The 15 Best WordPress Service Finder Themes Await

If you run a website, then you must have come across WordPress at some point. And once you start a business, you might want to work with listings and directories.

And from a customer’s end, all related things must be in one place. They need to have a single location to compare services and offers, rather than browsing multiple times through pages before taking action.

Then, as a business owner, you will need suitable themes to maintain your site and keep up with user satisfaction. And since WordPress is very flexible with themes, you can choose from the following 10 high functionality service finder WordPress themes to provide a collection of listings, bookings, marketplace services with an eye-catching interface for your users.

Service Finder by Aonetheme ( ThemeForest )

Service Finder

For as little as $59, you can get the latest update of Service Finder theme. This Service finder WordPress theme is an advanced directory theme that helps business and service providers to register and create profiles.

The end-user can then see their profiles, book services, and give feedback on the services booked.

For instance, you can book an appointment with your dentist or book a maintenance service with your electrician. And once your service is delivered, you can revisit the service directory to rate the quality of service provided.

Service Finder features some valuable features like;

  • Staff management
  • Booking management
  • Income generation and payment systems
  • Service areas
  • Timeslot management for booking appointments
  • Profile management
  • Unavailability setting

This theme is widget-ready, features high resolution, and is compatible with many browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and IE9 to IE11.
Features tags include advertising, appointments, job postings, reservations, services, reviews, and google maps, among others.

Features of Service Finder

When going for a listing directory, you must consider the end-user and their satisfaction. Service Finder caters to this through attractive features like:

  • Social login- you can integrate Service Finder with other plugins, such as nextend social login plugin, for easier logins into your website.
  • Signup with Opt- you can get Twilio and Firebase add-ons for easier registrations.
  • Grid and list views
  • A profile and cover image crop feature
  • Private messaging
  • Pay with PayPal and quotation inbox systems

How much does it cost?

You can get a regular license for $59, inclusive of the item price and buyer fee. It is a single-user package in which end-users incur no extra charge. You can also go for the extended license for $1500 for a single end product, in which end-users pay a fee.

For these prices, uses get quality checks by Envato, feature updates, and 6-months extended support from aonetheme. However, to extends support to 12 months; you have to pay an additional $17.63.

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Citadela by Ait Themes


Citadela theme is the true multi-purpose template on market. This single-user regular license product listing theme, going for $89, features quality checks and the latest updates.

You can extend the Yearly long license period to Lifetime for an additional $149.

With Citadela, you can access tags such as directory and knowledge base, multilingual features, portal, among others.However, this widget-ready service listing theme does not have high resolution.

On the other hand, it is compatible with many browsers, including IE10, IE11, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and comes with 7 different headers for any page, including a revolution slider and static images.

You can also use it with WooCommerce and WordPress latest versions. You also get four columns with an impressively responsive layout. What could be better than this customizable, responsive, and beautiful directory theme?

Once you have selected what information to display, you can access your home, classic, and city presentation modes, a search results tab, and a 3D map presentation.

What’s even better is that this Directory WordPress theme is accessible to all existing customers, with all its features, updated designs, and new plugin compatibility.

Some of the attractive features on this theme include:

  • 3D map views
  • Video headers
  • More than 30 elements in page builders
  • A business view for your items

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Listingo By Themographics ( ThemeForest )


When looking for a clean and contemporary design for your service directory website, then Listingo is your perfect choice.

This Listingo theme comes with excellent semantics and validated codes, resulting in good loading time and stronger search ability. Besides, it has many features and a user-friendly design, making it a favorite among users.

Listingo also has a robust customer support system and is meticulously documented. The Listingo has a design that allows people from a wide range of professions, including doctors, engineers, lawyers, veterinarians, handypersons, or business service providers can use it. The inner pages are so that they contain relevant information from your directory. The 3.0 updated version has attractive features, including:

  • Adaptive payment with PayPal
  • Editing tools for profile details and page designs
  • Drag & Drop feature to sort out details in the page elements
  • Social logins connected to Facebook and Google

Other features that business owners can look forward to with Listingo include:

  • A consult Q & A section
  • A secure booking system linked to WooCommerce. The OTP system helps prevent fake bookings
  • A commission payment system where admins make money through commissions on different categories

Other prominent features on Listingo include:

  • Powerful provider account- this listing WordPress themes comes with high functionality, which is an application to customers, businesses, and professionals
  • Article management- the in-built article extension makes it easier for you to create your articles on-site and have site visitors read them
  • Job management- with an in-built job module, customers and providers can post or apply for jobs on the platform.
  • WooCommerce payment gateways, which makes this theme flexible
  • Google maps clustering and spiderfy- admins can hide or show maps to list providers through spidifier
  • Online appointments- providers get to specify time slots and seats for each space to allow customers to book their places.
  • OTP for protection against false bookings through authentication codes
  • A review system that allows customers to provide detailed feedback on service received
  • CV user’s import for easier job applications, among many more.

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Olomo By WebMasterDriver ( ThemeForest )

WordPress Service Finder themes
If you want to make your services more accessible to your users in a responsive yet straightforward design, Olomo theme is your perfect choice for any type directory listing website. It contains a user dashboard and can use it for advanced business directories, online businesses, local listings, and other directory services.

This theme is suitable for various directory listings, including real estate, restaurants, jobs, hotels, and car dealerships.

Some of the directory elements you get include reviews and submission pages, Google Maps, email to friends and Open Street Map, and many more.

Some of the features of Olomo include:

  • Inbox messages- registered users can use Inbox at the dashboard to send each other messages easily
  • Multiple business hours- you can set various business hours in a day and easily change your status
  • Elementor compatible, you get complete control of your web design from a localized place
  • Open Street Map
  • Stripe and PayPal payment- you can now easily make payments via Stripe and PayPal
  • Autocomplete Map Box- After creating your Map Box token ID, you get 50K free map loads.
  • Advertisements- with this service Directory WordPress theme, you can manage google ads and custom banner advertisements
  • Collapsible menu- at the front end user’s dashboard, there is a menu icon that easily collapses as per the user’s needs

Other features include social sharing, bookmarking, four types of headers and footers, unlimited color options, and grid/ list views.

For only $69, you can get an Android App, which you can download directly from the website. And for the demo, you can access 4 home pages, 4 types of listing styles, and 3 listing detail pages.

With Olomo, you get to choose your typography font size and create your own modern and innovative designs for this child and SEO-friendly theme. You also get multiple language translations to reach broader markets.
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Places by Vision Themes ( TemplateMonster )

Service finder WordPress theme

If you want to build your service listing on WordPress and have no idea how to code custom designs, Places, a directory, & listing WordPress theme, is your best chance.

This WordPress service finder theme comes with more than 50 shortcodes that you can drag and drop to customize your page.

Places make it easy to make, manage and customize your listing platform with no coding.

It also features an advanced search option with more than 30 custom filters to localize your results.

With more than 4 Google Maps and 5 premade explore page templates, you can begin your journey to a global business directory theme.

For $69, you get 6 months of support and updates. However, you have to pay additional charges to extend your support, web customization services, and get must-have plugins.

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Bello By BoldThemes


Bello Listing & Directory puts the meeting to service listing WordPress themes. It features a unique customization option in which you can add custom fields to your page. Also, this 24/7 included support, and online documentation makes it easy to use and follow.

Notable features you get from Bello include:

  • Setting specific search options depending on price, locations, work times, keywords, and so forth
  • Flexible widgets
  • The chance to increase your profits by selling subscriptions with WooCommerce and selling banner advertisement spaces
  • Item positioning, where the featured items appear before the best match
  • Timekit, Open Table, and Resurva appointment booking support
  • A comprehensive options panel, where you can choose a distinctive typography and page transitions
  • Bold page builder that is fast and easy to use

For only $99, you get to import all your content in one click, get a chance to fully customize your service listing directory that works with all devices, from desktop pages to modern smartphone screens.

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MyListing By 27collective

service finder theme

With a regular license going for only $59, you get the best choice of a service finder WordPress theme to build your directory.

MyListing theme gives you all the tools you need to build a custom directory on WordPress. Its most attractive features include:

  • Unlimited listing types- you can choose to configure search forms and listing pages, use pre-set fields to create endless listing types, get front-end and back-end submission forms, or even monetize the whole thing
  • Elementor page builder for unique visual pages for your website
  • Exquisite explore fully customizable pages, and feature geolocation, search by proximity, Google Maps, and Mapbox, with seamless ajax filtering
  • Single listing pages for reviews and comments and related listings, where you can create tabs, block ads, and configurable listing that display WooCommerce products
  • A user review page where you can access star ratings, image uploads, schema support, and listing specific review categories.
  • A user dashboard from which you can manage and edit listings and access listing statistics, promotions and bookmarks, WooCommerce related tabs.
  • The chance to earn money through paid listings and promoted listings
  • A direct message feature that allows for communication between users with no additional plugins

MyListing is an advanced listing type creator that will enable you to choose between 20+ premade fields to create your customized fields. With drag-and-drop features, you can configure your website with no coding at all.

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Clasiad gigs WordPress theme

WordPress Service Finder Themes

This classified ad and listing website template is the theme you need to build your online presence. With well-designed templates, you can customize your listings to fit your needs.

Templates are carefully handcrafted so that end-users get only the best experience. And with 3 unique Homepage variations, you can create a classified listing directory for your website.

Included features comprise of:

  • Creative designs that match the latest trends
  • Clean code
  • Three unique Homepage variations
  • 100% fluid responsiveness, which makes it compatible with all devices
  • Smooth transition effects
  • A flexible layout with flat, modern, and clean designs
  • Social links
  • Unique effects and functionality on its excellent& modern design
  • A fast and powerful all-browser support
  • Easy customization with unique effects and functionality

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DWT by ScriptsBundle ( ThemeForest )

service finder wordpress theme

For as little as $59, you can get yourself a directory and listing WordPress theme that comes with Android and iOS apps.

On this theme, you can get an integrated Whizzchat plugin for real-time chats with your clients. Therefore, you can view chat notifications, share files, emojis, and locations on your multiple chat boxes that are compatible with any post type.

DWT theme also comes with an integrated Elementor page builder.

The new and improved dashboard complements the location ad filter and an all import feature.

With the updated version, you get to enjoy features like:

  • Intelligent search and SEO friendly URLs
  • Complete package control, where you include your listing titles, expiry titles, web links, images, price ranges, and video listings,
  • You also get the opportunity to earn with DWT through dedicated ad slots and recurring payments
  • WooCommerce works well with DWT, and you get a Stripe and PayPal payment option
  • You can also drag, drop and rearrange your listings, advance search with maps and schedule multiple business hours
  • DWT also features review rating features for customer feedback

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ListingEasy By GT3themes ( ThemeForest )

WordPress service finder theme

ListingEasy theme is a powerful directory and service listing WordPress theme. And for as low as $59, you can get yourself a theme that is easy to setup and work with.

This functional and intuitive directory offers a pervasive and simple service listing for businesses like cinemas, museums, hotels, cafes, and spas, among others.

This ListingEasy is made such that you get everything you need in one place. You open the menu, choose a category and region, and then you can search for results with one simple click.

The theme has a bunch of pre-prepared features like drag-and-drop interfaces and page layouts.

Why go for ListingEasy?

If you are still looking for a theme to include on your web page, ListingEasy could be what you need. Some of its prominent features include:

  • The variety of pages and sections that allow you to tailor-make your custom web design for different purposes
  • Mobile device optimization, since it is a touch-friendly theme that suits many mobile devices
  • Geolocation technology that makes search results more localized and relevant
  • Location detector
  • Booking option, where you choose a date, time, and number of people if need be
  • Intelligent scheduling, including choosing the number of hours you will be in operation, your current status,and social options
  • You also get different map skins to create a unique customized style for your web page
  • WooCommerce support
  • A personal dashboard where visitors can register and submit listings, and for this, you get to earn some money
  • A powerful headline builder and Multilanguage & RTL support

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Azoom By XanderRock ( ThemeForest )


Azoom theme is a modern and fresh gig marketplace WordPress theme that comes with unique features. You can mane any flexible website layout using Azoom with its Drag and Drop builder. Being responsive, Azoom will fit any device screens such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, or more. It uses Curvy as a slider with which you can make curved animations.

With the Rock PageBuilder, you can combine side navigation to pages with ease. It will allow you to show the crucial sections on your site. Plus, it has unlimited fonts and icons, colors and supports translations and WP multisite. Azoom runs on different browsers. The cost starts at only $60, and you can build your dream website after installing it.

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Directo marketplace WordPress theme ( TemplateMonster )


Directo is a perfect service finder WP theme that gives you enriched features. It supports WooCommerce, so anyone can use the payment gateway for raising revenue by charging users. It has a responsive layout, so it runs on all devices. Built with HTML5 and CSS3, it gives you custom fields that you can edit and recreate if you want.

However, Directo gives you different Content Field Type for SelectBox, CheckBox, TextArea, Email, Date-Time, File Upload, Prices, and more. Admin can manage the header sections and backgrounds. It supports RTL language and provides 650+ google fonts and many typography options. Plus, it works with Elementor, WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, WPML.

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Reveal By SmartDataSoft ( ThemeForest )


It is a trendy and fresh service marketplace WordPress theme fit for Local businesses, Online businesses, or all types of directory services. Restaurants, Spa, the Real estate can also use Reveal. Powered by the Redux framework, it brings 08+ Homepages, 05 Single Pages, 07+ Inner pages. You will get here listing and booking submission, User Admin Dashboard as its top facilities.

It is developed by SmartDataSoft and features Demo Content, Clean Code, Flat Icons, Google Fonts. It is SEO-friendly and responsive, so it fits on every device screen. Plus, it is compatible with Contacts Form 7 and Elementor. The cost of Reveal is $39 with free supports.

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Golo By uxper ( ThemeForest )

service finder theme

Developed and released by uxper, Golo is a uniqueservice support portal theme that can build local or global directory websites. It comes with different attractive demos for customers so that they can have professional sites. Golo allows you to create your site for Local Business, City Travel Guide, Restaurant, Health Medical, and Doctors.

Moreover, it is WordPress 5 ready and has Elementor for creating beautiful layouts. It sets actions for listing types such as Booking Form, See Location and Contact, Affiliate Button, and Banner. It includes Google maps, 200+ flexible theme options, friendly user and partner Dashboard.

Here, you will get two different user roles for visitors who want to browse or add something. Also, the users can log in to Facebook, Google by email and password. You can go and use the mega menu with just a few clicks. Plus, it is compatible with plugins like Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, MailChimp, WooCommerce, and more.

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Ziston service finder WordPress theme

Service listing WordPress theme

Ziston by gavias is a powerful business directory WordPress theme by which you can build and manage a local or events directory website. It is perfect for maintaining businesses like cafes, museums, hotels, and more. It comes with 03 different Homepage demos and many inner pages.

However, Ziston is an SEO-optimized and responsive theme. It fits every device screen such as Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, or more. Built with Elementor page builder and slider Revolution, Ziston looks desirable and grows organic visitors.

Also, it supports WooCommerce, MailChimp, Events Calendar, and more. Made with the latest Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Font Awesome. Ziston costs only $43 and gives you free 06 months of support free.

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In short, these suggested templates are modern yet powerful. Your directory or listing business will have a successful result using those themes. All of them include robust features, widgets, and tools to help you in the best possible way! and we recommend to read doctor directory listing portal Themes/

Thanks for reading this article. Please, stay home and wear a mask while going out. If I missed any valuable points, then feel free to comment.

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