrderSales, BulkDiscount, and TimeCounter


Released by MotifCreatives, it is a fantastic addon that will make your work easier with the pricing and deduction. With this plugin, anyone can sell pre-orders for goods and services via the Woo-store with ease. When you set a date and time, it can be charged upfront when your ordered goods are available.

Moreover, the admin can add default Woo pricing here. Plus, it can be the best solution to boost any website’s sales and make customers more engaged with your site.

Key Features

  • Admin can Enable and disable Pre-Order options
  • Pre-Order goods request email to admin
  • You can define Pre-Order rates for stocks.
  • Here, people will have both fixed and percentage deduction types
  • Customers can view a list of all Pre-Order items from the store
  • There is an option for automatic remove Pre-Orders when the date is passed
  • It adds automatically Pre-Order status when the good is out of stock
  • There are buttons on the shop page and a single product page with a full editing option
  • You can customize this addon’s form, Custom logos, text, colors, and more.

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ExtendonsWC DynamicPricing Plugin, and BulkDiscounts


WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin developed by extendons is a unique addon for your help. It lets you automate stock pricing by limiting rules and requirements to give offers. Admin can adjust quantity-based offers for categories.

Here, people can see the sale on the cart too using it. The deductions can be on a percentage or fixed basis. It is simple to select customers or their roles to give them discounts.

Key Features

  • Using it, an admin can allow reductions on Cart and Catalog
  • It is easy to give WooCommerce category discount¬†on Product Variants
  • Making special offers with Fixed and Percentage is also possible here.
  • You can create rules with conditions to approve deductions on Cart and Catalog
  • You can give Cart reduction offer by item quantity, weight, shipping, and payment method.

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Woocommerce Easy BulkDiscounts


This addon has come to the marketplace by xpertsclub, and it is a useful plugin for your Woo-store. It is an excellent SALE plugin for sales and global flash sales like Black Friday, store anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, clearance, or any other special day.

However, you can approve offers for all goods you provide with a few clicks. Also, an admin can mark the increased rates and SALE in percentage or fixed. And let the customers know about the reduction by showing a storewide notification.

Key Features

  • The WC Fake discounts here provide an option to grow the goods pricing by a percentage or fixed value.
  • You will showcase it as the original rate before the offer and the actual value as the offering rate.
  • An admin can give real discounts too using it.
  • Also, you can fix the sitewide notice concerning the SALE price.

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WCDiscounts and DynamicPricing

woocommerce dynamic pricing and discounts

Released and developed by marketing automation, this unique addon allows you to add SALE to your online store. It has plenty of features combined with Sales Countdown for WooCommerce, Availability Scheduler for WooCommerce, or other plugins.

Key Features

  • Here, you can set the WooCommerce category discount on a percentage or fixed.
  • You can add Bulk pricing and Tiered pricing with percentage or fixed rate.
  • Cart reduction offer is available here too.
  • You can display dynamic text inside the stock template with any position and visibility rules
  • There is a wide range of cart content conditions, customer purchases history conditions, and filtering types.
  • This addon supports all features of Marketing Automation by AZEXO.

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Wrapping Up

I genuinely trust that each of these WooCommerce dynamic pricing and offers addons will really make your webshop valuable. They all come with particular pricing strategies for making the task easier. You can believe any of them.

I hope you liked this article. If I missed any vital addon then please mention the names in the comment box.

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