The 9 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

Generally, the WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins are built to make money through blog posts, pages, or marketing content on your website. It means, if you install and activate anyone on your website, you can gain money.

So, what is the first question that has arisen in your mind right now?

Are you think what will be the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for your website? Or, how you’ll choose the best Amazon affiliate WP plugin because there are lots of WP tools on the internet?

If you think this, then you won’t need to worry. Because in this post, we discuss some best plugins to make your job easier. Simply, you will connect with Amazon Associates API or Advertising API and make it ready within a few clicks.

AAWP by getaawp

AAWP by getaawp

The very first name on our Amazon affiliate plugin listing is AAWP. First of all, it’s designed in such a way that your affiliate links, products, prices, and discounts will initiate automatically.

After that, you can adjust the functionality and output of this plugin by adding settings, widgets, or shortcodes individually. Also, you can select anyone from several designs, add custom styles or make new templates to modify the layout.

And top of that, you can grab any Amazon products profitably and make customer satisfaction higher.

  • Import single (or multiple) products
  • Text links, bestsellers (lists), and new arrivals (lists)
  • Data fields, widgets, and flexible Configuration
  • Pre-built templates and styles
  • Eran extra money by referring Amazon Prime User
  • SSL/HTTPS support and Google AMP support

Download Now ( AAWP )

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates By AA-Team ( CodeCanyon )


To clarify, WZone is an amazon affiliate associate’s report module. So, you can use it to check your conversions, how many clicks, shipped items, and how much revenue you’re generating.

Besides, it does not only show a real-time overview of your affiliate links but also provides a total overview of your earnings. Also, it comes with game-changing features.

And on top of that, you can see a table with information about direct requests from the Amazon Product Advertising API(PA API). And also can get a specific review of performance data from the affiliate links you use.

  • Auto Import and Add to Queue
  • Above the Add to Cart button and Wocoommerce tab
  • Page speed optimization module
  • Allow Amazon remote images and boosts performance
  • New framework design & functionality

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Amazomatic By CodeRevolution ( CodeCanyon )


To clarify, Amazomatic is a new age, referral auto blogging, and money generator WordPress Amazon affiliate plugin. And also create to use the Market API to transform your website into a monetization machine.

Besides, you can automatically create a post with your referral links based on default rules. Like, Market searches, Importing items based on ASIN, and importing similar items to a specific item.

And on top of that, you can change words with their synonyms automatically, which also provides superb SEO value. As well as, it compatible with bbPress, Beaver Builder, Block Editor, BuddyPress Easy Digital Downloads, Elementor, Gravity Forms, and other well-known plugins.

  • Automatically generate post categories or tags.
  • Automatically generate a featured image for the post.
  • Enable/disable comments for the generated post
  • Link hiding and keyword replaced tool
  • Random sentence generator tool

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AmaLinks Pro

In a word, AmaLinks Pro is money-making blogging with Amazon and AmaLinks Pro. But it especially creates to display the product beautifully and makes referring links to any page quick and easy.

Besides, you’ll be able to create, edit, and insert referral text/image links under your content. And you’ll also be able to make and design your own beautiful custom CTA buttons comfortably.

And above all, it demonstrates 100% compliance and flexibility with Amazon’s policies when using data from the Amazon API. Also, the AmaLinks are featured on Hubpages, WP Sauce, SaaSHub, ThemeGrill, and more well-known WP news publishing website.

  • Insert text and image links
  • Product Showcases and Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Comparison table builder Add-on
  • Extensive documentation and helpful support
  • Updates and new features

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Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin By AA-Team ( CodeCanyon )

Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin By AA-Team form CodeCanyon

To clarify, eStore amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is generally built to advertise Amazon products and gain advertising fees. Also, it has an On-Site Cart feature that permits your customers to checkout with multiple Amazon products with commissions.

Besides, it developed a new module called Automated Amazon Content Spinner module in 2 methods. Firstly, when you import a product from Amazon, the complete content will spin automatically. And second is to do it manually on each product with a user-friendly interface. Also, all assets ( APIs, video, image, or other content ) will load from Amazon CloudFront CDN, which speeds up your theme and website.

And on top of that, it takes all data available for Amazon products. like, titles, prices, all product attributes, product reviews, swatches, and full product descriptions.

Amazon eStore Plugin features:

  • One click import and setup/backup module
  • Advanced search and bulk import module
  • On-Site cart feature and maximize advertising fees
  • Products variations and prices Setup
  • Setup with Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

Download Now ( eStore )

WooZone By AA-Team ( CodeCanyon )

WooZone By AA-Team

To clarify, this Amazon associate bundle pack comes with WZone, Additional Variation Images Plugin for WooCommerce, SearchAzon, and Kingdom. In a word, it provides a WordPress theme so the package could be complete. As well as, compatible with OceanWP, Astra, Kadence, Flatsome other good well themes.

Besides, it developed a new module called Automated Amazon Content Spinner module in 2 methods. Firstly, when you import a product from the market, the complete content will spin automatically. And second is to do it manually on each product with a user-friendly interface.

And on top of that, it takes all data available for products. like, titles, prices, all product attributes, product reviews, and full product descriptions. Also, support major Amazon’s affiliate network. for example the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, and Japan, etc.

Download Now ( WooZone )

Let’s Review By codetipi ( CodeCanyon )

Let's Review By codetipi

To clarify, Let’s Review is a WordPress affiliate plugin built to attach fantastic responsive and present-day review boxes. It’s making it so simple to add mind-blowing and magnificent review boxes by adding adds several extraordinary Gutenberg review blocks.

Besides, it’s entertainingly easy to use but a very ironic plugin and has a great backend system design. Also, you can monetize your endless present-day referral buttons with exclusive animation reviews. And top of that, your every text button is customizable too.

On a serious note, it permits you to choose from various format options, like percentages, points, stars, custom icons, and images. It also wraps with referral options, as you can add an endless quantity of them to any site you desire.

  • Powerful, fast, and easy to use
  • Many core design and many format
  • Custom icons, full visitor reviews, and affiliate options
  • Gallery options, review schema data, and shortcode
  • Translation ready, RTL ready, and migration tool

Download Now ( Let’s Review )

By EasyAzon ( )

EasyAzon By EasyAzon

In a word, EasyAzon is build to make Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress post editor most quickly. However, you’re able to make text referral links with any product for sale without the irritating moves of creating manual links. And especially on, it’ll be a huge time saver.

Besides, the setup of EasyAzon is quite simple and supports almost every location which has an Amazon Associates affiliate program. For example, if you choose the address of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, India, and so on.

On a serious note, your text referral links can open in new windows, and you can apply the NoFollow feature as you wish. Above all, if you take EasyAzon and install, you’ll get access to its excellent user guide training.

  • Image referral links and product information blocks
  • Call to ations buttons and automated referral Link cloaking
  • Product Pop-Ups and Add to Cart functionality
  • Automatic link localization and support multiple affiliate tracking ID

Auto Links By Michael Uno

In a word, Auto Links is built to show the links of practical products that come out from Amazon today. Yet, you’re able to make a custom template and have the endless freedom to customization with a more advanced and detailed design with this amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress.

Besides, your Associate ID is tagged with links and runs even though your browser does not support JavaScript. Plus, you’re able to add the ads as a widget or place promoted shortcode where the links should appear.

On a serious note, this WordPress plugin is compatible with 14 Amazon locales and also with PA-API v4 API keys. Above all, show referral links with your posts to start genuine income with the smallest efforts.

  • Migrate from Associates Link Builder
  • Display selected product in posts and filter unwanted products
  • Custom buttons, customize outputs, and auto link conversion
  • Widget, shortcode, and PHP function

Affiliate Super Assistent By Timo Reith ( )

Affiliate Super Assistent

In a word, Affiliate Super Assistent is build to combine the Amazon products into your WordPress pages. Plus, you can display your products in several styles on various pages by using manageable shortcodes.

Besides, you’re able to design your particular product templates and can earn money with the referral program. It also supports product preview layers, customer reviews, and Amazon PA API 5.0.

On a serious note, to manage the permissions to subpages. And above all, for faster page load, it brings AJAX mode (optional) and has error handling options of the amazon affiliate plugin.

  • Associate ID for making money
  • Ease of use with ASA-Shortcode tags
  • Design your particular product templates
  • Supports PA API 5.0
  • Supports product preview layers

Download Now ( AmazonSimpleAdmin )

Wrapped Up

Finally, these are the most phenomenal WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins for your next online money-making affiliate network website. And so, if you read this post carefully, we think you’ll get your desire WP tools.

In conclusion, we hope this extension post will benefit you. Hence, don’t forget to send your review, as those are very important to us. And stay with us for the furthermore engaging, attractive, and informative articles.

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