The 15 Organic Beauty Shop WordPress Themes ( 2022 )

Amidst growing online communities and increased online shopping, having a website for your business is now a must have. While professionally build websites can be a large investment, there are many ways to create your websites in an afternoon. Platforms like WordPress offer a build your own capability and drag and drop building. Using a theme and plugins that is already created can improve your building speed and guide how to present it.

The best organic beauty WordPress themes are easily adapted to any beauty supply or services site. They can be adapted to fit your products and business plan. Setting up an online store with WooCommerce beauty products theme can get you online and selling in a matter of hours rather than weeks and provide a personal touch when selecting the best for your business focus on the most important aspects to you. This can include selling online, easy contact or chat, newsletter, social media connections, and more. Each download has it’s own focus and presentation, allowing everyone to find just the right match.

Ecommerce Mega Store
Ecommerce Mega Store is an online store built to bring the most traffic to your site. It is SEO friendly and fully customizable. Add your own logo and contact information, then create a site that links them together. Creating has never been easier with drag and drop building to get you online fast. Supported on any browser for full accessibility, it is a clean and minimal theme for fast loading and smooth scrolling.

Build your community with social media links. Maintaining consistency across all social media proves confidence and trust in your company. This WordPress cosmetics theme can work for makeup products, makeup services, and any beauty or fashion-related businesses while made for organic beauty shops. It presents both products and services in the spotlight and allows easy online shopping.

Startup Shop

Startup Shop

Anyone looking for the fastest to launch and quick loading may find the Startup Shop to be their ideal system. Created for people with little to no experience, it focuses on ease of use. Compatibility with Elementor provides the largest selection of images and content that can be quickly accessed and added. As a WordPress shopping cart theme, it offers space for images and descriptions to display your products in the best way. It includes a cart for keeping a running total as items are added and accepts for the greatest flexibility.

Several shop elements and widgets, WooCommerce shortcodes improve the functionality and use. This includes a bold navigation bar for easy searches and menu options. A slider is included that is customizable with several headings and action buttons. The main shop page is divided into easy to navigate sections for the most and shopping.

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Wapo was created for tobacco and vape stores but is easily adapted to many other businesses. It’s elegant design and spotlight on top products makes it impressive when completed. The modern lines and templates are attention grabbing and luxurious. This natural beauty WordPress theme is a great fit for high end beauty products, and an ideal for beauty store & cosmetics website.

A page is included to focus on displaying the key benefits and culture of your company. Another includes a spotlight on the team or staff. A whole business approach is offered rather than simply sales, which helps form a community. Include your social media links and feedback forums to build that community. Word of mouth is a key tool in successful marketing and this site is able to help with that. , WooCommerce, and use any browser or device for access.

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Fastest Shop

Fastest Shop

Fastest Shop Pro offers a focus on shopping quickly and efficiently. Building with the drag and drop builder makes it easy to use and no knowledge of php or css code is needed. With many plugins available and endless color choices the entire site can be personalized. The sales platform was designed for selling products of all types including beauty products, sports items, fashion supplies, and more.

Shopping functions include a full shopping cart and wishlists and a mini cart that offers a small preview of the cart contents. It is easily translated to any language to make It functional for any country and international shopping. It is easily combined with offerings from Elementor, advanced WooCommerce functions and searches, and payment gateways for the best functionality. Download, customize, and publish your online store in one day.

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Organic Beauty WordPress Theme

The elegant and minimalistic presentation of Lemani is ideal for upscale and high end products. This WordPress beauty shop theme would be well represented by homemade products, beauty supplies, skincare, makeup, lipstick, stockists and jewelry. The predesigned pages focus on the benefits of the product and the advantages of your business. Candles and other homemade goods are showcased to make them the show’s star.

Besides, Map additions can add directions to a physical store, while the shopping cart and payment processing make online shopping easy. Lifetime updates means it will never become obsolete or slow down. Over 100 options and custom colors create a flexible and modern site to fit your business needs. Adding the portfolio function is a great way to showcase favorite items and their advantages. Set your organic beauty store business apart with this custom WordPress theme.

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Shoper a wordpress cosmetics theme

Shopper Pro focuses on being modern, minimalist, and unique organic beauty WordPress theme. From the name to the layouts, it aims to set itself apart. Use the large image at the top to grab the attention of anyone who visits the site. It is ideal for visual businesses with a heavy focus on images and photographs. Artists and creators can display their work easily on these pages. This template will be well represented by online stores for jewellery, clothing, fashion accessories, organic stores, and organic beauty supplies.

Also, Many layouts allow for choosing which is suitable for each page, and many pages can be added as needed. The color options are as unlimited as the fonts to see each option before publishing. Videos add useability for creators to include samples of their work, no matter what type of product they produce.

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Multiple organic beauty store & natural cosmetics shops can be run at one time with the Cicico. Several layouts are available with a different focus on each. Seamless building and product pages for each item offer various product uses. Clothing items, accessories, beauty products, and services such as photography and hair or make-up applications can find the right fit in these layouts.

The admin panel is easy to use and simple to navigate. This is the key to keeping your store functioning and live at all times. Make changes easily and quickly through this access portal. Clear menus allow you to find the portion or section you need to edit soon. The user interface for customers is clean and direct and the interface for owners and builders.

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Supermart Ecommerce

Supermart e-commerce has an easy to use navigation that allows customers to find the right products quickly. Advanced search functions are included for the best customer experience. Lightweight builds ensure that it works quickly on every device and browser for easy accessibility. The organic beauty WordPress theme offers layouts for clear presentations and a focus on the products with an easy shopping experience. Start your new online shop by dragging photos and adding details in one day.

Moreover, Connect many payment options to boost online sales. The compare products function can help with decisions between different products and promote confidence before purchases. By building trust and showing several product details, customers can be confident in their choices and more likely to purchase. Bring new clients and sales to your business by selecting the top functions and providing each product or service benefits.



For any beauty related business, Hara offers a seamless and elegant presentation. The color swatches are calm and soothing and create a focus on the products or services. Easily create you online shop with one click importing and demo that can easily be edited with your information and products. For the best compatibility with social media it allows for social media accounts to be used as a login for your site. This creates the easiest method of use for shoppers and creates a community feeling. Several pages are designed and layouts are ready. Creating customer profiles and accounts increases the flexibility and function of the site. Preferences, wish lists, and product ideas to encourage repeat customers and return visitors.

Alos, Showcasing your best products is easy with this light and clean WooCommerce theme. Select the layouts that appeal most to your target market from the several that are available.

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Offer multiple vendors from this one marketplace with Elinor. The set up wizard walks you through each individual step of the building process and helps you make the best online shop that you can. Layouts are ready and can easily be adapted with your products, services, and businesses. Vendor events are perfectly suited to this multivendor WordPress theme. Salons and spas that offer multiple brands and several treatment options can display each one along with provider and brand information.

Also, Avoid the confusion of several online shops with specific brands, services, or locations by creating one large online shop. Each page and section flow easily from one to the next. Check out processes are easy and include several payment options to boost your sales. With the ability to use different language you can offer sales to an increased customer base and remain accessible to anyone.

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Monte offers a modern WordPress theme for natural cosmetics and beauty website that presents with dedication and attention to detail. It is best suited for jewellery, watch, beauty products, and services, make-up artists, and even makeovers from before to after. Please make the most of your online store by offering multiple vendors the ability to represent themselves on your platform. Companies that provide several make-up artists and hairdressers can use this to take bookings or sales for each individual on their team.

Besides, All details of each listing are included, from price, sizes, colors, and brands to small details like materials, availability, and more. It creates an entire store online with as much attention to detail as a boutique but eases accessing online. Appeal to modern and sophisticated shoppers with this all-in-one theme.

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Naturis is a natural aroma WooCommerce beauty products theme that focuses on natural products. Using natural ingredients and designs can appeal to a specific demographic and is well suited to essential oils, perfumes, shampoos and conditions, and organic or biological makeup products. Services such as home organizing, makeovers, and those who help people to remove harsh chemicals from their home can find well-suited layouts and colors within this WooCommerce theme.

Functions such as multi-language supports encourage international shopping. Additional functions include pop-up menus, wish lists, comparisons between products, and ready-to-use layouts, widgets and shortcodes. The pages are easy to edit and change. template include home pages, about, product details, comparisons, and more. Blog space is included for tutorials or experiences to be shared.

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Dello is a elegant WordPress theme that can be used for many purposes and businesses. The mega menu allows you to include as many pages and listings as you need. Each header is complete with account information, shopping cart, wish list, min-cart and sorting capabilities for many categories. Make-up and clothing makeovers are easily supported with this theme and make-up or clothing items, fashion accessories, beauty and hair care products, and more. The suitability for businesses is nearly endless.

Payment integration allows shopping directly on the page. Shipping details are included along with other information about each product. Shopping pages show the range of items available, while product pages offer more photos and product descriptions and choices. Easily provide multiple sizes and colors of any object through the product page.

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Bazar offers an online version of the famous shopping markets. Not only is this suited to clothing and jewelry, but also make-up brands, health and wellness items, and furniture. Each item is displayed next to others that are complementary and may go well together. This ability to place items next to each other and show how they work together can increase sales and benefit customers. Building a community with wish lists and customer accounts will encourage them to return for more complimentary items and build their own preferences.

As a multipurpose WooCommerce integrated theme, it presents a modern appearance. Pages are streamlined and focused, avoiding distractions and frustrations. Search options easily pull up the needed options and focus on offering quality customer service. Visitors benefit from this focus and will return when they feel valued.

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Online shopping is growing in popularity as people search for just the right products for them. Using a natural beauty or cosmetics wordpress theme that is created with WooCommerce compatibility, payment options, and the ability to display multiple items can attract online customer who would otherwise not find your store. Those that offer multiple vendors are ideal for spas, beauticians, salons, and more. These top WP themes will showcase the products, make shopping easy, and are simple for building. Launch your site the same day you download for the fastest time to market. Each offers its approach, and customization makes them fit your needs.

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