35 Real-World Examples of Most Successful Shopify Stores

Shopify is a platform for hosting online stores that revolutionize the market like WooCommerce. It is easily connected to social media platforms and offers complete control to the owner, allowing them to run their own customized online store. The ease of use and flexibility has made it the leading service for new shops, and there is a lost list of Shopify stores. Some of the most successful Shopify stores 2022 are recognized worldwide and are becoming top brands in their industry.

Any business can use this platform. Top Shopify stores for 2022 include makeup brands, wellness brands, electronics, and more. It can be used to book services for service providers and sell physical items, NFT, or digital downloads. With no limits to what can be done, this list of successful Shopify stores has great examples of how far this platform can take you and the wide range of brands that it is suitable for. With many beautiful examples of professional presentation and functionality, viewing other stores can help to inspire new ideas and approaches, taking any store to the next level.

ColourPop ( U.S.A )


Colour Pop is a growing make-up and skincare company known for its bright pigments and shades and ability to stay on top of all the top color trends. They ship throughout the USA and internationally from Oxnard, California, and partner with the most popular movies and influencers to create custom palettes and shades. Their site is easy to navigate, showcases influences and partners, and makes shopping fast and fun with customer accounts.

Cettire ( Australia )


Using videos, large images and wallpapers, and responsive slideshows to grab the attention of those who visit the page and bring awareness to the newest offerings, Cettire has an elegant and professional Shopify website. It brings attention to the email list and offers links to their social media for easy continuity between all platforms. Their accessories and clothing items are well displayed, and the clean pages leave them in the spotlight.

Fashion Nova ( USA )

Fashion Nova

Lightboxes offer to shop and ship in your own country on the Fashion Nova site, making everyone welcome. The large banners bring attention to the sales while the photos are of people worldwide wearing the clothing and accessories to connect with shoppers. The focus is on pictures of the products and their prices and offers to allow people to see pieces they are attracted to easily. Fashion Nova also manages a multi-location ( Los Angeles, Montebello, Panorama City, Burbank, and Northridge ) warehouse with Shopify.

Decathlon( France )


Decathalon offers a welcome screen that introduces the company. Also, they provide some background on their games equipment, bikes & cycling, hike, water games, sports clothing, and goals for the brand. This leads directly into an easy-to-navigate mega menu and catalog of items and suggestions for best activities. The online shop is well organized and has a clean presentation with a shopping cart function for those who want to order a few things and track them as they are added.

O’Neill( Netherlands )

O’Neill is a high-end brand of sporting, surfing equipment and clothing available worldwide and popular among professional athletes. Their website offers video that flows seamlessly and a gallery of well-organized products. They offer a choice of language and create a feeling of movement and excitement through their banners and videos. It makes sense of adventure and encourages people to try new things. The flow is straightforward animated navigation, and the site is professional and direct. Besides, All standard shopify e-commerce features using the website like as ( compare and wishlist, quick product search, min cart ) and more.

Duden-Onlineshop ( Germany )


This book site offers a range of books for everyone. The slider spotlights the week’s choices, and it uses bright blocks of color to bring attention to specific topics and selections. Social media connections are included at the bottom, along with other resources. It offers a variety of books on several issues and age groups and has ratings with each to help guests find the right ones.

Sandro Paris ( France )

Sandro Paris

Sandro’s second hand has accounted for both buyers and sellers on their detailed site with clean lines. The elegant theme and font choices show the site’s purpose and encourage people to view the items available. It presents a high-end shopping experience tailored for their buyers and sellers, encouraging resell of quality items. This Shopify site allows sellers to safely list items for sale and buyers to purchase and ship the things they want.



This minimalist, one-page site offers only a short menu and two images for shopping. It is easy to navigate and shares only minimal details for them. The timer counts down the limited time available and encourages shoppers to make decisions quickly if they want the items. It easily changes the products and details for a fast turnover to increase offerings and has space to grow. It would be an excellent example of single page Shopify theme.

Hermz Labs Polska ( Poland )

Hermz Labs Polska

The Warszawa, Poland base online shop is an elegant and professional Shopify Site that flows effortlessly from titles and products to the next. Each set of products is sorted for quickly locating what is needed, and all the information is included to help make informed decisions. It takes an informative approach and retains evident professionalism to build trust with shoppers. Search bars are located at the top of the page, with social media links near the bottom. Besides, Hermz has a blog like all functionality of WordPress.

Jeffree Star ( North America )

Jeffree Star

This brand is well represented in its Shopify store, showing personality and creativity. It makes the most use of jQuery slideshow functions to keep things fresh and maintain movement. Bold fonts and advanced use of color create a high-energy site with an account creator and options to find local stores, sign up for emails, or join social media pages. A help chat is readily available to coach any consumer to the right items for them.

To’ak Chocolate ( Ecuador )

To'ak Chocolate

Leading with their environmentally friendly packaging, high-quality ingredients, and mentions in reliable sources, this page presents as a professional representation of high-quality chocolate made with only the best ingredients and ships right to the home. It includes descriptions of the process, the source of the elements, and how they fit into the world without damaging it.

Fanfiber ( Netherlands )


Modal Window / Pop Ups welcome you to the Fanfiber site upon arrival, and it displays a range of influencers and others with merchandise on their site. It includes several different brands within the page and is open about being certified by YouTube. With many YouTube personalities represented on the site, they need to share that they are working together and connections between customers and the shop.

BionicGym ( Ireland )


Bionic Gym approaches their store as they do their gym work, offering workouts and wraps for weight loss, yoga, and health clubs. When shopping out of your jurisdiction, a pop-up guides you to the site related to your own country, where an account can be created for return shopping convenience. The community encourages interactions and finding support among others with similar goals.

Fandbee ( Cambodia )


Offering food, fish, meat, oil, and groceries at reduced costs, fandbee has a wide range of items, provides delivery with Shopify , and a new customer program to add benefits for the first order. The page is well organized and uses slideshows and side-scrolling galleries to show a range of their available products. Creating a customer account allows you to easily add things to the cart and reorder your favorites.

Gafas de sol Hawkers® ( Spain )

Gafas de sol Hawkers®

With a drop-down menu to choose your shopping location, this Shopify shop opens directly by getting to business. It has a professional appearance and is well organized by type of glasses. Shop in your currency and find just the right sunglasses, blue light glasses, and more. Several views are offered of each pair so you can see how they appear from all sides.

Ricola ( Switzerland )


Ricola is a well-known natural and herbal brand and is popular in many areas of the world . They offer a wide range of payment options to allow everyone to shop and access the products they need. This site’s professional and businesslike appearance welcomes all users and creates a sense of trust with a customer. It offers customer accounts, information on ingredients, and how to use them for the best results using Shopify.

EQUA ( Slovenia )


My Equa offers insight into how their water bottles work, how their cups can improve your routine, and ways to feel better by drinking more water and using supplies that last a lifetime. Taking a functionality and benefits approach, using clean lines, a multilingual website, and an easy flow from item to item creates a sense of professionalism. It engages the customer in choosing what things will help them the most.

99BATS ( Portugal )


99 Bats sells bats for all sports that need them and has a well-organized menu that lists each one under the mark it was created for. It offers a sale betting, casino, gambling away to order through phone call or text, and information on warranties right upfront. This shows attention to customer service and their intentions to ensure any customer gets the item they need.

Smaply ( Austria )


Minimalist and straightforward presentation makes this gift site easy to use and creates a relaxed shopping experience. Items are easy to find and displayed prominently, with more information at the bottom of the page. The easy-to-use menu helps you navigate tools, toys, and educational material quickly and easily. Creating a customer account lets you keep your favorites and shop as often as you want.

DACOBI ( Bulgaria)


Dacobi offers a range of knives and accessories such as sharpeners for butchers. Each is presented clearly with a rating visible so customers can see how others have rated them, offering a different point of view to the site. The gallery is well used to display the overall pieces, and product pages include more details for each one. Cooking knives can be very specific for those who use them, and this lets any consumer find the right fit for their kitchen.

Secretlab ( Singapore )

Computer chairs must be comfortable and functional, and Secret Lab offers both. A pop-up provides a chance to subscribe to the emails and sales listed for easy shopping. To and show the product’s value, there is an explanation of how it is built, the stability, and the form, which allows one to learn more before they select a chair.

Anker ( Germany )


Anker is a trusted brand that offers mobile devices technology solutions and charging capabilities. They present well as the top charging supplies brand, and they provide a range of products displayed in a theme and color scheme that meat their target market. Marketing each product range to the demographic most likely to use it makes the page easy to use for everyone.

Shopify ( Canada )

The Shopify official page offers examples of the sites created with their marketplace and can provide inspiration and ideas on making your site. The menu makes navigating between building, signing up, and inspiration easier. Minimalist presentation keeps the page clear and clean, and the store building can start immediately. Social media and email connections are proper storefronts, encouraging joining directly.

SCARBEE ( Denmark )


Scarbee offers a product line that provides music for backgrounds and virtual instruments. Products are presented right away, and there is a welcoming banner photo that creates a feeling of welcome and relaxation. Products are quickly labeled and filterable by swatches.

krukhmer botanical ( Cambodia )

krukhmer botanical

This well-presented store leads with an informative approach to ensure customers are informed on where the ingredients are sourced, processed, and used. Presented as high quality and in demand, items and prices are delivered cleanly and directly to make shopping easy and fun. Including information about ingredients and sources appeals to those looking for natural products and environmentally sustainable packaging and sources.

La Española Meats ( Spain )

La Española Meats

Scrolling through the Le Espanola Meats, Inc page presents decadent Spanish foods and luxury images, each selecting their restaurant’s menu and opening a new type of food. It is easy to add nutrition to the shopify cart and create a full cart before checking out. The presentation reinforces the expectations of high-quality food choices that appear to reflect the standards of homemade selections.

VG Butikk ( Norway )

VG Butikk

This online magazine store offers subscriptions to many different magazines all in one store. The one-stop magazine shop presents them clearly with a picture of the cover of a recent issue, and they are organized by topic, with related merchandise below. The cart easily tracks multiple purchases for one page check out and keeps the total, so customers quickly see what they select and how much it will cost.

WaveWear ( South Korea )


Activewear is proposed with compression and even electrical stimulation on the wavewear website. A slideshow across the top shows the different types of items available. The product gallery below shows the compression areas, the reinforced sections that work similar to tape, and more. Each feature is explained as the best match for buyers. Creating a profile keeps track of previous orders and favorite items or components.

Made of Sundays ( Finland )

Made of Sundays

Made of Sundays offers stickers that are made for the walls. They are created sustainably with sustainable resources and are available for kids and adults. Providing information right away that is attractive to many will help encourage people to stay on the site longer and learn more. Drawing them in with a professional and clean presentation and including benefits right away is a great way to keep people looking longer.

Altitude Sports ( Canada )

Altitude Sports

Clothing for every sport and regular daywear, Altitude Sports uses photographs that evoke emotion and create an immediate attraction. The straightforward layout makes it easy to shop and find what the consumer is looking for, and the gallery and sliding bars bring attention to many of the best sellers and most versatile items. With an offer to join the email list and an accessible chat for help, it is built with the customer.

iHealth Labs Inc ( China )

iHealth Labs Inc

iHealth Labs offers testing to be completed at home and provides fast results. They present it straightforwardly with easy-to-read instructions, descriptions, and image swatches to point out the symptoms requiring testing. It builds trust in the brand and the company, and the straightforward presentation of information makes it easy to understand and easy to worry over completing it incorrectly.

BYJU’S ( India )


BYJU’S offers online classes for India with certified teachers created to follow the curriculum for the schools. The site quickly lays out the benefits and the extras that come with the system, including 1-1 time and the ability to choose class times. Each grade is separated for quickly locating the suitable classes, and each one can be added as needed. The colors are attractive, and the theme is light and happy to encourage interactions.

Feliway ( Sweden )


Feliway is a diffuser created to help cats feel safe, cared for, and calm. Their site offers information on why animals engage in behaviors such as scratching furniture, peeing outside the litter box, and hiding and offers solutions for those concerns. With versions for cats who life to learn how to interact well and remain in peace together, an arrangement for a single cat to improve behavior, and a spray that can be used for target areas, it is laid out in a way that is easy to read and find the right product.

Zetuké ( Belgium )


Home décor is found at the Zetuke online store, and the theme is calm, relaxed, and positively shows the products. All the information about payments and discounts is presented right away, and a chat button connects to an AI for assistance, making the process easy and enjoyable. The menu is easy to navigate with photos for each section, and the elegant displays create a sense of luxury with each item.

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No matter the item to be sold, or the theme that is needed, there is a way to make a Shopify page that will fit. Customization makes it fit for an individual brand. It is easily connected to social media and multiple payment methods for the convenience of the shop itself and the customers. Shopify offers an excellent platform for any brand or business to set up their own online store and retain complete control over the images used, the information contained, and the charged prices. It operates worldwide and allows for your brand to be seen internationally.

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