Comparing Drop-Shipping Plans: WooCommerce vs. Shopify

Now a day, dropshipping is a popular and choicest eCommerce business model with minimum investment and affords. A retailer or online store received an order from the shopper and sends the order’s notification with details of the customer to a wholesaler, manufacturer, or supplier. So a root provider can deliver to the customers from your side. You make a gateway between customers and manufacturers. Here you do not need to keep or store the products. Save time and money on warehouse products.

Now question! there lot of drop-shipping platforms in the software industry, Which is right for a startup? In this post, we will talk about the most popular applications ( WooCommerce vs Shopify ).

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce extension for WordPress, which was launched on 27 September 2011. Small as well as large-sized online stores are free to use. Comes with a simple install and store setup wizard with zero cost. The world’s top programmers or developers are contributing provide external addons, and modern templates, ensuring security and life easy functionality.

Similarly, At starting in 2006, Shopify was a simple platform for creating an eshop. After a long journey, It raised the most successful and powerful self-host eCommerce software. You can attach or get benefits ever where of product’s life is cyclical. Comes with a fantastic suite of services which includes payments, a marketing tool kit, shipping, and customer engagement tools so that we can easily go through the process of running an online store.

Both have some useful features and took kits for starting drop-shipping. Connect API of Amazon, AliExpress, Importify, Worldwide Brands, Oberlo, Spocket, and more well known brands.

WordPress vs Shopify Dropshipping Price Comparison

WordPress is a top open-source content management system for blogging to eCommerce websites. WooCommerce was released under GPL license as a plugin of WordPress and is free to use for product lifetime. So, no need to pay extra money for using this module or script. On other hand, It worked and smoothly run with almost all web hosting over the world. Even, you can pay for a server as your website traffic. The starting price would be $3 – $10, learn more about the few fastest WooCommerce hosting provider. Besides, within a few bucks, you will find lots of developers, designers, and 3rd party extensions on the internet.

While Shopify is a larger eCommerce solution and a complete module to manage all kinds of stores. In the begging, you have to create a merchant account to start selling, which cost starting 29$ -299$ per month, depending upon the plan you choose. Besides, you can’t run without Shopify’s official hosting, as well most themes and 3rd party apps are expensive.

Now comparing both, WooCommerce is cheaper than Shopify.

, about 12% of e-commerce website runs on WooCommerce and around 8% of the business runs on Shopify. Therefore, we can conclude that WooCommerce is bigger in scale too.

Moreover, both are best in their way but if we considered pricing and scale, WooCommerce wins the race.

Setup time

For setup time! we need to compare for total time for launching a drop-shipping website. Also, will count the customization with branding topography, initial module setup, payment gateway, and connect to connect dropshipping apps and the rest of essential settings times.

In WordPress taking an afternoon to make ready an online store. After installation is done! you need to add all necessary widgets, shortcode, payment getaway, and some 3rd party dropshipping plugins. Some WordPress drop shipping biggest extensions are , ALD – AliExpress, Stock Synchronization, , WooZone and have dozen more.

On other hand, while from the scratch Shopify setup is less time taking. Shopify takes 40 minutes to 1 hour to launch a store. Most eCommerce modules will include at initialize stage. Also, you have to add some 3rd party apps. A few famous names are Dropshipman, , CJdropshipping, and more.

Moreover, if you want to run multiple stores from the same setup we need to decide at the beginning. Also, Shopify has some WooCommerce to Shopify migration, importing, and sync add-ons. so that simply can copy the whole website into a Shopify website. This takes 5-7 minutes and depending on the quantity of product data.

Therefore, the number of stores we want to create and average time taking. Nevertheless, from the single store-opening time, Shopify wins the battle.

Themes and Templates

WordPress vs Shopify dropshipping compared a major topic is modern and attractive design templates and store managing tools.

For any website, it is very important to have a good user interface and an attractive view to attract the population. You all know that more population more chances of profit. Shopify offers about 100 dedicated themes. Among these only 10-20 are free and for the rest, we have to pay 100$ to 180$. It seems a bit expensive.

Whereas WordPress offers, thousands of free themes along with paid ones. Most of the themes are customizable, which means you can get the dropshipping store exactly as per need. You can use your skills and knowledge to customize a website.

When you are thinking about dropshipping websites, you must think about your presentation, and while presenting your product you need very exciting templates and WooCommerce can better that as compared to Shopify.

Dropshipping Shopify vs Woocommerce :- Pros and Cons

Features of WooCommerce :

It is a free WordPress plugin and requires hosting running WP installation to work. It allows you to sell physical, and digital downloads, products, and services. It provides the user with an online platform only for online sales. It also included common eCommerce tools like product showcase, order manager, media management, cart and checkout, many payment gateways, inventory automation, and more.

Besides, you will find ticket support, forum answers, video tutorial, and many blogs online for learning to manage A to Z of WordPress. Since it is open-source and thousands of contributors, influencers video creators, and live streaming and pod castor work every day to make it better.

Moreover, thousands of WooCommerce extensions and plugins are available through the plugins directory, CodeCanyon, and other marketplaces. So you will extend the software to an enterprise solution.

Features of Shopify :

Shopify is the box, subscription-based, and a complete eCommerce solution. Shopify can be used for both online as well as offline stores via POS ( points of sales ). Shopify provides 24/7 email, chat, and phone support.

Since Shopify is a closed or official self-hosting platform, So you can customize a store website as they have permission and subscription roles.

Both are mobile-friendly and compatible with all modern web browsers and smartphones. You can sell an unlimited number of products. Besides, offer coupon codes, rewards and discounts can be created and used in both. We can view sales status and report in both software.

Ease to use

To WordPress, this is where it is again a hands-down winner. Being an open-source script, WooCommerce is essentially free. Further, it has a very easy user interface making it highly efficient even for a non technical person. Also, automatically generates a shop page, cart, payment, and other page templates.

Shopify works on a subscription-based model and offers out-of-the-box features and functionality that are easy to use even if we are a beginner. Shopify is going to help us along the way, asking about the purpose and nature of our store and giving us some overall tips as to which design to choose and how to set everything up.

Finally, in this section, both are competitors of each other.

Support and help

Shopify comes with great customer support. They are 24/7 days available for you over the phone or chat, and online question and answer portal, if you get stuck anywhere.

On the other hand, WooCommerce offers no official support without online bug fixing of the core script. Most of all questions and solutions are provided via lover of WooCommerce via the WP help forum. There are a lot of programmers to help if you are stuck anywhere.

Final thoughts on Shopify vs Woocommerce dropshipping, Shopify will take responsibility for your website and any issues. Since WooCommerce provides only frameworks solution, not for your drop-shipping website.

SEO options

Search engine optimization is the process and steps, You make in your store to create more and more customer flow. SEO is the most important part for increase conversion percentage, the existing of a drop-shipping business. Also, aesthetic view, sale price, varieties, everything will be meaningless, if you cannot reach the customers.

As statistics report, WordPress is being used by a large number of websites around the world and is renowned as one of the reliable options for SEO. WordPress offers many plugins for validating markup, adding meta tags, content quality, readability checker, and more. Besides some SEO plugins provide a report of SERP, identify backlinks, analysis keywords competitors, and audit tracking tools.

Shopify is a bit leggy in the case of SEO. You can see that many stores opened in Shopify shut down within a month or two due to lower search engine optimization. Except for selling very rare and unparalleled products, Shopify stores are hard to sustain.


WordPress does not provide dedicated security options. Security is in your hands while using WooCommerce. Everything you do must be done carefully to stay on the safer side.

Shopify provides high-security options. It ensures the transaction, data, and security. All vendor app scripts and themes must be valid against Shopify standards. Also, ensure the secure server without using 3rd party like Cloudflare, CloudFront, etc. In website usage reports, Shopify has goodwill for less hacked.

However, if you handle and run carefully both are almost the same concerning security. but in Woocommerce vs Shopify, the winner is Shopify’s official security teams.


From the above brief discussion, you can see that both, have their advantages and disadvantages. It is hard to point out the first which better dropshipping method WooCommerce or Shopify. You can use them according to your requirements and needs. Shopify is a new and fast enterprise platform. WooCommercce is old and experienced. Besides, gives you better SEO essential for long-term success.

I hope this content will help you with your decision and will be useful for readers. The readers are free to send their queries if any. we will make sure; all the queries will be answered as soon as we get them. We hope the content will be useful for starting a dropshipping business and you will keep on visiting our site for more such interesting content.

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