Rise and Shine: The 10 Ideal Shopify Bakery Themes

Growing an online presence is . Having a website allows you to show your hard work and items to the community. It increases communication and interactions. Many people will use the internet to find a local business that they can shop at rather than using other sources. This makes a website a key part of any successful business.

Using a gallery is important for a bakery to show the quality of food choices. A good bakery Shopify theme will include a beautiful gallery among its sections. Also, allow for showcasing the cakes, bread, pastries, cookies, donuts, etc, and a simple ordering process. Besides, Shopify software gives a few e-commerce modules for managing stock, barcode generating, invoice management, sipping tracking, and more. Choose a Shopify bakery template that allows flexibility in all aspects. Blogs and other factors of a good Shopify cake theme can connect the community to your business in a new way. Encouraging interactions and adding details about ingredients and ordering can attract new customers who would otherwise not know of your bakeries.

Running a business has many moving parts and just one of those is maintaining a website. Shopify themes for a bakery make it easier to build and maintain. This allows you to maintain your attention on providing quality products and customer service, knowing your website is professional and easy to maintain.

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1. Milatino By ShopiLaunch ( ThemeForest )

Online By ShopiLaunch

If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated template for your bakery Milatino might be for you! Several layouts and design block possibilities make it a great fit for any professional baker, coffee shop, wedding cake bakery, restaurant, tea store, and take-out location. To create the perfect website for you it comes with super effects, watermarks to protect your images, and many widgets to add functions.

Once you have downloaded your chosen bakery website theme, you can customize it. Several widgets and plugins are available to add to your site. These make it easy for visitors to navigate the pages and find what they are looking for. Include payment options and delivery to sell directly on the page. Accept bookings and special orders as well for top customer service abilities. Also, compatible with Shopify OS 2.0 and well integration with , , and must-have apps.

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2. Bakery By Nouthemes ( ThemeForest )

Bakery By Nouthemes

Create excitement and anticipation with the bright bakery Shopify theme. This template offers a light and fun approach to a professional website. These layouts are ideal for cupcake businesses, bakeries, specialty bakeries, cookies, coffee shops, and even party planning. It is easily customized with a logo, colors, wallpaper, and other media assets. Ajax shopping cart offers easy shopping and checkout for all customers.

Bootstrap based markups are fast, reliable, and accessibility ready. Responsiveness to requests and actions is included for efficiency for any shopper. Hoover effect allows previews of all products without leaving the page. Simple navigation encourages clients to stay on the site longer and to interact with it more. Ease of use for the visitor is the most important factor in any website or webstore. Besides, All code uses best practices of theme architecture and included rich snippets, So visually appears price, image, and rating in SERP.

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3. Bready Shopify cakes theme


Bready offers clean, modern, and fully customizable Shopify bakery stores. It is fully functional and has royal layouts for any yogurt, candy, bread bakery, cake, ice cream, and many other purposes. Included payment options make shopping easy and convenient. Accept special orders, take bookings, and more. With Ajax cart and navigation, it is intuitive and fluid. It has been built on a Bootstrap base for reliability and speed.

Active the visual swatches for including additional ingredients of the product. The included pop-ups for newsletters and other content will encourage engagement for site visitors. It offers multilevel menus and navigation. FlexSlider allows for easy views of many images and other media content a sideshow of the hero section. Using the grid layout allows people to view many products all at the same time. Organization of like items can support multiple purchases at one time. Well, work with POS, B2B of Shopify.

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4. Brekoyal Shopify bakery template


Create a beautiful site and convey delicious flavors with the Brekoyal. Focused on sweet pastries, cupcakes, bakeries, bread stores, chocolate shops, and ice cream or wholesale and retail stores, it is easy to use for anyone. Confectioneries benefit from the bright color schemes and the image layouts.

Use the details pages to include alternative views of your delicious creations. Both design and flavor are spotlighted. It is fully compatible with Shopify OS 2.0 to launch your online store quickly. Payment options can be included for full online shopping. Use any necessary widgets, section schema, app blocks and app embed blocks to add more functions to your pages. Orders, payments, and shipping can all be included on the landing page to encourage interactions with clients. Smooth transitions between pages can be improved with the loading of screen images. Also, the download package includes all required files to install Shopify hosting or platform. As well, packed with video tutorials and online documentation with lifetime free development support.

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5. Popshop By Zemez ( TemplateMonster )


Popshop comes with attractive design layouts with extended functionality to boost your eshop sales. The pre-made template kits and content badges well match with bakeries & cafeterias, vegan & grocery, pizza bases, tortillas, and food truck store’s websites. What is next, the visual editor and code editor gives an extra level of customization of section content, blocks, sidebars, and JSON or liquid templates. Sell your delightful treats with integrated payments and special orders with this Shopify bakery theme. Make shopping easy for any customer with the app blocks that sort and organize each page.

The bright color schemes with bold typography are perfect for sweet treats or detailed confections. Move smoothly from page to page with the responsive navigation and menu system. By creating sections on each page, you can easily include all the necessary information and functions. Blog, article, product details, columns, slideshows, and collections offer highly flexible and awesome layouts.

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6. Tartine Shopify Bakery Stores


Tartine lets you show your full range of products over several or single pages. Create a smooth flow from one item to the next with minimal templates. Changing the colors, fonts, images, and descriptions can make the page and other layout adjustments without touching the settings schema file. Choose bold and attractive images to represent your baked treats, homemade dessert, foodie items, nutrition food, or handmade candy for everyone to see. With the richest layouts and powerful 3rd party extensions and automation marketing tools, grow your business to a healthy level.

Easy-to-navigate menus offer ease of use for the end consumer. As each page flows from the one before, the site is cohesive and responsive. Add the widgets, content blocks, and sections that you need for the best functionality. Super Effects keep your page interesting and interactive. Blend beauty with functions through the ready to download templates and layouts. Besides, this bakery Shopify template compatibility with Oberlo and other affiliate networks so you can use an external link with each product and article. As well, a few remarkable features are a product carousel, a powerful tool kit inside Shopify admin, a modal cart, one click demo, and more essential locales.

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7. Sweets King By Zemez ( TemplateMonster )

Sweets King a Bakery Shopify Theme

Offering up to 6 different sections on the home page and every additional page, Sweets’ King includes all you need for your store. Besides, the cute design structure will reduce the thinking of an alternative bakery Shopify theme. Headings and banners keep it organized. Include your best images to portray the tasty treats that you create. This is a great theme for birthday cakes gift, restaurant items delivery, garden cafe menu, juice bar, drop-shipping of the chocolate factory and cookie brands, or stores website. Each will fit well with the proud display and fluid template and expose brand value by dominating competitors.

Integrate many widgets and apps to connect with customers. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Amazon, and more can be connected for continuity. Included is the ability to charge in many different currencies and ship anywhere. A contact form allows guests to ask any questions and take special orders. Searches are easy and fast with fully integrated search functions. Add Google Maps to help customers find your store location.

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8. Shella By MPIthemes ( ThemeForest )

Shella By MPIthemes

Shella is an all-in-one Shopify theme, as well, the design blocks and templates are ready for bakeries. Dozen of example websites created in different categories, even a startup can use the demo in the beginner stage. Not only for bakery stores but also the creative design layout encourage to design of a website or store for fashion, boutique, jewelry, single product, gadgets, tools equipment, and cosmetics. this Shopify theme well integrates with the theme editor and configurable tools. so you can manage header to footer, sidebars, and overall template content blocks without much knowledge of the technology area.

Moreover, Dropshipping API bridge is ready for Gooten, Printify, Printful, and suppliers. Besides, compatible with , JivoChat, Growave, , and more apps to improve your eCommerce business. Also, WooCommerce to Shopify or other e-commerce applications to Shopify migration service is available with this shopping cart theme. As well, custom admin tools help you manage inventory, payment and invoice manager, export and upload revenue sheet, vendor manager, bulk or individual stork margarine, and more.

Shella theme comes with a configurable header and footer content builder, a beautiful article list, and a blog template. Also, a few expensive product features are the filter by product variants, 3d model view, image zooming inside the popup, pre-orders, infinite scrolling, attach video and audio as a thumbnail, dynamic checkout, and more. Online documentation and video channel ready for installation and customization. As well, the developer achieved goodwill by giving minor issue answers.

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9. Bakerin By PWTthemes ( TemplateMonster )

Bakerin By PWTthemes

Bakerin was made for cakes and bakeries. This does not limit it, and it is ideal for organic baking, event catering and chef recipe books, cookie business, food blogging, and much more. The beautiful presentation creates an appeal for everyone. Any pastry business can find its match in this Shopify bakery template.

Builders and owners can easily and confidently create their website store. Drag-and-drop building lets you add the pieces that you want where you want them. Scroll through all products with the infinite scroll option. Gallery pages display your baked goods or other treats for all to see. Ajax search, popups, and cart functions offer easy-to-add to cart and checkout systems. The recommendations increase sales and provide ideas for guests to find more items they will love. Also, compatibility with different browsers and smartphones.

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10. Cafe By Lara Creatives ( Etsy )

Cafe By Lara Creatives

This bakeries website theme offers many different templates for each page. Including blogs will help create connections with your customers. Videos and picture collections allow a glimpse inside the baking and creating process. Product pages focus on the items available, and the full shop allows people to shop online easily from home.

Contact information is focused on the contact page to help increase interactions. Choose from the premade landing pages for the right fit for your brand. It works on every device and web browser to include everyone. Show your baked goods, cookies, gift basket and pies, cakes and cupcakes, or your café or specialty restaurant with these options. This layout is perfect for bakeries, chocolatiers, balloon arrangements, edible arrangements, and platters of baked goods. Besides, all HTML and CSS markups are error free and optimized maximum level of coding for search engines.

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There are many different templates to choose from, and these Shopify bakery themes offer all the top functions for your new store. Each can be adapted to your brand colors and fonts. Include newsletters, blogs, and more to create a connection with any guest and customer. Look for one that will show multiple images and product descriptions to share the best parts of your baked goods. Sliders and galleries allow people to see several views and choose the right products for them. These are easily customized and edited. Key functions are included in each of these top themes. Google Maps helps visitors find your store location while payment and ordering options improve shopping from home.

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