The 12 Essential Woocommerce Plugins for Successful Store Management

WooCommerce is one of the best ways to build an online store from your WordPress websiteand boost your sales. The flexibility of platforms allows you to extend functionalities to a great extent.

However, in starting many people do not realize that all these wonders heavily depend on essential plugins. Yes, to manage the eCommerce store, you require solid knowledge and understanding of top WooCommerce addons. The right plugin choice is what helps you improve the user experience of yourself.

In this article, we will focus on how to manage eCommerce store with the help of plugins. Let us make your online store consumer-friendly, boost the user experience and increase the sales to maximum.

Many novice online store owners think is overrated after some time of installation. They actually fail to take full advantage of eCommerce because their choice of plugins is not good at all.

Here are the top 12 essential plugins.

Tera Wallet


The team has recently been changed the name from Woo Wallet to Tera Wallet. Customers can store their money in a digital wallet. They can use this plguins to buy products from your WP webshop. The admins have provided various payments method to add the money in the wallet. If there are refunds, admin can process them using the wallet money.

This is extra convenient for both the admin and the buyer.
Tera Wallet allows the user to transfer funds to another user. Hence the can build up the community of users, which is the best tactic for marketing.

For every wallet transaction, the customer receives the notification.

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Smart Variation Swatches

 Product Variations Layouts

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce provides color/image/label/text or dropdown Variation Swatches. Transform your normal variable attribute dropdown select into nicely looking color, image, label, text or dropdown. Any color, size, or style missing in default WooCommerce is available, here. Display products in the shape you like the best. For example, round or square.

Add multiple galleries for each variation. When the visitor selects the variation, those gallery images will appear as gallery images instead of main product gallery images.

The user interface of this super plugin is friendly and intuitive. Add default color, image or label to each attribute in the attribute management page. The interface helps you pick the right style for a quick-add attribute right inside the editing product page.

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An instant search plugin. It creates a simple search box that shows live results. The results show the product from the store that matches the search criteria.

Advanced Product Search allows you to produce, customize and build the attractive search forms, for your product search. Every search results contain a product image. The plugin works on both simple and variable products. There are widgets and shortcodes to show your search form in anywhere you want in your eCommerce site.

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Booster for WooCommerce is one of the top plugins in WordPress directory. It supercharges your site with awesome powerful features. There are above a hundred modules, all bundled in one plugin.
It deserves to be called a multi-purpose tool with the list of features that just never ends. You will find tons of add-ons built inside.

There are dozens of features to handle prices and currencies. For example, Bulk Price Converter, Currency Exchange Rates, Currency Per Product, Price Format, Price based on user module, Offer Your Price, Product Price by Formula and Product Open Pricing.

There are lists of options for products, checkout and cart, payment gateways, shipping & orders, and emails. Download this amazing tool today.

Thousands of amazing features are waiting to be explored. It is totally worth your time.

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PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

This plugins automatically adds a PDF invoice to the order confirmation emails that you send to your customers. It comes with a basic template (additional templates are available from WP Overnight) as well as the possibility to modify or create your own templates. Moreover, you can opt to download or print invoices and packing slips, right from the WooCommerce order admin.

It is possible to add the invoice to selected mails. There is a number of default settings, some of which are custom header and logo. Several layout fields are available, too.

The plugin contains HTML/CSS based templates that allow for customization & full control over the PDF output. Copy the templates to your theme folder. Your customizations will not be overwritten when you update the plugin.

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Modal Fly Cart + Ajax add to cart

Popup Cart + Ajax is a social relations mini-cart. It comes with several styles and effects. Anyone can easily change any product or item amount or delete the product/items without reloading. It also shows immediately the product or item includes carting, with “View Cart & Checkout Buttons”. Besides, it lets the consumer/buyer select where to navigate.

WooCommerce Popup Cart + Ajax Added To Cart Popup are free to include every product/item that you might demand to cart without going to the cart page. Although, you may customize its style & button. You may also create the foot-bridge within the product or item & the cart.

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Advanced Product Wishlist

 Product Wishlist

A simple but powerful tool that helps you convert your website guests into loyal customers. The plugin makes it easy to add products to the wishlist.

In many scenarios, the customer is not in the condition of purchasing now. There are several items that the buyer plans to order in the future. Advanced Product Wishlist for Woocommerce encourages the user to come back to your website. The easy interface lets him embed more and more items in the wishlist.
Then users share their share list to let their friends know about it. That results in leading more and more sales by bringing more potential customers.

Now, add a link in every product detail page and easily feature the product to the wishlist page. This great plugin will create you the particular page and also the product is going to be added during this page and afterward add them to the cart or take away them.

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Ultimate Reports

Ultimate Reports
The most comprehensive solution for all reporting needs of your WordPress based online store. Any kind of reports can be generated easily. Various summaries, graphs, from Basic sales reports to advance sales analysis reports, everything you name is available in the Ultimate Reports plugin.

All reporting features like Order Details, Variation Reports, Tax Reports, Crosstab reports, Stock Reports, Stock Planner, Stock Valuation, Projected Vs Actual Sales, Coupon Reports, COG, Profit Reports, Monthly Profit, Product wise Profit, Handling of Full and Partial Refunds, Stock Alerts and much more are available.

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Sales Triggers

Sales Triggers

No coding experience is required to deploy XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers on your online store. Get the license and install the plugin. Activate the triggers of your choice and enjoy sales. This amazing plugin optimizes your website to convert your visitors into buyers.

Did you not get the meaning of the word ‘Triggers’ in the last paragraph? Ok, let us explain.
Triggers actually are the sales hacks. These hacks display time-sensitive deals, low stock warnings, potential savings, sales insights and bulletproof guarantees on product pages.

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Ultimate Points & Rewards

Points And Rewards

The WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards is a powerful plugin that attracts customers by rewarding them with loyalty points. The points are redeemable in the form of coupons as well as redeem points on the cart while purchasing any product from the marketpalce.

Here is another powerful plugin, named as ‘Ultimate Points And Rewards’. It attracts customers by rewarding them with loyalty points. These points are redeemable in the form of coupons as well as redeem points on the cart when purchasing any product from the store.

Reward the happiness to your loyal customers at different points. Sign Up, Referral, Product Purchase, Reviews over Product, etc. Spend Money by awarding Points on each of their activities.

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WooCommerce Support Ticket System

Support Ticket System

One of the top plugins that make user and order tickets management easy.
This seamlessly integrated system makes users and order ticket management systems easy. A nice and clean user interface displays ticket replies.

Shop admin can easily keep track and give support for order and user issues.
After activation, Support Ticket System adds a ticket area, in all front order details.

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PW Gift Cards

Gift Cards

PWGift cards help increase sales organically. This very plugin provides an efficient platform to have handsome sales of gift cards.

Set up is very easy and simple. The creation of a gift card is a matter of clicks, now. A team of professional developers has customized the plugin to suit your needs.
Check your gift card liability at one glance. View all the details about individual cards easily and quickly.

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It is time to grow your business. WooCommerce is a great platform and to reap all its benefits, using top WooCommerce plugins is best. Power up your shop. All of the tools we have mentioned have an immense power to improve user experience and grow your sales. No matter what is your business niche and what are your requirements. WooCommerce along with its remarkable plugins and extensions can help you.

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