The 14 Best WordPress Restaurant Plugins

Step into the world of top-tier WordPress restaurant menu plugins, an essential roadmap to amplify your web store’s functionality. These versatile tools and extensions offer a diverse array of layouts and functionality to cater to various cuisines and dining preferences. Whether it’s customizing your food menu for pizza, or fast-food, or designing breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, these extensions streamline eCommerce checkout and booking processes seamlessly.

Moreover, these plugins boast easy installation, granting you effortless customization of layout and design. With a spectrum of functionalities and abundant options to preview and personalize your food menu’s appearance, they ensure a tailored and captivating interface. Whether aiming for smooth online ordering or an aesthetically pleasing website, these plugins guarantee efficient restaurant menu management. Dive into this collection to discover the perfect tools for optimizing your WooCommerce website.

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1.) Restaurant for WooCommerce by WPExperts ( )

Restaurant for WooCommerce

Streamline your online restaurant business with an efficient ordering system integrated into your site using WooCommerce. The blueprint for a successful online venture lies in crafting a comprehensive menu and intuitive ordering structure, staying ahead of the competition by being responsive to evolving trends.

This WordPress restaurant plugin offers a straightforward and polished navigation design, allowing you to showcase product data in a structured manner. With the option to incorporate multiple delivery choices, including free or express delivery, you can cater to diverse customer preferences. The interactive mini cart widget ensures customers have a clear view of their order summary, while the flexibility to modify products and categories allows for an expanded board with add-ons and extras.

Moreover, this software offers a user-friendly layout design, convenient easy delivery methods, category shuffling, and more, simplifying the display of your items to potential buyers. Additionally, it includes comprehensive settings for customization, encompassing style, label settings, time display, delivery options, vendor settings, and notifications to streamline your ordering process.

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2.) TLP Food Menu By RadiusTheme ( )

TLP A Robust Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugin

Revolutionize your WordPress cafe experience with this exceptional menu extension, seamlessly integrating into posts, pages, and widgets across various templates. Powered by HTML5 and CSS3, this WooCommerce extension simplifies meal ordering, allowing you to effortlessly showcase a diverse array of culinary offerings, whether it’s single or multiple food selections, using shortcodes and widgets.

This fully responsive extension brings versatility to your restaurant menu, offering features like currency selection, custom meta fields, CSS customization, and unique detail page layouts. Additionally, it provides pagination styles, multilingual support, and multiple data API sources, enhancing the browsing experience. Compatible with popular page builders such as WP Bakery addons, Elementor, and Gutenberg Block, it empowers you to craft the finest menus, catering to your culinary repertoire and dining choices with utmost ease.

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3.) Foodlify By wpproducts ( CodeCanyon )

Foodlify: A Functional WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin

If you’re seeking a seamless food ordering experience from online shops, Foodlify emerges as the optimal choice. It streamlines the ordering process, making it quick and efficient, ultimately aiding in increased sales. This plugin facilitates faster and easier transactions for customers, offering a convenient way to view the total currency in the shopping basket on the same page, along with essential details such as item name, image, price, quantity, and description.

A standout feature of Foodlify is its versatility in customization, enabling users to display or hide the mini cart, configure search button settings, adjust menu and colors, and personalize item names, hover effects, and descriptions. Responsive and feature-rich, this addon integrates food information, and an intuitive add-to-cart button, enhancing the overall user experience. Its user-friendly configuration is advantageous for both existing and new WordPress sites, ensuring a clean and hassle-free setup for online food ordering.

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4.) WPCafe By Themewinter ( )


Introducing a cutting-edge WordPress restaurant plugin, a comprehensive solution catering to online food ordering, restaurant reservations, and efficient table management. This tool provides in-depth analytical insights into food orders, location-specific menus, and a suite of features tailored for both wholesale and retail establishments seeking successful online ventures. Its versatility expands to include multi vendor support, loyalty programs, live order notifications, QR code integration, and intelligent search and filtering options.

This advanced extension goes beyond just flexibility and modernity; it seamlessly integrates with popular page builders like Divi, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, and more, offering enhanced customization. Additionally, it provides multivendor compatibility with Dokan, fostering collaboration between multiple stores for revenue sharing. Offering email notifications for pending reservations, confirmation, or cancellations, along with customizable options for side cart designs, this script comes highly recommended by leading tech bloggers like Envato Tuts+, Theme Junkie, ThemeGrill, WPLift, and more, cementing its status as an invaluable resource for fast food, recipe maker, ghost restaurants, and more.

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5.) Express Shop By QuantumCloud ( CodeCanyon )

Express Shop By QuantumCloud

In the world of eCommerce, presenting your products in an engaging and user-friendly manner is paramount. Enter the one page shop component – a feature-packed, outstanding application that perfectly showcases a myriad of goods, allowing for the inclusion of audio and video product demonstrations. Specifically tailored for various industries like grocery stores, music or pizza shops, wholesale outlets, and food menu setups, this plugin validates its usage across real-world scenarios.

With exceptional engineering, this restaurant WordPress plugin rocks when it comes to ease of use and versatility. It offers a plethora of functionalities including product filtering, AJAX Add to Cart buttons, and support for WooCommerce Product Audio and Video. Moreover, it presents an array of essential tools such as front-end sorting, price range filters, and customer conversion reporting with insightful charts and graphs. Customizable templates, a floating quick cart, and a host of other features like real time search, filtering, and Add to Cart buttons of Ajax make this plugin an ideal choice for those aiming to create a repository of top-quality products across various platforms. Moreover, it seamlessly tested with WordPress themes like Astra, , and Hestia, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

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6.) WP Food By Ex-Themes ( CodeCanyon )

WP Food: A Versatile WordPress Food Menu Plugin

If you’re involved in the food, restaurant, or cafe industry, WP Food is an outstanding choice for your business needs. It’s designed to streamline the ordering process, offering continuous, convenient, and hassle-free menu selection. This user-friendly script not only facilitates easy order placement for customers but also effectively showcases your culinary offerings, presenting a diverse assortment of meals while enabling you to manage everything seamlessly in one centralized location.

WP Food is engineered for ease of use and customization, requiring no coding skills. Simply download the plugin and install it to your WordPress admin, upload your content, customize settings as desired, and you’re all set to go. From presenting an array of dining choices to processing orders efficiently, WP Food provides a straightforward pathway for customers to place orders, ensuring a top-notch user experience that encourages repeat visits.

Moreover, offers more than just an easy ordering system; it boasts 10+ meal styles, responsive and mobile-ready design, cart and checkout page features, print order functionality, PayPal payment integration, and more. With options to create custom food descriptions, image galleries, unlimited colors, and various layout choices, including grid, list, table, and carousel views, WP Food provides a versatile restaurant booking system to showcase your cuisine variety and build a comprehensive repository of meal options for your customers.

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7.) WooCommerce for Restaurants By wpslash ( CodeCanyon )

WooCommerce Food Delivery App

Offering seamless integration with WooCommerce stores, this restaurant menu WordPress plugin, with its lightweight and user-friendly interface, caters to pizzerias, cafes, quick meals, and various dining establishments. Emphasizing flexibility and control, it empowers sellers to customize additional option classes for individual items or entire product ranges. For patrons, the module enables hassle-free scheduling of orders during specific delivery hours per weekday, ensuring an efficient and convenient online ordering process.

Equipped with multipurpose functionalities, this delivery app extension facilitates both delivery and takeaway orders, allowing sellers to define delivery areas based on geographical restrictions and set specific postal codes for service. Also, provides automated order acceptance or the option for live manual order management, giving sellers control over order acceptance in real time. Moreover, it enables detailed configuration of delivery and pickup hours, allowing sellers to specify available time slots and set maximum order limits per slot, enhancing operational efficiency.

This dynamic addon extends beyond basic order management, offering advanced features such as multi-vendor capabilities for traders with multiple stores, robust transport range settings, automatic order forwarding to nearby stores, and automatic location detection via Google Maps API. Notably, it empowers sellers to promptly accept or decline orders in real time, streamlining the entire ordering and delivery process while leveraging Google’s real-world knowledge for efficient app development and operational management.

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8.) WooCommerce Food By Ex-Themes ( CodeCanyon )

WooCommerce Food Menu

If you aim to showcase your food menu effectively, this restaurant WordPress plugin is the go-to choice. Crafted adhering to the highest standards, it promises unparalleled quality, diverse features, versatile layouts, and easily customizable options, all accessible without the need for any web design and development skill. It’s a dream come true for anyone seeking a user-friendly solution.

With an array of functionalities, this add-on facilitates online food ordering and management through WooCommerce’s professional system. It allows the easy creation and administration of food items via WooCommerce, including order management, printing order invoices, and location-specific email recipients. Supporting various payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and others via add-ons, it enables user-friendly features like filtering orders by status, location, or delivery time, user page management for registrations, logins, and booking histories, and coupon code customization based on order methods. Tested with leading themes such as GeneratePress, Hello Elementor, Kadence WP, Astra, and . Also, it’s been successfully utilized by renowned restaurants like MammaMia Burger, Max Griller, Salento Pizza, Ai Bozzi, and Stefano Carni, among others, making it a popular choice for optimizing food menu displays and effective online ordering systems.

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9.) MP Restaurant Menu By MotoPress ( )

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

MP Restaurant presents a comprehensive and user-friendly meal ordering system that seamlessly integrates into cafe, pizzeria, or restaurant websites. This extension streamlines the process of creating menus, offering a versatile database with various values for effortless order processing. It’s an ideal solution for managing a diverse array of culinary offerings, whether it’s quick meals, pizza, a range of cafe items, or traditional food and beverages.

This WordPress food menu plugin facilitates comprehensive menu item presentations, encompassing titles, descriptions, images, prices, detailed nutritional information, attributes such as size or weight, highlights, and ingredient lists. Customers can easily track their purchase status using order statuses, and the plugin provides customizable email templates for order confirmations, payment notifications, and more. Additionally, it supports online sales via Credit Card (PayPal) and Cash on Delivery, boasting a responsive design, versatile layout options, currency selection, tax settings, import/export menu features, custom post types, and more.

MP Restaurant stands out for its versatility and ease of use, providing a broad range of functionalities tailored for various dining choices, including pizza, tea shops, meat shops, and more. Its advanced capabilities accommodate different cuisine varieties and meal assortments, making it an indispensable tool for creating and managing diverse culinary selections in an intuitive, visually appealing manner.

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10.) RestroPress

RestroPress a WordPress Restaurant Plugins

RestroPress, a contemporary and standout plugin designed for online food services, seamlessly integrates a food ordering application into your WooCommerce site, accommodating both pickup/takeaway and delivery orders. It operates independently as a WordPress plugin, simplifying the integration of a food ordering system onto your website.

This flexible restaurant menu extention supports multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Amazon, and Cash On Delivery, with more options in development. Offering a user-friendly interface accessible on desktop and mobile, it allows real-time order notifications and receipt printing. RestroPress presents various features including diverse add-on prices, push notifications for online orders, an intuitive admin interface for managing restaurant menus, sales report systems, and customizable user functionalities in login, registration, and dashboards.

Featuring an intuitive interface on both ends, RestroPress ensures smooth order management and includes pre-built user dashboards for efficient handling of buyer profiles and orders. Its notable capabilities encompass easy installation, and user-friendly management of meal items, addons, and categories, making it ideal for effectively managing and promoting culinary offerings, especially in tea and coffee cafes or similar food establishments.

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11.) ReDi By Reservation Diary ( )

ReDi: An Optimal WordPress Restaurant Booking Plugin

Are you in need of a user-friendly plugin to streamline guest booking or facilitate quick table reservations on your website? Meet ReDi, the restaurant reservation extension that simplifies and automates the reservation process. Once integrated into your site, this exceptional plugin eliminates manual reviews, providing guests with instant booking capabilities and ensuring a prompt and efficient appointment setup.

ReDi operates as an entirely automated system, eliminating the need for manual intervention. By incorporating engaging calls to action (CTAs) and comprehensive analytics, it boosts conversion rates and offers valuable insights into visitor behavior and reservation data. With seamless online reservation capabilities, it caters to tech-savvy customers, delivering instant confirmations to prevent customer abandonment and guarantee client satisfaction.

This add-on empowers guests to check table availability and reserve their desired time slots effortlessly. Boasting customizable booking forms, straightforward installation, and user-friendly functionality, ReDi simplifies the reservation process while enhancing your restaurant’s online presence. With its robust features, it ensures an impressive booking experience, optimizing your restaurant’s operations and captivating your clientele.

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12.) WP Restaurant Price List By ( )

WP Restaurant Price List

Need a simple and efficient plugin to showcase price lists seamlessly? Look no further than this remarkable solution, ideal for businesses like restaurants, caterers, and more. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes managing price lists a breeze, allowing easy addition through its handy shortcodes.

This WordPress restaurant menu plugin provides versatility with two layout templates and customizable options like currency symbols, decimal separators, and the ability to display or hide decimals. The pro version enhances the experience with infinite lists and items, personalized appearance, a smart modal, product variants, and Google Fonts compatibility.

Benefit from two layout variations, each offering or excluding picture previews, along with the ability to categorize price lists for easier navigation. Key features include swift price list adjustments, diverse templates, Gutenberg compatibility, and more, ensuring efficient and effective management of your price lists.

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13.) GloriaFood by GloriaFood Oracle

GloriaFood : a Funational Restaurant Booking WordPress Plugin

Looking for a hassle-free solution to facilitate direct guest bookings on your website without any costs? This remarkable plugin offers seamless installation and setup, giving you complete control over the booking process. From managing guest details to handling online food orders and deliveries, it ensures an efficient and responsive system, catering to various dining preferences.

Consolidating all orders—be it pickup, delivery, or dine-in—this system streamlines business management effortlessly. It facilitates unlimited orders via your website, Facebook page, or mobile app. Moreover, it offers a free restaurant order-taking app, simplifying order confirmations with a single tap.

Boost customer interaction with table reservations and order ahead feature, seamlessly integrated through the reservations shortcode and widget. With a user-friendly interface, it provides instant notifications upon table or seat bookings, coupled with convenient functionalities like a pickup and delivery application and order management, ensuring an optimized and impressive experience for your guests.

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14.) WooCommerce Food Ordering Made Easy by Barn2

A WordPress Restaurant Booking Plugin

For an efficient food ordering experience on your WordPress site, this restaurant WP plugin is the ultimate solution. Simplifying the setup process, it allows instant order form creation, categorized according to your needs. Customers benefit from a seamless online ordering experience, catering to both collection and delivery through WooCommerce.

With its intuitive and mobile-responsive design, the plugin offers a modern layout akin to major food ordering apps. It enables menu customization, including modal box selections for toppings, sizes, quantities, and dietary options. By listing food products across various pages, such as dedicated restaurant ordering and WooCommerce shop pages, it ensures accessibility for customers across different devices.

Empowering you with a modern interface, this script enables versatile menu design and user interaction. Offering options for multiple columns, extra toppings, sizes, and quantities, it supports variable products and provides diverse layout choices to suit various user preferences.

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In conclusion, exploring these top 14 WordPress restaurant plugins offers a must-have suite of tools and modules for any food-based business. Whether you’re a butcher, own a fast food, or cater to diverse cuisines, these extensions serve as a roadmap towards a successful and streamlined dining menu. From enhancing ordering processes to installation ease, each plugin functions programmatically to reset your approach, providing a remarkable array of functionality and tools to streamline the meal assortment for a gainful culinary experience.

Take the opportunity to try out these ultimate tools, guided by their maximum functionality and classification. They are the key to an ordered, successful, and tailored dining menu, offering a diverse range of options for food menus, deliveries, and orders. With these components, one can achieve a reset and classic experience in managing their dining menu, making them an indispensable and essential set of extensions for any restaurant or food-based establishment.

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