25+ Impressive WooCommerce Websites and Their Theme Picks

WooCommerce is a leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress without a competitor. More than 27% of eCommerce websites are powered by WooCommerce and .

Before going on WooCommerce website examples, let’s discuss a bit about themes and add-ons. Selecting a WooCommerce theme must consider many additional factors beyond how it looks. Load speeds, search results, and functionality are all key aspects of any site. Your selected theme must not only show your product in a positive light but do so in a way that visitors can enjoy.

The following eCommerce website examples using theme are not only beautiful, but they are also fast. Changes from one page to the next are smooth and seamless. From fast load speeds to minimalist design each aspect is finely tuned.

SEO performance can vary greatly on which theme you select. Top-rated sites have strong SEO performance and can rely on being in the top results on any related search. It must factor in location and distance as well as how well your site matches the search. Higher search results help to build a better reputation for any business.

Each of these sites has found their ideal theme. These WooCommerce store examples are available for anyone and can help bring your business success.

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Goeres Horlogerie

Goeres Horlogerie

Location: Luxembourg / Theme: Betheme / Hosting Providers: Hetzner

Goeres Watches sell and service Rolex and other high end watches. The offer an elegant and upscale website to match their store. Their focus on quality is for both the watches and services they offer as well as for their website.

Using the Betheme theme has created a seamless transition to each page. It easily represents the rich history of the company and their traditional values.

Visit Goeres Horlogerie

GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd

GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore / Theme: KALLYAS / Content Delivery Network: Cloudflare / Web Servers: Nginx

Gold Silver Central offers items of gold and silver for purchase. Each purchase is made easy through their WooCommerce platform.

The detailed header includes a lot of necessary information including selecting the currency to shop in. All of the needed information is included in an easy-to-find position. Social media links can be accessed and increase community building. The footer has space for a complete menu and all of the contact information. Including the history and function of the business improves SEO. This one could be a successful WooCommerce sample website using KALLYAS theme.

Visit GoldSilver

Private Boutique

Private Boutique woocommerce website examples

Location: Qatar / Template: WoodMart / Hosting Providers: / Web Servers: Litespeed

Using the WoodMart template, Private Boutique has achieved beautiful graphics and a clean layout. Each item is shown at it’s best and the shopping experience is simple. With a shopping bag function to track purchases shopping is enjoyable and easy.

WhatsApp is included as an alternative shopping method. This allows for direct contact and creates alternative methods of interaction. The home page is welcoming and minimalist. Faster speeds are achieved through this approach.

Visit Private Boutique

DAYT Watches

DAYT Watches

Location: Ireland / Template: Astra / Hosting Providers: Google Cloud / Website Builder: Elementor

Now we picked DAYT from Ireland in this WooCommerce website examples listing. Using the Astra theme has offered great flexibility for this website. The slideshow banner is attention-grabbing and professional. For an advanced and trendy look, sliders and animations are included.

Representing many top brands of watches the experience matches the expectation for these brands. Interactions are both professional and effective. With a strong customer service experience and an extended warranty, they put the customer first in each sale.

Visit DAYT Watches

Golf Indoor Bulle

Golf Indoor Bulle

Location: Switzerland / Theme: – By Themovation / Hosting Providers: Infomaniak Network / Web Servers: Apache

Golfing attracts millions of people worldwide and Gold Indoor Bundle offers an opportunity for year round golfing. With memberships that allow unlimited access, limited access, or special packages every golfer is sure to find the right fit.

For the top training there is an indoor simulator as well as traditional training programs. Food is available on site and the animations on page ensure you have the latest information and up to date details.

Visit Golf

Gulf News

Gulf News

Location: United Arab Emirates / Hosting Providers: Rackspace Technology / CDN: , jQuery CDN

Offering up to date news from around the world, Gulf News is accessible and fast. The quick loading page includes information that affects everyone. Find the top news on the homepage and easily search for local news or buy topic.

Slider bars allow for many articles to be scrolled until you find one that grabs your interest. It is well organized. Attention grabbing headlines correctly sum up each article. This site is simple to use and informative.

Visit Gulf News

Norsk Polarinstitutt

Norsk Polarinstitutt

Location: Norway / Theme: Enfold / Load Time: 5.39s / Page Size:3.4MB

The Norwegian Polar Institute has created their site with the Enfold theme. It offers a bold banner with a strong welcoming image. It is a professional site that creates a sense of trust and strong standing. Animations included making it easy to see what you are selecting from the menu. Each section is easily located and labeled, so you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Their research and knowledge base is accessible here and encourage others to learn more about what they do and the environment. Also, this WooCommerce example website perfectly combines between WooCommerce and WPML.

Visit Norwegian Polar Institute



Location: Brunei / Theme: Logistic / Hosting :

BIACC is one of the top air cargo companies. They use the Logistic theme to present all of their services. Easily navigated, the WooCommerce website has all of the needed information for both shippers and receivers.

Stay up to date on the most recent developments with this company. All of their certifications and abilities are included on the home page with details available. Including all of this information creates a trustworthy site and a business you can count on.


Interni Collezioni Di Pelliccioni Maurizia

Interni Collezioni Di Pelliccioni Maurizia

Location: San Marino / Template: Avia By Equiet / SEO: Yoast Plugins / Cache:LiteSpeed Cache

Interni Collexionia offers high end home goods and items for interior decorating. With the Avia theme they are able to create slideshows of top items and animations to create an expensive and elegant feel. The entire WooCommerce website is decadent and upscale.

The large menu choices make it easy to find what you are looking for. With a contrasting background and images it creates a sense of luxury and a focus on experience. This website cloud a good WooCommerce store examples for home appliances, renovating, furniture re-upholsterers business sites.

Visit Interni Collezioni

Jørn Iversen Rødekro ApS

Jørn Iversen Rødekro ApS

Location: Denmark / Theme: / Hosting Providers: DigitalOcean / SSL:LetsEncrypt

Creating a minimalist approach with Hello Elementor as a theme, ji offers tricycle and scooter rentals. The clean presentation is easy for people of any age or experience to navigate.

Using their header to build a menu ensures people can navigate the site easily. Images pop and create a strong focal point on each page. Leasing a tricycle or an electric scooter has never been easier.

Visit Jørn Iversen



Location: Netherlands / Theme: The7 / Hosting Providers: / Theme Builder:WPBakery

The United States Professional Poolplayers Association has chosen The7 for their website theme. Moreover, the UPATour is a traffic woocommerce website example. It has created a clean and direct website. YouTube plugins have created a video gallery that everyone can view. Celebrating wins and welcoming newcomers is a strong focus.

Strong graphic supports offer a gallery for the moments to be remembered. Drop-down menus across the header show on each area of the website. It is easily navigational and highly interactive.

Visit UPATour



Location: Austria / Theme: Flatsome / CDN: Cloudflare / Cache:WP Rocket

Built with the Startup Shop theme this site focuses on embroidered items and supplies. With a bold search function, it is simple to find the right page.

When shopping this WooCommerce theme has the right focus. The shopping bag and customer profile track everything purchased and wish lists. This page is minimalist and includes product categories for clothing and cushions. For more details, their contact information is included on the sidebar.
Visit Spargut



Location: Iceland / Theme: Kalium / Hosting: Þekking / Cache:Autoptimize

Choosing new furniture can be exciting and overwhelming. Using the Kalium template on this site makes it easier. Pop ups offer newsletter sign-ups and customer support. The slideshow shows all of the top products in use for the best view of them.

The layout and images on this site allow people to imagine how these items will look in the home. It encourages shopping and makes it guilt free and fun. The elegant appearance echoes that of the furniture and home items they are selling.

Visit Húsgagnahöllin



Location: Germany / Load Time: 2.19s / Page Size: 2.10MB

This online shop offers a bit of everything. The simple and direct layout is easy to view. Including a sort, the function can bring up the top results or the newest additions.

They use the Shoper theme to include a shopping bag and a customer account. Each of these functions makes it easier for guests to order. Creating a wish list can encourage visitors to return and check on the items they are interested in. The minimalist approach allows it to load quickly.

Visit QST



Location: Sweden / Load Time: 2.17s / Page Size: 2.3MB

Happy Ride is one top example of a WooCommerce website and offers alternatives for trail and bike riding. It includes a buy and sells that is created with Avada. The forum allows guests to share tips and ideas. The images encourage activity and interaction.

Listed across the header are their calendar, forum, buy and sell, news, tips, and much more. Support from WooCommerce allows for sales to be completed directly on this site as well. Create a customer account to get the most from the site.

Visit Happyride

Design Addict

Design Addict

Location: Belgium / Load Time: 4.5s / Page Size: 4.5MB

Design Addict offers a marketplace website to buy and sell new and used household items. Shopstore offers many opportunities for this WooCommerce store examples site. Vintage items are in high demand and it allows people to find and purchase a wide variety of vintage items.

A menu across the top shows all of their categories including a map to their location, blog posts to help design your perfect space, and calendars for sales and promotions. Search and sort functions ensure visitors can look for the items they need most or find that dream item they’ve been looking for.

Visit Design Addict



Location: Finland / Template: / Web Servers: Apache / Operating Systems:CentOS

The International Conference of Physics Students uses this page to share the details and bookings for each conference they hold. This WooCommerce examples website using Fluida has created a smooth and easy-to-use website. Header-based menus are simple to find and include a search bar and social media. Easy interactions boost the time visitors spend on the site. Animations boost attraction and movement, increasing the professional appearance.

These conferences offer an opportunity to build a community. There are many activities and sightseeing included. Not only do they bring together physics students from several countries but help them build lasting relationships and see more of the world.

Visit ICPS 18

AX Store

AX Store

Location: Kuwait / Template: Astra / Servers Provider: Liquid Web / Content Delivery Network:Cloudflare, cdnjs

Game accessories and platforms are easy to find on this Astra theme based WooCommerce website. They create a gaming atmosphere with their animations and moving graphics. This store offers a wide variety of items to support gaming, podcasts, and other computer based activities.

Scroll through to learn about the newest and upgraded products. Many brands are represented and supported in this store. Not only can you purchase the newest gear, but you can also learn about it all in the same place.

Visit AX Store

The Sweet Setup

The Sweet Setup

Location: Canada / Load Time: 2.33s / Page Size: 2MB

If you are looking for your next favorite productivity app, The Sweet Set up is for you. Using a custom development theme, they have organized their pages into topics. Menus include several apps and guides to get the most of your devices.

News and updates are included down the right hand side while the top slide show focus on new and updated articles. Posts are organized by newest, oldest, and topic.

Visit Sweet Setup



Location: Kuwait / Template: Atelier / Hosted on: Websupport / Cache:WP Fastest Cache

Pickle offers the newest and trendiest accessories for men and women. Easily select the style or type you are looking for from the menu at the top or use the search bar.

Sales, blogs, backpacks, and accessories are easily located within the header menu. A gallery on the main page, created with Atelier, shows the top products without searching. For more information see the footer with the newsletter sign up. The bottom of each page offers customer service, contacts, and needed details. Before, starting a sunglasses, ornaments, cotton, dress socks, or beauty products business, check this WooCommerce website example.

Visit pickle.sk

All Blacks Shop

All Blacks Shop

Location: New Zealand / Theme: Flatsome / Hosting: Amazon Web Services (AWS) / CDM:CloudFront

Addidas All Blacks range of sportswear offers a new approach to sportswear. Ranging from training and practice to game day items, they are designed to be attention-grabbing and comfortable. Represent your personality while you train.

The slideshow offers a view of several different styles and clothing choices offered within the range. Animations create a sense of movement and excitement. Using the Flatsome template, even includes a countdown for when to order your Christmas items. Shipping deadlines, sales, new items, and more are all displayed in the header to be easy to find.

Visit All Blacks Shop


GUAIX GROUP a WooCommerce website examples

Location: Spain / Theme: The7 by Dream Theme / Hosting: Amazon Web Services (AWS) / SEO:Rank Math

Extragalactic Astrophysics and Astronomical Instrumentation croup is from Madrid and is comprised of astronomers. They study galaxies and the science that can be learned from them. Their website is built with The7 by Dream Theme. It offers information on who they are and what they do.

With a layout that is bold and direct, it is easy to navigate each of the pages within the site. The top menu offers a way to find any part of the site quickly.




Location: Poland / Load Time: 4.08s / Page Size: 2.9MB

Offering CorelDRAW templates, this WooCommerce website is built with a custom development for the best functions for them. The gallery offers a view of each of the templates that are available. Each of the templates offers something different and is suitable to many uses.

The layout and process are simple to maintain focus on the templates themselves. These templates allow people to create their own title pages, book covers, flyers, and more.


Osana All Natural

Osana All Natural

Location: Colorado / Template: / js libraries: React, jQuery / CDN:Pagely, KeyCDN

Osana offer natural soaps that will repel mosquitos without needing chemical heavy bug sprays. Using the soap in replacement of your regular soap will provide healthy skin, wonderful scents, and prevent mosquito bites.

Offering subscriptions and individual orders is easy with the Uncode by Undsgn™ for their WooCommerce store. An easily located search bar takes customers to exactly what they are looking for. It supports shopping bags and efficient checkouts for the whole store.

Visit Osana

Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware a ecommerce website examples

Location: Australia / Template: WooCommerce Storefront / Hosting: WebCentral / CDN:

Nordic Ware is a producer and seller of top quality kitchenware. Scrolling their website offers recipes, a deep company history, and a wide range of baking and cooking items. This Storefront themed store is neatly organized and full of information.

Whether you are just starting to bake or cook, or if you are experienced and looking for quality supplies, Nordic Ware has something for you.

Visit Nordic Ware

Kawaii Box

Kawaii Box

Location: Japan / Template: Primrose / Hosting: Pagely / Top Plugin: , AffiliateWP

Kawaii Box is the prefect WooCommerce shop example for subscription and membership selling. They offer a subscription service with the cutest and most in-demand items from Japan. Using the Primrose theme for the WooCommerce store has allowed for flexibility and great organization. Using a peek view or a quick view allows guests to see details without leaving the page.

The subscription plugin makes it easy for people to find the plan that works best. There is also an included section to share images and photographs with the community.

Visit Kawaii Box

Eat Grub

Eat Grub

Location: United Kingdom / Theme: Bespoke by Themewar Hosting: OVH / CDN: MaxCDN, jsDelivr

Eat Grub offers home delivery of foods including edible insects. Based on providing healthy alternatives that are easy to use they display several of the benefits of eating this way. They are focused on saving the environment while maintaining healthy eating.The pop up offers a discount when you sign up for their emails.

The Bespoke theme that is used makes each of these function reliably and quickly. Contests and blogs also engage visitors. This example WooCommerce website uses template support one page or single product checkout system.

Visit Eat Grub



Location: Malta / Theme: madebyhand

Be Leaf is an eco-friendly brand that offers many baby and home supplies. Using items that are reusable and easily cleaned they are offering safer alternatives to packaging and single use items. Find customer reviews and feedback at the bottom of the page.

Headers and footers include all of the key information in this Made By Hand theme. Safe and secure transactions protect shoppers. The return policy and contact information are easily located.

Visit Beleaf



Location: Croatia / Theme: Custom WooCommerce theme

Vartaks offers clothing for the whole family. With custom items and a fully functioning WooCommerce shop, it is available around the world. High quality items are created for the perfect fit.

Popups include offers to sign up for newsletters and get a discount. Sales can be found by their bold and bright positioning. Each menu selection is easy to see and well labeled. Find the rich history of the company just above the footer

Visit Varteks


Above all WooCommerce website examples depend on descriptions and screenshots on the following tools.

  • Page speed tested on ’s
  • Getting website and theme and plugins information using
  • Getting website and theme and plugins information using and technology analysis by Geekflare and .

Note, the page speed can be changed deepening on web hosting and server distance.

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