The 11 Best Instagram WordPress Plugins to Elevate

If you are operating a business or eCommerce store/shopthen promoting your services or products on Instagram might be a prime concern. To clarify Instagram has over 600 million active monthly users. This support generates it a perfect stage to ad your webshop/store. Certainly, nowadays it becomes one of the most famous & business-related networking platforms also. For creating a value of name, companies or even generate heavy traffic in this modern technological challenging era, that would be a great platform.

So now, the main question, which is the best Instagram plugins for WordPress to feed on your website? this plugin is both premium & free, for use. So, it’ll be hard for anyone to check & implement all the plugins out there (both premium & free). This is the reason why I am here. I’ve enlisted some essential premium and free plugins.

For the reason of branding names or companies, a product for organizations or even for sales plays a great role. Such as for eCommerce marketing, photography, websites and so on. So, today I am going to share the download link of 11 Essential Instagram plugins for WordPress to rss Instagram on your website.

Social Slider Widget

Social Slider Widget

Social Slider Widget is too simple to set up. For that kindly create a widget with the essential settings & affix it where you want in your site by applying shortcodes. You can use different accounts & displays numerous feeds all together except for restriction. Also, it is completely responsive especially for cell-phone, & displays appreciable for many screen sizes and thicknesses. Most importantly, no tension of API Key. Therefore, .

  1. Show Photo in Slider or Thumbnails
  2. Showcase feeds on your site except for permission using hashtags (be confirm to check the limitations/restrictions on displaying feeds except for permission).
  3. Authorize various accounts and showcase numerous feeds at a time except for limitations/restrictions.
  4. Link images to user profile, image URL, attachment URL, custom URL or none
  5. Sort images Randomly, Popularity, Date
  6. Modify the showcase order by date, popularity or random

By using Social Slider Widget enhances visitor’s engagement & takes benefit of more followers. Besides, it’s so time-saving friendly. For that only use to account for updated (Like pic or entries) & your site visitors/followers/audience/guests will know automatically.

Live Preview More info / Download

Smash Balloon Social Photo

Smash Balloon Social Photo

Smash Balloon Social Photo is an entirely responsive & mobile-friendly design that shows perfect for all screens (sizes & width). Showcase posts, from personal accounts, either the same personal data or in numerous separate ones.

  1. Show off pictures from several account in the identical data or in different feeds
  2. Showcase several Instagram feeds on the identical page or on separate pages across your site
  3. Apply the built-in shortcode resources to totally modify every Instagram feeds
  4. Visualize thumbnail, medium or full-size images through an rss
  5. Add a Follow on the Instagram button at the lowest part of your photo and many more!

So, you’ll be able to uprise Social engagement after install this plugin. Also, you’ll be benefited by saving time, showoff your content as you want & able to placement your site looks awesome.

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10Web Social Photo

Social Photo Feed

the 10Web Social Photo plugin is one of the most prominent plugins to comfortably representing a modifiable data on your site. Likewise, this plugin can support to get Instagram feeds along-with the media from your personal account to your posts or pages. In addition, it’ll require only a few minutes to set up and modify your desire.

  1. WordPress user-friendly plugin
  2. Only a few minutes to set up and modify your desire
  3. Allow you to take control over to shows the feeds and content
  4. Finest compatible for bloggers
  5. Responsive and suits perfectly to screens of any sizes

Start using this plugin to get enlargement user engagement. In addition, lets your visitors take into chitchat and connect your blog or brand. Besides, it’ll give you to save time and gain full control of you.

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Them Social – Page, Post, Video and Photo Galleries

Them Social

Generate a social data with “Them Social” for any of your celebrities/famous persons, FNF (family & friends), yourself, or companies. This shows perfectly on work-shop (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets), and Mobile/Cell-Phone devices. In addition, it is effortlessly comfortable to install and setup. Besides you can include as many social feeds as you demand.

  1. Simply produce all the shortcodes you require for any data with this plugins shortcode generator.
  2. Responsive social feeds & modifiable Font colors.
  3. Sharing options for , Facebook, Twitter, , YouTube or & along-with or RSS.
  4. Include Like and/or Follow Buttons at the top or underneath any feeds.
  5. Comfortably install and setup.
  6. Impressive Support & many more!

This plugin is a very resourceful or unique plugin that proposes plenty of modifiable and use options. Use this plugin to get enlargement user engagement. Also, it’s a time saving friendly plugin.

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WPZOOM Social Widget

WPZOOM Social Feed

To clarify it was previously recognized as an Instagram widget by WPZOOM. In addition, specific WPZOOM Social Feed Widget is entirely modifiable & responsive for WordPress to show feeds. Besides, it enables you a WordPress widget that can place/position somewhere you demand and be able to totally modify its design utilizing CSS.

  1. WordPress widget to show feeds
  2. Entirely responsive & customizable
  3. Totally customize its design utilizing CSS
  4. Compatible with any elegant and stunning theme
  5. Show Header & Bio with lazy load integration
  6. And many more..!

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Instagram Feed

To start by saying, InstaShow is a premium WordPress plugin for forming a desirable art gallery of Instagram pictures. To clarify, InstaShow is a #01 selling plugins which loved by more than 20,000+. Receive the benefit of every modern multi-reason responsive Instagram plugin for showing several pictures from through a high figure of expectation. Besides, it’s so simple to configure & UI is accurate.

  1. Feed layout – Grid & Slider
  2. Post Templates – Tile & Classic
  3. Infinite Popup
  4. Call to action (CTA) Buttons
  5. WordPress Gutenberg support
  6. Total control and so on..!

Experience a totally responsive and mobile-friendly plugin to abstract your site visitor’s in a glimpse. And finally, take full control & share the best feeds with each of them.

More info / Download

Meks Easy Photo Widget

Meks Easy Photo

This WP plugin is crafted to assists in view attractive, striking & engaging pictures with a couple of clicks. Besides, various important customization is attached to tunning the widget outlook in order to similar your individual taste as well as WP theme style.

  1. Draw pictures by username or a hashtag
  2. Different usernames, hashtags and its cooperation is also compatible
  3. Select the number of Instagram pictures to drag
  4. Separate the gaping within pictures
  5. Show the β€œFollow me” link
  6. And so much more..!

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WP Instant Feeds

WP Instant Feeds

Establish feeds from Instagram comfortably with WP Instant Feeds. Specifically, this plugin comes with WP Instant Feeds to effortlessly set up feeds on

  1. No tension of Access tokens
  2. Place number of items row
  3. Capability to Preload/Reload cache
  4. Simple to use Shortcodes and many more!

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Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal

Announcing the better capable & identical plugin you’ll ever exercise the “Instagram-Journal”. It’s the only WP Instagram data that effectively supports the entire strength of the API. Showcase every single thing from pictures, pictures you like, pictures of a friend’s account, pictures of a specific hashtag, picture of a venue/address & many more…!

  1. Contest Mode
  2. User & Multi-user Feed Mode
  3. Infinity View
  4. Responsive & Fully Customizable
  5. Mobile Retina Ready & many more…!

Also, this plugin comes out with, a quality full Instagram Journal WP theme to move one-step ahead. Instagram-Journal is fashionable, responsive, and most adaptable & matches completely with the plugin. Finally, it is simple to use and has a wide range of options.

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Instagram Feed Gallery

Feed Gallery

To clarify Grace is a premium WP plugin for crafting desirable instagram-feed channel barriers of Instagram public posts. Also, the prominent thing is that you’re capable to combine any of feeds on the identical social screen wall. Besides, changing expectations is too wealthy and strong that you’re an ability to switch and configure nearly entire aspects of your rss galleries.

  1. Awesome gallery layouts
  2. Posts approval system
  3. Gorgeous profile headings
  4. Social sharing buttons
  5. Responsive design & Translation ready
  6. And many more

Visualize, you’re able to re-color your Instagram post, re-locate elements, customize several design layouts and many more.

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Instagram Theatre


To clarify, Instagram Theatre is the greatest plugins, to incorporate an astonishing feed in blog/post/sidebar. Besides, it’s a WP plugin to showoff feeds in allocate layouts/designs. Also, an absolute plugin to exert feeds and rise up the network. Also, this instagram WordPress plugins tested with Camille, Storefront, Flatsome and more popular WordPress themes.

  1. Include Instagram follow widgets to sidebar utilizing widget
  2. Showoff user profile image, username
  3. Translation ready & Cross-browser compatibility
  4. Every layout active configurations obtainable
  5. Allow the lightbox selection
  6. And so on.

As a result, to showoff your feeds in your selected position just to do is utilizing a shortcode/widget.

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Finally, I can assure you’ll love this article and use it for your upcoming site. All the above plugins have wow features that will customize your site in an attractive way.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Use the above-discussed plugin and send us a review on our page. You can also comment us your queries and troubles in our comment section. We heartily accept all of them and soon return with your solution. Keep visiting our website for the furthermore interesting and useful article.

Inspire us with your love!


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