10 Best Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugins for 2023

A Facebook pixel WordPress plugin is a data importing tool that comes to make you happy online. Is it tough to get what I meant? Okay, let me make it easy for you. It’s a JavaScript’ short piece code by Facebook itself. Later, it turns to place in WordPress Websites.

And this tiny little code helps you pull out the vital info from your site to build the best FB or social media ads with a much better target. It also helps you to follow and estimate your conversion rates. For example, someone amongst your visitor making a scale or subscribing to the email list, and so forth.

But this way, you can know how and why your visitors stay at your sites. And you’ll be able to make a graph for them to have a better experience.

So, are you willing to use FB ads or already use them but want to wrap them with your social ad budgets? Okay, let’s know its meaning first, and then you’ll decide, sounds great?

What is Facebook Pixel?

Online marketing is super easy through some unique media platforms in this era. And for example, we can say the name of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. And they made it possible to reach your potential buyers with chosen custom products.

Though it comes to building ads, it also supports you in making retargeting ads. And it means you can build an ad for one or everyone who already knows about your brand or visited the site.

Also, you’ll have the power to optimize ads for conversions automatically with it. And it’ll not only optimize ads for conversions but make them graceful with a vast number of people.

After knowing this, you can say this plugin does four (04) major activities, like:

  1. Tracking conversions from Facebook ads.
  2. Optimize Ads.
  3. Build targeted Audiences.
  4. Remarket Audiences who know you (name, brand, or website).

So, it’s a most common, helpful, and must need plugin for those who are beginners. And also, for those who started doing online marketing.

In a word, it’s a plugin for FB or any social media platform that helps gain the right audience. And if you want to learn how, you can check the .

You may have a question: What about this WordPress plugin for a website, right? Okay, scroll down a little to know about it.

Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugins

In a word, it’s a WordPresss plugin that comes to make your website works much easier. Mainly to do online marketing for your targeted customer to do ads and retargeting ads for them.

In other words, it’s a piece of cake (a tiny part of code) of JavaScript which you’ll put on your website. And it’ll collect data to support you in tracking conversions from Facebook or other social sides ads.

And it also helps you to optimize your ads, build newly targeted audiences, and many more. It also creates for those who are used to your site.

On a quick note, FB is announcing the new name of Meta – FB company. Meta comes to makes metaverse, where we can connect and play with 3D. So, you’re , the next social platform segment.

Now, it’s time to talk about some great WordPress plugins for you to use. So without making more delay, let’s start:

Facebook for WooCommerce

Facebook for WooCommerce

It’s an official plugin that comes to unites your WooCommerce site with FB. You can also call it the WooCommerce Facebook pixel plugin. You can easily install it, upload a store catalog, and build a shop on your FB page. Along with it, you’ll be able to make dynamic ads with ease.

This plugin helps your business boost to stable bonding with the mass crowd. With it, you can do three (03) top activities, like:

  • Extreme Campaign Function.
  • Discover more Shoppers.
  • Promote Sales within Site Visitors.

Besides, it’ll search for new buyers, boost your store sales, track the results of your ad, and many more.

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WordPress Retargeting

WordPress Retargeting

Retargeting is a WordPress pixel plugin that comes to keeps tracking the entire conversions of your facebook ads movements. And it tracks order conversion by combining FB’s tracking pixel with the checkout method. One of the highest parts of any successful campaign is tracking conversions. And this plugin has become the most popular and exclusive for providing tracking conversions services.

Mainly, this type of extension will not serve you more than three (03) prime goals. For example, these are likes:

  • Make new customers for remarketing from your site.
  • Ability to optimize ads conversions.
  • Following conversions and assigning them to your ads again.

On a quick note, it doesn’t fit only for personal but do favor upon . And it’s business accounts give the power to add an ad account, pixel, and goods lists to track the feeds and ad movement.

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WooCommerce Pixel Manager by woopt

WooCommerce Pixel Manager by woopt

Pixel Manager by woopt is an WP extension that builds to making your desires WooCommerce store digitally dynamic. It means it follows your guests, excerpts worthy data to optimize conversions, powerful reporting, and potential remarketing. However, its installation process is super easy, like you take it; but, it has wrapped under an absolute and solid pixel engine.

Along with that, it follows all your events and practice to apply all advanced features like FB CAPI, Google Shopping Cart Product Tracking, Google Enhanced eCommerce, and more. Following are some of the best aspects which places it apart from others:

  • Valid High Tracking.
  • A Simple User Interface.
  • Highly Standard Features.

On a serious note, it rejects tracking for store masters and admins, failed payments don’t count, and prevent false report.

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Facebook Pixel for WordPress And WooCommerce

WooCommerce Pixel Manager by woopt

Among a vast range of addons, it’s the best Facebook pixel WordPress plugin known as FB Dynamic Pixel. If you’re searching for FB retargeting pixel, and how do WordPress and WooCommerce websites work with it? In this case, your one and only best friend will be FB Dynamic Pixel. When you’ll planning to build very successful FB campaigns, many topical guests, and extreme level conversions, it’ll adequately help you.

Apart from that, it’ll empower you to install Add To Cart and Add To Wishlist Events. Also, it enables you to build many events for pages, posts, or goods only. It also has some unique qualities to make your online marketing job easier, such as:

  • Let’s you choose the exact data you want to send FB.
  • Complete Registration Event and Search Event can install with One Click.
  • Unites a new Meta box for products add or edit page.

In a word, it’ll boost you to establish your remarketing or retargeting campaigns more useful and get more success.



PixelYourSite is an WordPress plugins that allows you to drive FB Pixel, FB CAPI and let you unite with Google Analytics Universal or GA4. It also enables you to join many other Head and Footer section scripts. And also coherent with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Moreover, it’ll automatically track vital steps and render them at your configured pixels. Such as page scroll, comments, form submit, time on page, downloads, and more.

Besides, you’ll be able to configure your event and deliver them to all or any selected platforms you want with ease. For example, you can choose platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Google, and many more. To display standard or custom events, you can use three (03) primary triggers like,

  • URL Contains.
  • URL Equals.
  • Delay Event: Fire after X seconds.

On a quick note, you’ll be able to build and display your events without any coding.

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Facebook for WordPress

Facebook for WordPress

Facebook for WordPress is an addon that lets you install a facebook Pixel to your page and is born to capture the visitors’ actions. So that you can measure their activities like add to cart, view content, start checkout, lead and purchase events, etc., when they interact. It also supports FB CAPI to send events from your server pages.

And that way, you can review more of these events when they happen. It also helps you to grasp the visitor’s real intention, from showing interest to complete conversion. And you’ll be able to use this data to build:

And most importantly, it has built-in support for some following plugins. Such as Caldera Forms, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, WPForms, Contact Form 7, and so forth.

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Pixel Cat

Pixel Cat

Pixel Cat is a Great Wp plugin that lets you unite FB Pixel at your site in no time. With it, you’ll be able to track FB conversions and can make robust retargeting visitors. You’ll also be able to deliver conversion events to FB. With that, you can automatically manage tracking, promoting , and optimizing ad campaigns.

As it comes with everything to operate fruitful FB ads, it allows you to join FB Pixel with your WP site. Hence, you will track conversions and build retargeting visitors. And it includes some unique features, like building Standard Events, Pixel Event Parameters, Search events, and many more. So, its main and most attractive point is:

  • Conversions Tracking.
  • Build Retargeting Visitors.
  • Boost Ad ROI (Premium Service).

And, of course, you’ll set it up with One Click for your WP site, and you don’t need to learn or write a single line of code.

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Insert Headers and Footers

Pixel Cat

Insert Headers and Footers is a simple WordPress plugins created by WPBeginner appears to place code including HTML and Javascript with a fast setup. And you can insert code like Custom CSS, FB Pixel, Google Analytics, and much more to your WP header and footer section. This plugin has a super flexible and easy interface. So, without dealing with many boring distinct plugins, it enables you to insert scripts from one great place.

However, it’s a super easy plugin that joins Google Analytics code and FB pixel code. It also wraps with the custom CSS over the WP themes. And you can insert any other code or script cause it’s simple to set up and quick to place.

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Tracking Code Manager

Tracking Code Manager

If you want to monitor all your tracking code or scripts from one selected place, it’ll be only and an absolute friend. And it’s a service of Data Security and Privacy Compliance company also known as Data443. It lets you collect every single code or snippet that expresses exactly where you want it.

However, it works perfectly with Facebook Custom Visitors, Retargeting, Remarketing, Zendesk, Eye Tracking Analytics, Google Analytics, Live Chat tool, and more. With it, you have no restrictions to put your code. And it means your entire site or some specific posts or pages.

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Easy Pixels

Easy Pixels

Easy Pixels is an WordPress plugin that sets the leading, major, and key tracking codes for Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Bing. And it also places tracking codes for Facebook, LinkedIn, Yandex, and Twitter pixel. But it also comes with two different types of plugins.

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So, in this entire post, I’m trying to convey the info or data about WooCommerce Facebook pixel. And also trying to give you some best Facebook pixel WordPress plugins for 2022.

And it may be needed to add or reduce some info regarding this topic. So, I assumed that you’d let me know through our comment section below if required.

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