Top 6 Effortless WordPress Child Theme Generator Plugins

A child theme generator plugin comes to change the look and feel of the design. It also helps you to renew the parent design and defeat future risks and errors. Plus, it assures your theme is safe and up to date. But more importantly, it will save your changes and give you the flexibility to change your design.

So, do you want to apply custom code to your existing template? Do you want to improve the features or looks without updating your codes directly on your next website? No need to worry because the best way to do it is with a child theme configurator.

Now, a question may come to your mind, which is the best plugin for creating child themes, right? If you search online, you’ll get plenty of options. But to make your work easy, we come with only five friendly WordPress plugins that can easily generate a child template.

So, let’s begin:



It’s a beautiful tool to make as many child themes as you want sharply. It has many options to configure the layout. You’ll be able to join screenshots from WP Uploader, change search result URL, and add or remove image sizes. You’ll also be able to add new CSS in style.css.

You’ll also have the power to merge post type, columns in the admin list table, version name, and many more. You don’t have to insert all of them together, as they are all optional. And when you create a small template and want to do some branding, plus present it as your custom layout. You can do all these working by using this add-on with peace.

In a word, it’s a great armory for the interns or newbies, mainly in the firm or industry. On a quick note, this add-on has 4,000+ active installations and fits with the WordPress version 3.3 or higher, plus PHP version 5.6 or higher.

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Child Configurator

It’s a great plugin for non-technical people who want better editing for their themes and don’t have more coding knowledge. You can select the options and configure the child theme as per your wish. Not to mention, it will also help you to create a similar layout. Now, some options can’t be customized using the customizer. You can use this module for the same.

There are easy options on which stylesheet you want, font selection, color selection, and many similar options. You can either keep it default where it will inherit from the parent design, or you can enter your own. The children’s template configurator becomes a little harder to use for complete beginners. Therefore, you need to keep that in mind. However, there are video tutorials to help you out. You can surely watch them and then use the tool.

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Child Generator

child theme generator plugin
You can easily create your design with the help of this small addons. It gives you a couple of options from which you will have to select the appropriate fields and enter the text. For example, you can select the theme for which you want to create the children theme. Now, you can add the description of the theme and enter the author’s name and URL. Thereafter, hit the “Create New” option and it will create the theme for you.

It will then ask whether you want to activate the theme or not. Further, one of the things we like here is the removal option. Let’s say your work is completed and now you don’t need the theme, you can remove it by going to the “Remove” tab. It’s easy and it will hardly take a minute to create the theme. You can surely use the addons to create your children template easily.

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Quick Child Theme Generator


It’s a very secure, fast, and user-friendly add-on to make a minor layout supported by WordPress CMS. It lets you edit or add functionality to your layout without touching the main files. Plus, it helps reduce falling data on the WP update days. Also, you don’t need to write code or struggle to configure to build a minor design. In a word, it’ll be your time and effort thrift tool to build a child theme.

Besides, it enables a path to build primary custom templates pages. And this path will serve you to combine custom code to precise pages. So, it’s an add-on that lets you build a quick, easy, and lets you make custom themes. All you have to do is install this add-on on your wp-admin and hit the “Create New” button; that’s it.

On a quick note, this add-on has 80+ active installations and fits with the WP version 4.7 or higher, plus it earns 5-star ratings.

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WP Child

It’s ideal for WP consultants, marketers, developers, or anybody with one or many WP sites. To take control, connect with all your WP sites. You can also take charge of your sites which are on other hosts and servers. Just install and activate this add-on to your WP sites you want to relate to the MainWP Dashboard. And when it’s joined with the WordPress sites is held to as Child sites.

Besides, you’ll be able to update all your installs, extensions, and themes from one place. Along with that, you can maintain and combine all your Posts and Pages from one place. And you can easily run all the things from one Dashboard that you hosts. You’ll also be able to do Export Sites, Sites Monitoring, Quick Setup Wizard, Set Unique Security ID, and many more.

But if you feel trouble making it, no problem. Because it also gives a few vital videos tutorials to make your job easier. It’s quite new and not so popular but the users who have tried it have surelyloved it. For the same reason, it has a very good rating in the WordPress directory. And on a serious note, this tool has 500,000+ active installations and fits with the version 5.4 or higher, plus PHP version 7.0 or higher.

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Wizard generator
Like above, it’s also a handpicked wordpress addons to build a new minor theme without other tools. If you think the above tools are not for you, you can surely use this tool. Its user interface and features are quite the same as others. You’ll be able to build a minor theme with ease by filling a couple of fields. In other words, it’s a small wizard that comes to build a layout by filling a couple of fields.

So, you have to enter only your minor template’s name, description, name of the author and URL, and a few fields. Next, click the “Create New” button, and you are on with your design. But here is one thing that, it has no removal button like others. That’s why you need to run your Theme page to erase if you want to. And more importantly, it works only on 01 page WP theme.

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Final Words

In short, a minor layout covers all the main themes features and properties, referred to as the Parent. And a minor template’s best job is not to risk making mistakes. Along with not erasing data when taking updates, making the website slow, or spamming your database. Rather than quickly and securely creating a layout in a minimum of steps.

The add-ons, as mentioned above, are all free to download, quick, and easy to install and activate. So, you can check out depending on what you need. And if you need more info, you can check the add-ons directory pages.

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