The 12 Best WooCommerce Floating Cart Plugins

If you have an e-commerce website on WordPress, it’s a major factor in increasing customer conversion rate. Besides, giving them a good website browsing experience. Depending on both strategies, a cart or checkout process can meet those. We have WooCommerce to thank for that. It’s an e-commerce tool created specifically for WordPress makes setting up an online business a piece of cake.

The plugin is famous for its simplicity and customization options, enabling small and large-scale companies to create an online marketplace. But to sell products online, you need to have a way to display them neatly. The easiest way is to use side or floating carts.

Lucky for us, there’re many WooCommerce floating cart plugins to choose from. The free ones like XT get the job done, but if you want the best experience and greatest customizability, we’d recommend going premium, like YITH.

This article will compare 12 of the best and most competitive WooCommerce plugins. Let’s help you set up your dream business!

12 Best WooCommerce Floating Cart Plugins Compared

There’re tons of options to pick from when it comes to WordPress business plugins, but after some heavy research, we’ve picked out the 12 best ones for you. So here’s a list of them —

Modal Fly Cart

Modal Fly Cart is a mini-cart interaction theme with tons of different styles, effects, and other design features. It can help you set up a lager or a small shop in a few minutes.

There’s a button to change the product quantity or remove the product, and you won’t need to restart the page to see changes. All changes apply instantly, whether a new item gets added, the price changes or something gets removed.

This is incredibly helpful for a shop, as most pages need you to refresh to see changes requiring you to go to the control panel every time. You can even add products to your cart without going to the cart page with Ajax.

Along with that, almost everything is customizable, including the style, button, popups, backgrounds, and more. It comes with premade “View Cart” and “Checkout” buttons, and you can customize it however you like. Overall, this is perfect for small businesses.

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Woo Flying

woocommerce floating cart

Woo Flying can help you make cart popups and show cart contents at any time, and it comes with hundreds of different icons to choose from and customize from. Along with that, there’s an icon floating on the bottom right corner of your screen constantly.

Using this, you can access your cart in an instant, and it’ll leave you where you left off the next time you click it. It also has tons of updates weekly or monthly for its userbase. You likely won’t find any bugs since they get fixed as soon as possible.

Everything in this plugin is fast and detailed. The animations are butter smooth, and everything is responsive and customizable with different icons and colors. It also supports mobile, and it’ll adapt to the resolution.

Other features include WPML, BuddyPress and RTL support and automated updates along with 24/7 customer care and side cart WooCommerce support. Omit, this is great for low budgets.

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Sticky is a mid-budget plugin coming at around $30, and it has a 5-star rating with 750+ sales. With this, you can add the side cart plugins in WordPress / WooCommerce sides, upperparts, and hovering carts. Along with that, the checkout only requires one click, saving a lot of time.

You won’t have to enter billing credentials in your account either, and you can directly pay or add your account from the mini-cart. The options for customization are diverse as well, and you can add as many buttons and sidebars as you want with complete customizability.

It supports RTL and adapts to all device resolutions, and it’s WMPL supported. You can see products you recently viewed, so you likely won’t lose any products by accident.
It also comes with 8 sidebar styles, 12 loading type styles, and full footer, header, and background customization.

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HashThemes’s Plugin

HashThemes's Plugin

The Woocommerce floating cart plugin is a premium extension for making a professional and stylish shop page, coming at only $13. Its price has tons of advanced features such as background overlay over cart displays, transparent layout with colored background pages, and more.

It’s perfect for fast-shopping since it lets the customers quickly view the products on their bucket list and buy them. You can also calculate the total price for all the items in the cart, and it comes with coupon code support.

Along with that, everything is customizable, and you can create an infinite number of carts and personalize your mini-cart. It has 3 different layouts, 6 different positions for items display, and 3 different shapes.

It comes with 2 premade product layout options, and you have tons of different animations and settings to pick from. It’s exceptionally well made, and you get tons of features, settings, and customizability.

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As the name suggests, you can make quick and easy popup carts with this plugin. You can add products to your shopping bag without going to a different page, and you won’t need to refresh the page to see changes either.

It comes at around $20, and there’re premade checkout and cart viewing buttons. Along with that, it comes with a free plugin demo to check out if you like it yourself.

You can search products via category as well, and there’re rescaling options for the popup window, and it supports side or floating cart woocommerce. And if you’re not a fan of seeing the cart-icon all the time, you can disable it.

It’s as well, adjusting to all resolutions. Other features include a counter of added products, subtotal of all products, total price, suggested products, and much more. Even though it’s for a mid-range budget, it can be perfect for professional shops.

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Dropdown-cart is a mid-range professional plugin for WordPress, coming at around $25, and it has a 4.7-star rating with 2450+ sales. It comes with automatic updates often, and with each update, new features get added, and bugs get removed.

You can click on the products to take you to the drop-down cart menu, and you can make it a WooCommerce floating cart at any time to display it. You can move it anywhere, and you can keep scrolling on the page without interrupting it.

There’re shopping cart skins as well, and you can customize the cart with tons of different options. Other features include 11 premade icons and a custom icon maker, WPML support, auto-hiding empty carts, and much more.

If you’re interested, you can get a demo completely free before you decide to buy it.

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Smart Cart

Smart Cart

This is a simple WooCommerce cart plugin with customizable options and premade buttons. It’s for mid-range budgets coming at $29, and you can configure the primary and secondary colors of the page with it.

Also, It allows you to give the webpage your custom theme and accent, and you can configure RTL with it. It can also show the subtotal amount of items in the cart, shipping price, and total price of all items.

The checkout button is premade, and you can customize it to your liking, and it’ll redirect customers to a checkout page. Empty carts will have a “Return to Shop” button, increasing the likelihood of a customer buying more products.

You can change the color of everything on the page with HEX values, allowing maximum customizability. Overall, this plugin is best for increasing sales in your shop.

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XT by XplodedThemes

XT by XplodedThemes

XT is a free-floating cart WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, and it has an empty shopping bag. You can add products to your shopping-cart with only one click, and you won’t need to refresh the page to see changes. You can undo and update product removals, too.

Although it’s free, it has a premium option for more features. These include coupon support, totals, savings, a better checkout button, free shipping, tons of different animations, and much more. You can check out the demo for both versions.

Everything is customizable as well, and it adapts to the resolution of your display. There’re custom icons and colors for everything, and it supports google fonts. Other features include RTL support, auto height, suggested products, a clear / restock cart, and more.

Both options for this plugin are solid, and the free version has tons of features already for a simple shop or business.

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Floating Cart ( )

Floating Cart

If your fastest shop already has a cart, you can use this plugin to replace it with an advanced floating cart of WooCommerce. It comes at $29, and it has tons of animated icons and different features. There are also premade “Cart” and “Add to Cart” buttons, and you can customize them.

The Pre made script have animations, the cart refreshes, and the interface is , adapting to the resolution of every device. There’re tons of cart settings, such as side cart, and you can enable and disable AJAX functionality.

All options are customizable from the control panel, and you can add custom icons and colors for most of the buttons. If you need a simple but functional shop attracting customers, this plugin is for you.

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Floating-Sticky ( )


For mid-range budgets, this plugin is excellent, coming at $29, and it can help you increase sales for your shop. It has quick access to almost all areas, and you can instantly view your cart on a sticky panel.

This dashboard panel is customizable to your liking, and you can pick different colors icons and make it a WooCommerce floating cart. It’s easy to use, with little to no coding required. The cart can show a subtotal amount of products and the total price, and there is a premade checkout button.

On top of that, customers can see a “recommended” category for similar or best-selling products. The cart pages have coupon support, and you can pay with PayPal.

It’s highly flexible, and there’re tons of different animation options, and it utilizes Ajax technology to have the fastest refresh and update times. All the settings are changeable from the control panel, and you won’t need any backend, server side or php coding skills.

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Cart-Pro ( CodeCanyon )


Cart Pro is a mid-range plugin coming at $25, and it requires no coding to use. It works on all versions of WooCommerce and is compatible with all WordPress themes like as ( Bosa Shopper, Startup Shop etc )

Along with that, it utilizes Ajax processing to give you the fastest refresh and reload times on websites, and you can customize the entire page but you want. There’re fluid animations premade for all the buttons as well.

The checkout process is fast and straightforward, and you’ll get automatic updates with bug fixes. It has excellent customer support too, being available from Monday to Friday.

Usually, their customer support can help you fix all technical problems. But if you’re still facing issues, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you will get all your money refunded.

Check It Now ( Cart-Pro )

YITH-CART ( YIThemes )

Yith-cart by YIThemes

The YIThemes’s premium plugin comes at $59.99, and it comes with 1 year of free updates and support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It has a 4.5-star rating and has over 11,150 sales, and it’s the best independent seller of WooCommerce plugins.

YITH has tons of helpful features to help you increase your sales and reach out to your customers, with cart popup options, all WordPress theme support, buddypress, and WPML support. It’s translation-ready as well and can translate to most languages.

The control panel is diverse with tons of customizable options with HEX color options for the background and icon colors. There’re dynamic animations for popups as well, such as “fade-in” and “slide-in.”

Overall, this plugin is perfect for professional shops. You can change everything on the page and buttons, and it comes with a demo of all the features.

Check It Now ( Cart-Pro )


Hopefully, now you have a great idea of the WooCommerce floating cart. Although different options work for different needs, only a few are the best.

If you’re on a higher budget and want a premium plugin, YITH is your best bet. It comes with a money-back guarantee as well. You should go with Cart Pro for mid-range, and for low budgets, you should go for XT.

These three are the best for all the different budget types, and there’s a money-back guarantee on the mid-range and premium plugins. Good luck deciding which one to buy, and cheers!

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