Top 20 WordPress and WooCommerce Restaurant Menu Plugins

WooCommerce Restaurant Menu Plugins are essential for every WordPress site owner for food service. And its also necessary to know or understand it before buying it or downloading it to install it on your site. These plugins will let you quickly build your dream business like a restaurant, cafe, catering, drinks, or liquid store.

Also, these plugins support the display food menu, reservation, pickup and delivery system, and many more. They are also compatible with the most popular and helpful page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg Blocks.

So, to make your job easier, this post will describe some of the best WooCommerce restaurant ordering plugins for you.

Restaurant for WooCommerce ( WPExperts)

WooCommerce Restaurant Menu Plugins

It allows you to build a restaurant menu with an online checkout process to your site. The key is to owning a victorious online restaurant business is to build a menu and ordering structure with WooCommerce. And you have to be smart enough to keep up with the competition and be attentive to the trends.

Besides, it has a clean and na├»ve menu design, mini cart widget, shuffle categories, and more. So, it’ll be easy to display your items to the buyers. It also has General Settings, Menu, Style, and Label Customization, Time Display, Delivery, Vendor, and Notification options.

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TLP Food Menu ( )

woocommerce TLP Food Menu

It’s a superb WordPress cafe menu extension that best suits on posts, pages, and widgets in templates. It’s a meal ordering WooCommerce extension that wraps up with HTML5 and CSS3 completely. If you want to display all your items, single or multiple types, you can showcase them with this plugin. And it comes with shortcode and widgets ready.

Besides, it’s entirely responsive and has a Currency select option, Custom meta fields, CSS option, ShortCode, and Detail Page. And it also includes pagination styles, translation, and multiple data sources. It also supports distinct page builders that boost you to build the best menus. For example, you can use WP Bakery addons, Elementor, or page builder.

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Foodlify ( CodeCanyon )

Foodlify Catering Plugin

If you want a quick and easy way to order food menus from online shops, Foodlify will be your best choice. It’s the simplest path to order many food items in no time and supports to sell more. Plus, this WooCommerce plugin is very suited for wholesale buyers.

Besides, it’s responsive and unites many features as food info, search option, add to cart button, and image to improve the user experience. And for users, it’s very easy to config for existing or new WP sites.

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WPCafe ( CodeCanyon )


It’s a modern, flexible, WP WooCommerce plugin with easy practice. Also, it’s a solutions package to handle Online Food Ordering, Restaurant Reservation and Menu, and more. And it gives flexibility for easy design of Categories, Reservation Forms, Food Menu, Tags, and Elements. Apart from that, it allows you to use the restaurant’s single and multi-slot schedule time.

Besides, it wraps with default shortcodes to help Divi, WP Bakery Builder, and Elementor Builder Widgets. So, your Reservation form or Food Menu can showcase any post, page, or widgets. Also, it comes with 30+ Menu designs, Stylist Forms, Ajax Mini Cart, Pickup and Delivery, WP Shortcode, and more. It also provides Multivendor Dokan Compatibility, RTL Language, Location List Layout Widget, Page Builder Widgets, and many more.

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Express Shop ( CodeCanyon )

Express WooCommerce Restaurant Menu Plugins

It’s come to showcase all goods as a One Page shop in stunning styles, including product audio and video. You can display the goods table for fast shopping and easy mass ordering. By the way, it’s best fits on Grocery Stores, Music Video or Audio Stores, Wholesale Store, Online Order, Food Menu, etc.

Besides, you can display products in a user amiable product table mode through Live search, Filtering, Add to Cart buttons of Ajax, and more. And buyers can also merge multiple goods to the cart and complete the checkout swiftly. It also adds many top features like unique 6+ stylish Templates, Infinite Scroll, Catalog Mode, Load More, and much more.

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WP Food ( CodeCanyon )

WP Food

If you’re an owner or want to start a business similar to food, restaurant, or cafe services, it’ll be your top choice. It’s formed to assemble ordering menu products through nonstop, comfort, and trouble-free. With it, you can serve the easiest path to order for your buyers as well as display meal goods. And it’ll let you handle all from displaying the menu to accept and procedure orders from one handy spot.

Besides, it’ll be a straight path to making an order and providing your buyers with the best user experience. And it’ll also make sure that they’ll come back soon and again and again. However, it wraps with 10+ meal styles, cart and checkout page, print order and PayPal payment, responsive and mobile-ready, and much more.

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( WordPress )

WooCommerce Restaurant Menu Plugins

If you desire to run a site for meal order, pickup and delivery, it’ll be your only complete plugin. In a word, it’s a solution for online meal orders and cafe reservation processes. You can build responsive food menus, organize cafe booking with seat range, and pick up and transport process online with it.

Apart from that, it’ll let you the naive and facile way to apply and use. For example, it’ll provide Gutenberg block, Elementor widgets, and Shortcodes to help you. However, it comes with more than 10+ Menu Styles, Cafe Booking, Generating and Cancel Booking, Customize Mini Cart, and more.

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WooFood ( CodeCanyon )

WordPress WooFood

It’s a fine, thin, and easy WP delivery plugin for a WooComerce store. It’s a theme and windows extension used for pizzerias, cafes, quick meals, or restaurants. With it, you’ll have the power to merge Additional Option Classes for per goods, variations, or entire product variety. And for your clients or buyers, you can place delivery hours per weekday. So that they can put an order on that time online.

Apart from that, it comes with so many rich features like MultiStore for traders with many stores, and the highest range for transport. And it also has manual and automatic order sending to the neighbor store for buyers, Automatic location repletion (using Google Maps API), and so on. And one of the top features of it is, receive or denying the order in actual time.

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WooCommerce Food ( CodeCanyon )

WooCommerce Food Menu

If you want to display your item menu in the best suitable method, it’ll be your best friend. It’s made by following the topmost standards and enables unbeaten quality, endless features, many layouts, and easily customized options. And you can use all these facilities without writing a single line of code. Looks like a dream, right?

Catch your breath, cause now I’ll let you know about its best features to build your dream site possible. So, it has 10+ Styles, Responsive and Mobile Ready, Showcase menu table with List, Grid, Table, or Slider view (Carousel), and more. Also, it wraps with extra options like a radio button, text area, and checkbox. And it also includes a rapid and simple path to copy or clone supports.

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( WordPress )

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

It’s a complete meal ordering structure that merges fluently with a cafe, pizzeria, or restaurant site. It’s also a much easy handle extension to build a classified menu that offers a database with various values. And it also grants you to offer easy and fast order processing for your clients. In this case, you can provide a quick meal, pizza, many cafe items, or any classical food and liquid chamber.

However, you can sell online meals or liquid through Credit Card (PayPal) and Cash on delivery. Besides, it wraps with responsive design, up to 6 columns list and grid layouts, catalog and solo menu item page, and more. Also, it includes currency select option, taxes and tax rates, power to import and export menus within distinct installations, custom and shortcodes post varieties, etc.

Food Menu PRO ( RadiusTheme )

Food Menu PRO

It’s a modern, cosmic, and unique extension built to display a meal item menu for business. It’s not advisable to present any product to the buyers using the annoying menu. So, if you want to sell your product to a vast amount of buyers, this plugin is for you.

Moreover, you’ll have the power to rule all fonts and colors in the menu. And you’ll also be able to join many pics in the gallery to display on popups and detail pages. It also wraps with excellent features like responsive and mobile-ready, ordering via name or Id, generating date, menu structure, value, etc.

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( WordPress )

Five Star WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin

If you want to build a stylish, modern, and responsive cafe menu and embed a menu ordering structure, this is your right place or plugin. It lets you organize a menu through its layout, customizable options, and easy to apply menu builder. And you can establish it in a limited time with no coding effort.

Apart from that, it comes with many extraordinary features to make your working life easier. For example, it has endless cafe menus and items, time schedules, unique images, and costs per meal and liquid. Also, you’ll have the power to make many prices for a solo product. And is also compatible with Gutenberg, WPML, Display and Submit Review, and much more.

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( WordPress )

Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor

Are you interested in building a site through a page builder named Elementor? And want to make your site an ideal cafe or restaurant site that fills in every possible aspect to run? In this case, you can use this addon which will be your best friend. To clarify, it comes with more than 50+ unique and initial widgets of Elementor to embed all the cafe materials.

And it’s easy to apply, customize, and user-friendly. Also, it has a detailed doc to explain everything about this extension. Plus, it comes with great features as Catalog Style, Limits, Order, Item Column, AutoPlay, Discount Offers, Cost Value, Currency, and much more.

( WordPress )

Restaurant Menu / bulk order plugin

If you want to let, your user make bulk orders swiftly? Or, if you want to set meal types for distinct buyers like Contains Nuts, Veg, Non-Veg, Vegans, and so on? In this case, it’ll be your top selection. You can let your user place their order from its landing page. So that they don’t have to worry about browsing and ordering from different pages.

And it comes with several helpful features to make your job easier. For example, it includes a one-page menu, many categories, search by keyword (product name), product description popups, styling Google Maps and many more. Also, if you don’t like to display categories on your menu page, you can hide them.

RestroPress ( WordPress )


Are you looking for a unique, supreme plugin that follows modern standards for online food service? And a plugin that let you unite meal ordering method to your WP site with ease? So, don’t waste your time searching further cause RestroPress is here for you. With it, you’ll have the power to accept pickup and transport orders both.

It wraps with a user-friendly front-end and back-end interface to easily maintain the orders. And to handle buyers’ profiles or orders, it includes a pre-built user dashboard. Also, it has extraordinary features like easy to apply, practice, and install, simple to handle meals item, addons, categories, and more.

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ReDi Restaurant Reservation ( WordPress )

ReDi Restaurant Reservation

Are you’re looking for a plugin that lets your guests’ automatic booking process? Or, want a plugin to check tables or seats available, plus needs an instant booking/reservation from your site to users’? In this case, it’ll be your only solution plugin. You don’t have to search elsewhere or do not have to waste time to ensure a manual review and reservation. All you have to do is install it on your site and surprise your guests with instant booking.

With it, your guests will know if a table or seats are available at a specific time. So that they can approve a reservation on their time frame if it’s possible. There are so many benefits and top features merged with this plugin. Such as entire automatic and operates reservation, building customized booking forms, easy installation, operation, etc.

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( WordPress )

ReDi Restaurant Reservation

If you need a plugin to display the price list with ease, it’ll be your best choice. It’s very easy to handle the price list for your business, such as restaurants, pubs or drinking, catering, etc. And thanks goes to especially its dragdrop interface to manage it with ease. So, you’ll be able to add it by using its shortcodes.

You’ll be able to use two (02) types of layouts for both with or without a preview of pictures. And it’ll empower you to practice or apply categories to split price lists. By the way, its top features are adjusting price lists rapidly with ease, currency symbol, 02 types of templates, Gutenberg compatible, and more.

Restaurant Reservation ( by GloriaFood Oracle )

Restaurant Reservation

If you want to let your guests make a booking directly from your site in a few minutes with no costs, it’ll be a perfect plugin. You’ll have the full power to control it by installing and making a profile. You can control guests’ booking details from the party size to when the table stays reserved.

The reservations widget will appear when you add its Table Reservation button to your site, including a tidy and intuitive user interface. And it also adds some exciting features like getting notified after a table or seat is booked, a pickup and delivery system, reviewing and accepting meals order, etc.

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Woo Restaurant

Restaurant Reservation

If you want to let your guests make a booking directly from your site in a few minutes with no costs, it’ll be a perfect plugin. You’ll have the full power to control it by installing and making a profile. You can control guests’ booking details from the party size to when the table stays reserved.

The reservations widget will appear when you add its Table Reservation button to your site, including a tidy and intuitive user interface. And it also adds some exciting features like getting notified after a table or seat is booked, a pickup and delivery system, reviewing and accepting meals order, etc.

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If you have a WP site and want a fast and easy to receive food order, this plugin is best suited for you. You can organize instant order forms through its category. And for buyers, you can let them the fastest and easiest path to order food online. You can also checkout for collection and delivery with WooCommerce.

However, you’ll have the power to design your menu, such as modern and friendly mobile design. Plus, it wraps with food details to display, merge the buy button, list food in (1,2,3) columns, etc. Also, it includes extra toppings, quantity, size, variable products support, multiple layout options, etc.

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I hope the above-described description will help you choose the perfect plugin for your desired business.

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