The 12 Best Crowdfunding WordPress Themes to Drive Donations

Are you in search of functional, reliable, and user-friendly crowdfunding WordPress themes tailored for various fundraising endeavors, such as community funding, charity foundations, and environmental conservation? In the realm of successful fundraising platforms, the right template and plugins are essential. Equipped with features like visual editors and customizable layouts, they empower you to construct a successful website effortlessly. Whether your aim is to raise funds for medical research, educational programs, or open-source apps and software, these selections boast the style and functionality necessary to drive donations and garner support for your cause.

Transitioning from traditional crowdfunding methods to innovative approaches like microfinance and social investing, this curated collection of templates offers versatility and flexibility for a wide array of crowdsourcing initiatives. Emphasizing aesthetics and user experience, they provide the fundamental elements for an eye-catching website that attracts investors and sponsors alike. Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have a blueprint in mind, these listings offer the necessary tools and patterns to create a professional website that facilitates successful crowdfunding. Now, let’s delve into a handpicked collection of the top 12 fundraising WordPress themes that seamlessly blend aesthetics, corporate functionality, and blogging capabilities to help you achieve your crowdsourcing goals.

You may find other compilations of website templates for elderly aid and nutrition programs that are virtual and, while not useless, may not meet your specific needs.

01.) Krowd by Gavias ( ThemeForest )

Krowd: A Multipurpose Fundraising Website Template

Krowd, the all-in-one WP crowdfunding theme, stands as a beacon of innovation within the digital realm, offering an impressive array of cutting-edge design tools and functionalities. Seamlessly compatible with leading plugins and featuring an intuitive visual page builder like Elementor, Krowd empowers users to unleash their creativity and craft captivating page layouts effortlessly. Prioritizing superior accessibility, ensures mobile responsiveness and retina-ready design, enabling inclusive navigation across various devices. Whether you’re advocating for a charity foundation, managing an NGO, or launching a nonprofit organization, Krowd provides the essential resources and flexibility to establish a compelling online presence.

Moreover, this WP theme revolutionizes the fundraising journey with its potent fusion of WP Crowdfunding and WooCommerce plugins. Backed by integrations with renowned payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Cryptocurrency options, Krowd empowers users to articulate funding goals transparently and inspire active participation from supporters. With features like a front-end project submission form and dedicated registration and dashboard functionalities, eliminates entry barriers for project creators, facilitating effortless idea submission and community engagement. Dive into the enchantment of Krowd’s compatibility with leading extensions like Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, WPML, and WP Rocket, offering an encompassing toolkit to elevate content management and amplify SEO efforts for your crowdfunding website.

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02.) Charity Foundation by Nicdark ( ThemeForest )

Charity Foundation: A Clean Crowdfunding WordPress Theme

Charity Foundation shines as the premier choice for creating a crowdfunding website that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. Leveraging the Visual Composer page editor’s power, enriched with a plethora of custom widgets, shortcodes, and patterns, users can effortlessly craft stunning and dynamic web pages. Empowerment takes center stage with a robust smart admin panel, facilitating easy updates to site colors, icons, typography, and more, all achievable without the need for coding knowledge. Moreover, it ensures compatibility with WPML, enabling the creation of multilingual websites with support for RTL languages, thereby enhancing accessibility and inclusivity for diverse audiences.

Transitioning to donor engagement, this fundraising WordPress theme incorporates a donation script to streamline and fortify donation transactions, bolstering support for various causes or organizations. Donors benefit from a dedicated dashboard panel and management tools, empowering them to monitor their contributions and engage more effectively with fundraising initiatives. Additionally, the inclusion of an events calendar manager fosters seamless event planning and promotion, thereby encouraging increased participation and support. Access to developer mode offers advanced code editing options, granting users greater control over the website’s design and functionality. With minimal expertise required, users can develop charity websites advocating for educational aids, clean water, disaster relief efforts, environmental conservation, microfinance, collective financing, and beyond.

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03.) Unity by Themes WpOpal ( ThemeForest )

Unity: A Sleek Charity Foundation Template

Unity presents an all-in-one solution as a high-end crowdfunding WordPress theme, offering easy steps to create a stunning online presence. Seamlessly customize the appearance of your site with various headers and footers, ensuring a cohesive look and feel that resonates with your audience. Transitioning to user engagement, strategically placed call-to-action banners prompt interaction, while an informative blog space keeps visitors informed and entertained. Tailored for diverse needs including education funding, medical expenses, and charitable causes, Unity provides enough flexibility to adapt to various projects and initiatives, becoming the go-to choice for fundraisers and philanthropists alike.

Furthermore, elevate the browsing experience with captivating parallax effects applied to rows, sections, and content, adding an extra layer of depth and dynamism to your website’s layout. Enhance functionality with different sidebar variations and premade widgets, facilitating organized content display and additional features. With various display styles for crowdfunding campaigns, Unity empowers fundraisers to make a moving impact, enticing support from audiences. Whether you’re a seasoned senior in the fundraising realm or just beginning your journey, Unity’s internal structure and aesthetics pave the way for success in the crowdfunding arena.

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04.) Oncherity by Codezeel ( TemplateMonster )

Oncherity: A Bold Charity Foundation Website Template

Oncherity exudes sophistication with its stylish and classic design, positioning itself as a multipurpose WordPress crowdfunding theme that facilitates seamless collaboration during the coworking phase of web development. Its sticky header enhances user engagement by ensuring effortless navigation, while the dynamic slider in the hero section captivates visitors with compelling visuals and messages. Tailored to accommodate various noble causes such as disaster relief, senior care aids, and social justice initiatives, Oncherity’s adaptable appearance and layout make it the ultimate platform for fundraisers at any level.

Moreover, enhances the readability and visual appeal of content with its attractive post layout, offering a range of appearance settings for comment sections, read-more buttons, and thumbnail sizes to cater to individual preferences. The image and video gallery components effectively showcase preview works and the success history of charity organizations with smart modal light-box, providing ample information about their experiences. Integration with MailChimp APIs enables effective engagement with subscribers through newsletter sign-ups and email marketing campaigns. Additionally, its compatibility with the latest PHP versions 7 and 8 ensures optimal performance and security, fostering a stable environment for fundraising efforts supporting causes like animal welfare and human rights.

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05.) BigHearts by WebGeniusLab ( ThemeForest )

BigHearts: A Ultimate Crowdfunding Website Template

BigHearts, a highly customizable fundraising WordPress theme, ensures that all charity websites meet their diverse needs with ease. Offering a plethora of sample websites across various niches such as gardening horticulture, children’s welfare, fairy worlds, pandemic relief, pet rescue, wildlife conservation, and pollution control, BigHearts provides a repository of options for successful crowdfunding endeavors. Utilizing the one-click demo import wizard, users can effortlessly upload any example to their hosting space, enabling quick editing and customization for new brands.

Furthermore, harness the visual creation capabilities of WGL and other front-end frameworks to design stunning header, sidebar, and footer layouts that align with your brand’s aesthetic preferences. Additionally, this theme effectively showcases your work with a portfolio grid featuring an infinite scroll and a load more button, allowing visitors to explore your charity projects effortlessly. By integrating , a donation plugin, you can facilitate seamless donation processing and community funding efforts, empowering your supporters to contribute to your cause easily. With BigHearts, creating a successful crowdfunding website that resonates with your audience’s aesthetic preferences and effectively communicates your mission becomes an achievable endeavor.

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06.) Impacto Patronus by AncoraThemes ( ThemeForest )

Impacto Patronus: A Finest Crowdfunding WordPress Theme

Impacto Patronus stands out as the premier choice for those in search of a bold and successful solution for charity and fundraising websites. With its customizable appearance, it offers users the opportunity to showcase sleek and effective designs in their online presence. Through flexible configuration options for colors and typography, users can effortlessly tailor their sites to reflect their brand identity, ensuring a visually appealing appearance that resonates with their audience. Moreover, the seamless integration of WooCommerce provides all the necessary eCommerce modules, enabling users to exhibit a diverse range of products while enhancing the internal dynamics of their platform, whether it’s selling handicrafts, food and beverages, books and media, or other charitable goods with an easy shopping cart and checkout process.

Transitioning to functionality, this WP crowdfunding theme streamlines web development with essential plugins such as Essential Grid, Elementor, Slider Revolution, and Contact Form 7, making interaction with the site extraordinarily effective. Furthermore, social media integration amplifies engagement by enabling easy content sharing across popular platforms like Instagram, Flickr, and YouTube. With a solid foundation of Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3 code, Impacto Patronus guarantees stability, compatibility, and adherence to modern design standards. Its responsive design and retina-ready images ensure an optimal viewing experience on all devices, reinforcing its status as a popular choice among charity websites striving for success.

Check It Now ( Impacto Patronus )

07.) Born To Give by imithemes ( ThemeForest )

Born To Give: A Beautiful Fundraising Web Design

Born to Give shines as a functional and aesthetically pleasing WordPress donation theme, tailored for crowdfunding, charity, helpline refugee, animal abuse, and gun control initiatives, as well as non-profit organizations. With meticulously designed layouts and seamless integration of Twitter Bootstrap and custom CSS frameworks, crafting visually stunning websites becomes effortless. Accepting donations is made easy with multiple payment gateway options, providing supporters with flexibility in contributing to your cause. Additionally, supporting Cryptocurrency ensures donor privacy and expands the avenues for fundraising, enhancing accessibility.

Furthermore, this crowdfunding theme offers engaging features such as a “become a volunteer” section to encourage community participation and a dynamic partner logo slider to showcase your organization’s sponsors and partnerships. Harness the power of blogging to share impactful stories and project updates in a newspaper and magazine-style format, keeping your audience informed and engaged. With various web forms available, collecting feedback and information from users becomes efficient and streamlined. By downloading this theme, you can easily create a charitable website reminiscent of popular platforms like UNICEF, IHH, Muslim Hands, HIAS, GiveDirectly, UNHCR, and more, offering a unique and impactful online presence.

Check It Now ( Born To Give )

08.) Hope by ThemeREX ( ThemeForest )

Hope: A Choicest Fundraising WordPress Template

Hope emerges as a modern and highly customizable crowdfunding WP theme, meticulously crafted to cater to a diverse range of initiatives such as free school programs, animal abuse prevention, gun control advocacy, solar pollution campaigns, and governmental social programs. Leveraging the power of WPBakery and Elementor, users can effortlessly create unlimited variants of homepage and inner page layouts, ensuring every aspect of the website aligns with their unique needs and preferences. Access to a wide array of premade elements like Flickr and Instagram feeds, price tables, testimonials carousels, and Google Maps integration enhances both the functionality and visual appeal of their sites.

Moreover, managing sidebars is made effortless with a sidebar manager that supports shortcodes, providing flexibility in organizing content. The charitable theme ensures seamless viewing experiences across various real web browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, thanks to its cross-browser compatibility. Additionally, regular updates guarantee compatibility with the latest WordPress core software and provide access to new features and enhancements, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of your helpline crowdfunding website. With Hope, your online presence reflects the modernity and uniqueness required to make a meaningful impact in your chosen initiatives.

Check It Now ( Hope )

09.) Charitix by ThimPress ( ThemeForest )

Charity: A Foundation Crowdfunding Website Theme

The Charity sets itself apart as a remarkable fundraising WordPress template, offering an unparalleled combination of amazing design and seamless layout, promising visitors an unforgettable visual journey. With a range of meticulously crafted landing page demos, each tailored to captivate audiences, Charity ensures an immersive experience for users exploring causes such as dental welfare, crowdfunding, pet abuse prevention, and more. Its user-centric aesthetic, coupled with optimized user experience for charity sites, ensures smooth navigation and engagement, fostering connections with supporters and donors.

Moreover, this crowdfund theme goes beyond aesthetics, simplifying the management of charity events with integrated event management and booking functionalities. By incorporating ultra SEO tools, Charity enhances your website’s visibility, ensuring it ranks prominently in search engine results, thereby attracting more potential donors and supporters. Facilitating community engagement is seamless with the integration of bbPress and BuddyPress, allowing for discussions, connections, and collaborations among supporters, volunteers, and beneficiaries, both online and offline. With Charity, your online presence in the philanthropic landscape is fortified by robust security measures, paving the way for tangible success and impact in your charitable endeavors.

Check It Now ( Charitix )

10.) Divi Crowdfunding WordPress Theme


Divi stands as an elite choice amidst the best-selling items in its category, offering a multifaceted platform to promote, create, and manage fundraising campaigns effortlessly. With its unparalleled aesthetics and enduring functionality, Divi empowers users to craft compelling narratives and captivating blog posts, leveraging unique content design elements to engage and inspire audiences. Seamlessly integrating WooCommerce, Divi facilitates online product sales with a user-friendly shopping cart and secure payment processing, making it the ideal solution for managing both charitable product sales and contribution campaigns for crowdsourcing initiatives.

Furthermore, this fundraising WordPress theme enhances marketing strategies with sophisticated features such as split A/B testing, lead generation tools, and seamless social media integration, maximizing engagement and conversions for popular and niche industries alike. Its extensive library of third-party extensions, templates, and layouts from the DIVI marketplace provides endless editing options, catering to diverse needs ranging from recipe blogs to technology relief initiatives. With robust code security measures in place, Divi ensures the protection of website data, offering peace of mind to users across various sectors. Whether you’re launching an LSM application, coffee shop website, or consulting for lone charities, Divi covers every aspect, offering useful solutions and even exclusive coupons for added value.

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11.) Charity Foundation by Ovation Themes ( )

Charity Foundation: An Alone Charity Website Template

Charity Foundation stands out as the finest and optimal freebie crowdfunding WordPress theme, offering a plethora of features to create a visually stunning and functional website. With its intuitive Live Customizer, users can effortlessly customize their site’s aesthetics, ensuring a cohesive look and feel that aligns with their brand. Leveraging the power of the Gutenberg block editor, users can create dynamic and engaging content that captivates their audience, enhancing the overall user experience and engagement.

Furthermore, compatible with Google Translate, this WP theme ensures accessibility and enables users to reach a global audience by seamlessly translating content into multiple languages. From running charity campaigns to mobilizing support for meaningful causes, Charity Foundation empowers users to drive impactful change through their sites. With carefully crafted coding, ensures optimal performance, security, and maintainability, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including alone charity, non-profit organizations, crowdsourcing initiatives, and community funding projects. Whether you’re establishing a helpline for refugees or setting up a tornado service center, Charity Foundation provides the necessary tools and support to make a difference in the world.

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12.) Charities Donation WordPress Theme

Charities: A Classic Crowdfunding Layout

Charities presents a simple yet trending template, perfect for a diverse array of organizations including non-profits, crowdfunded initiatives, tutor trusts, nutrition programs, and social fundraising endeavors. Seamlessly integrating with Elementor, users can effortlessly manage and personalize their visual content, utilizing handcrafted widgets, shortcodes, and elements to enhance their site’s look and feel. This crowdfund theme boasts premium responsiveness, ensuring a flawless user experience across various devices, be it mobile, desktop, or Mac.

Furthermore, Charities inspire engagement and interaction through dedicated sections to showcase team members, allowing their expertise and contributions to shine. With integrated contact forms, communication with visitors becomes simplified, fostering easy engagement and interaction. Leveraging Bootstrap and JQuery, this WP template provides W3C validated HTML code snippets, guaranteeing enhanced error-free web browsing experiences. In addition, the download package includes all necessary files for hosting installation, along with demo content and PSD layer files for graphic customization, making it a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to renovate their online presence.

Check It Now ( Charities )


In summary, the curated selection of the 12 best crowdfunding WordPress themes presented in this list highlights the abundance of options available to drive donations effectively. Ranging from sleek and minimalist designs to intricate and innovative styles, these listings cater to a diverse spectrum of fundraising needs, including crowdfunding, microfinance, and collective financing. By leveraging the aesthetics and functionalities offered by these templates, organizations can craft websites that not only inspire but also yield success in their crowdfunding endeavors, enabling them to distinguish themselves amidst the competitive online fundraising landscape.

Furthermore, with the appropriate theme selection, organizations can tap into the power of community funding and collaborative financing, unlocking boundless avenues for inspiration and external support. Whether it involves establishing a directory for peer-to-peer lending or constructing a platform for crowd-sourced backing, these collections provide the necessary tools and techniques to bring crowdsourcing projects to fruition. By harnessing the impressive design and programming capabilities embedded within these fundraising WordPress themes, organizations can ensure that their websites exude professionalism while seamlessly fulfilling their intended functions, thereby laying the groundwork for crowdfunding triumph.

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