Top 13 Essential Plugins for WooCommerce Stores

WooCommerce essential plugins extend the capabilities of an eCommerce store built on WordPress. Providing customizations, performance optimization, and enhanced user experience.

Moreover, the right combination of plugins can help to improve the overall performance of the store. Which in turn can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. Thus, it’s important to have a good understanding of the essential plugins that are available. Choose the ones that will best serve the needs of your eCommerce store.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of using must-have WooCommerce plugins to manage your eCommerce store effectively. These plugins can help make your store more consumer-friendly, improve the user experience, and maximize sales. They can also simplify store management tasks like bulk orders, shipping, and product uploads. Unfortunately, many novice online store owners fail to take full advantage of eCommerce due to their poor plugin choices.

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1.) TeraWallet By StandaloneTech ( )


The developer team recently changed the plugin name from “Woo Wallet” to “TeraWallet”. TeraWallet enables customers to store money in a digital wallet within WooCommerce, which they can use to buy products. Customers can add money to their wallet using various payment methods provided by the admin. The admin can also process refunds using the wallet money.

TeraWallet allows users to transfer funds to each other. Creating a community of users and an effective marketing strategy. The plugin also allows for setting payment method titles on the front-end, cashback amount calculation, and adjusting customer wallet amounts from the backend.

Customers receive notifications for every wallet transaction. Overall, this essential WooCommerce plugin increases the potential for more sales by enabling shoppers to reverse funds, receive cashback rewards, make partial payments, and more using the wallet system.

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2.) Smart WooCommerce Swatches

 Product Variations Layouts

Perhaps you’ve had experience with WooCommerce variable products and the odd display of dropdown menus with options. For shoppers, it can be a hassle to navigate through these menus to find what they’re looking for.

Enter Smart WooCommerce Swatches: a plugin that offers color, image, and button options to replace the standard variable attribute dropdown. With Smart WooCommerce Swatches, display your variations in a visually appealing way. And even choose whether to display buttons in a round or square shape. Also, multiple galleries for each variation, allowing customers to see the relevant gallery images when they select a specific variation.

This plugin boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to add default colors, images, or labels to each attribute in the attribute management page. Quickly add a new attribute style from within the product editing page.

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If you’re looking to improve the search functionality on your WooCommerce website. You should consider the Advanced Product Search plugin. With this plugin, customers can easily find what they’re looking for before they even navigate to the search page. As soon as they start typing, a beautifully designed floating popup will appear, adjusting to fit the search bar.

This instant search plugin creates a simple search box that displays live results of products from your store that match the search criteria. The search results also show a product image, making it even easier for customers to find what they need.

Offers customizable and attractive search forms that work for both simple and variable products. Use widgets and shortcodes to display the search form anywhere on your template. And it’s compatible with leading WordPress themes like Astra, Avada, Kadence, and Flatsome. This is a productive WooCommerce plugin that can boost your sales and make your storefront more user-friendly. Additionally, it supports Elementor, Gutenberg, and SiteOrigin.

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4.) Booster for WooCommerce By Pluggabl LLC ( )


Booster is a powerful plugin that offers over a hundred modules and add-ons to enhance the functionality of e-commerce site. It handles prices, currencies, and offers extensive management for products, checkout, payment gateways, shipping, orders, and emails. It is considered one of the top plugins in the WordPress repository directory. Making it a popular choice for online store owners looking to supercharge their site. With thousands of amazing features waiting to be explored, it’s definitely worth downloading.

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5.) PDF Invoices & Packing Slips By WP Overnight ( )

PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

If you operate an online shop, it’s crucial to issue an invoice for every order. However, the default WooCommerce does not include this feature. Fortunately, with this essential WooCommerce plugin, a PDF invoice is automatically added to the order confirmation emails sent to customers.

The plugin comes with a basic template that can be customized, and new templates can be created as well. In addition, the add-ons allows you to download or print invoices and packing slips directly from the order admin dashboard. Also includes default settings such as custom headers and logos, as well as several layout fields.

Contains HTML and CSS-based templates that can be copied to your theme folder for customization without being overwritten during plugin updates.

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Modal Fly Cart + Ajax add to cart

Modal Cart is a user-friendly mini-cart plugin for online stores that provides a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience to customers. Comes with multiple styles and Bootstrap effects, allowing customers to change product quantities, delete items, and navigate to the checkout page without reloading the cart. The plugin also immediately displays the products added to the cart and includes ‘View Cart’ and ‘Checkout’ buttons.

Moreover, allows you to customize the cart’s style and buttons, as well as create a direct link between the product/item and the cart. Choose from various pre-defined popups to display the mini-cart and adjust the layout to better suit your website’s theme. Overall, this extension is a great for any online store looking to enhance their customers’ shopping experience.

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Product Recommendations

If you’re looking to improve your upsells and cross-sells strategy. the Recommendations plugin can help make the process easier. With just a few clicks, add products in bulk to categories and variables. While also recommending relevant items based on a customer’s browsing history.

Also add filters for categories, attributes, tags, and price to help narrow down search results. Additionally, use amplifiers to boost specific products based on popularity, rating, conversion rate, or other criteria.

The plugin can be easily relocated to different areas of your site, including the main shop page, category or tag pages, or a single product page. The overall aesthetic of the plugin lends itself well to fashion retail, wholesale, and large drop-shipping stores.

The ultimate dashboard interface offers insightful reports to help you refine your recommendation strategies. The installation and usage process is simple, making it an essential tool for any online store.

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7.) Ultimate Reports By WooPro ( CodeCanyon )

Ultimate Reports

The Ultimate Reports plugin is the powerful solution for all your reporting needs for online store. With a comprehensive range of reporting features, this plugin can easily generate any kind of report. Including basic sales reports and advanced sales analysis reports with summaries, graphs, and much more.

Various reporting features such as order details, variation reports, tax reports, cross-tab reports, stock reports, stock planner, stock valuation, projected vs. actual sales, coupon reports, monthly profit, and much more. With its extensive range of features, this plugin provides a complete solution for all your reporting needs. Making it an essential tool for any online store owner looking to gain insights into their business performance.

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7.) OptinMonster


Out of all the essential plugins for WooCommerce, OptinMonster is the top recommended item . Contributing directly to lead generation and conversion optimization. Create and deploy opt-in forms, pop-ups, and other lead generation forms that capture visitor information and turn them into customers. With its drag-and-drop interface and features like A/B testing and behavior automation. It’s easy to create attractive and engaging opt-in forms without coding skills. OptinMonster also integrates with email marketing platforms, CRM systems, and other marketing tools. Compatible with WooCommerce and helps online store owners increase sales by capturing email subscribers and generating leads.

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8.) Points And Rewards By WPSwings ( CodeCanyon )

Points And Rewards

In a highly competitive e-commerce market, customer loyalty is crucial for any online store’s success. The Points and Rewards plugin allows store owners to attract and retain customers by offering rewards in the form of loyalty points. This must-have WooCommerce plugin incentivizes repeat purchases and engagement. Helping businesses increase customer lifetime value and boost sales. It goes beyond traditional loyalty programs by offering additional reward options for sign-ups, referrals, and product reviews. This creates a more engaging and personalized shopping experience for customers.

Store owners can track customer activities and reward them accordingly. Creating a seamless and personalized shopping experience. By offering rewards for customer actions, businesses can drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. In turn, this can lead to increased sales, growth, and a more sustainable business model. By utilizing the power of rewards, store owners can build a loyal customer base that will continue to support their business over time.

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9.) Support Ticket System

Support Ticket System

The paragraph describes a plugin that simplifies user and order ticket management. By providing a seamlessly integrated system with a clean user interface for displaying ticket replies. Enables shop admins to easily track and provide support for order and user issues, and once activated, adds a ticket area to all front order details.

Additionally, the ticketing software provides a centralized platform for customers to submit their queries, complaints, and issues, leading to faster response times, better communication, and improved customer satisfaction. Also helps track and manage customer inquiries, automate processes, and provide valuable insights into customer behavior. By analyzing the types of issues customers raise, businesses can identify trends and areas for improvement. Before purchasing, it’s recommended to check the full demo of both the extension’s backend and front end.

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10.) PW Gift Cards By Pimwick, LLC ( )

Gift Cards

PW Gift Cards is a powerful plugin for creating, selling, and managing gift cards on your online store. With this user-friendly tool, easily design custom gift cards, specify their value, and allow your customers to purchase and send them to their loved ones. Comes with advanced features such as gift card usage tracking, balance management, cart integration, expiration date setting, and customizable email templates.

By offering gift cards, increase your sales and attract new customers to your store. Easy to install and configure, and it has been tailored by a team of professional developers to meet your specific needs. Monitor your gift card liability with ease and access detailed information about each card at a glance. This plugin is an essential tool for any online store that wants to offer gift cards to their customers.

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11.) YITH WooCommerce Wishlist By YITH ( )

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

This is a powerful extension that simplifies the process of creating and managing wishlists. Customers can easily add products like eyewear, furniture, t-shirts, lawn care, and more to their wishlist with a single click. Which can then be shared with others to increase the chances of those products being purchased. Also allows customers to manage their wishlists and move products between them. As well as receive notifications when their favorite products go on sale.

For store owners, the plugin provides valuable data to improve their sales strategy. They can view and manage all wishlists, and analyze the usage of wishlists for each product category. By leveraging this data, store owners can tailor their offerings to better meet their customers’ needs, ultimately driving more sales.

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12.) WooCommerce Multilingual By OnTheGoSystems ( )

WooCommerce Multilingual

WooCommerce Multilingual is a top-rated plugin that streamlines the process of translating crucial pages such as product pages, shopping carts, and checkout pages into multiple languages for online stores. Specially designed to work with WooCommerce, the popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

With this add-on, users can also display prices in various currencies, making it easier for customers to shop and pay in their preferred currency. Supports multiple payment gateways and provides users with the flexibility to set different prices for different currencies, adjust exchange rates, and control how prices are displayed to customers. This plugin is essential for businesses with global customers. As it provides a user-friendly solution that can be easily understood and accessed from anywhere in the world.

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13.) WPForms


With WPForms, create custom forms for your online store, such as contact forms, order forms, and feedback forms. This can improve the customer experience and help you gather valuable feedback from your customers.

Furthermore, WPForms integrates with various payment gateways. Allowing you to receive payments directly through your forms. This feature can be particularly useful for selling digital products, memberships, and other products that require payment. Also suitable for booking, rental, and other subscription-based websites.

In addition, integration with email marketing services like Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Enabling you to collect email addresses from your customers and add them to your email list. This makes it easier to promote your products and services and establish long-term relationships with your customers.

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There are several essential plugins for WooCommerce that can improve the overall functionality and user experience of your online store. These include extensions for improving site speed, managing gift cards, creating and managing wishlists, translating pages into multiple languages, and creating custom forms for gathering feedback and accepting payments. Integrations with email marketing services can also help you build long-term relationships with your customers. By using these plugins, you can increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline the management of your online store.

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