The Top 8 Micro Gig WordPress Themes

Are you a freelancer looking to showcase your skills and services in a visually appealing manner? Are you a small business owner in need of a winning online platform to hire talent and manage projects efficiently? Look no further! In today’s competitive marketplaces, having a user-friendly and captivating website is crucial for success. That’s where micro job WordPress themes come into play, offering a Fiverr clone site experience with customizable layouts and stunning visuals.

These gigs themes go beyond the basics, catering to every aspect of running a service-based business. From user-friendly dashboards to impressive graphics, they provide a complete package for your online presence from scratch. Whether you’re a freelancer showcasing your portfolio or a business owner profiting from a service-recruiting platform, these templates offer a blueprint for a functional and visually appealing site.

Bookmark this collection of the best freelance marketplace WordPress themes and embark on your journey to a winning website that represents your unique talents. Thanks to these collections, your online venture is one step closer to success!

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1.) Freeio By ApusTheme ( ThemeForest )

Unveiling Freeio: Your Freelance Marketplace WordPress Template

Unveil Freeio, an advanced micro job WordPress theme with extensive customization options. Tailored for freelancer markets, service portals, and job searches, Freeio offers unique solutions to elevate your online presence.

Experience Freeio’s elegant landing page demos, allowing one click imports or manual XML uploads. Even without advanced technical skills, design web pages seamlessly using Elementor’s free or paid versions. Enjoy complete design control on both backend and frontend.

Freeio’s modules and pages cater to projects, jobs, and services, ensuring smooth gig presentation, project bidding, and job applications. Real-time communication is enhanced through system-based notifications. Its wallet system simplifies transactions for freelancers and employers.

Seamlessly integrated plugins like Slider Revolution, , MailChimp, WPML, and Contact Form 7 enhance your site creation process. With optimized performance for rapid loading, Freeio meets modern user expectations. Uncover Freeio’s intuitive features and embark on an efficient journey to craft an engaging micro job platform.

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2.) Prolancer By ThemeBing ( ThemeForest )

Crafting Prolancer: Your Ultimate Fiverr Clone Template

Elevate your freelancing platform with Prolancer, the ultimate micro job and freelance marketplace WordPress theme. Effortlessly develop your site with its meticulously designed features, catering to freelancers and employers alike, just like Upwork, Toptal, Designenlassen, and other industry giants. Prolancer is your best choice, whether you’re creating a micro job site or a service-selling eCommerce platform. It multipurpose and efficient for various needs, including job directories like ZipRecruiter,, Pôle emploi and Gupy.

Seamlessly connect sellers and buyers on Prolancer, where proposals turn into payments through the buyer’s wallet, with admin commissions automatically managed. Completed projects smoothly transition from pending to available balance, ensuring a hassle-free commission system benefiting all parties. With dynamic AJAX search, stylish Gig listings, a robust biding system, and dispute resolution mechanisms similar to Fiverr, Prolancer ensures credibility and usability.

Built with Bootstrap, this template guarantees optimal user experience across devices. Enjoy lifetime updates and user support for a well-maintained platform. Create a thriving online gigs marketplace for freelancers and employers alike with Prolancer’s efficiency, style, and comprehensive features.

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3.) Shop-Store Gigs Store WordPress Theme


Welcome to Shop-Store – your gateway to a smooth and efficient online micro jobs store website. Discover how to navigate updates for optimal design, readability, and functionality. The robust admin panel lets you enhance the overall appearance, change color schemes, typography, header and footer options, and strengthen your brand.

Explore the micro jobs WordPress theme with a comprehensive experience. Discover side hustles and mini gigs, focusing on remote teams and freelance services. Web design and responsive principles ensure your platform shines on all screens. Use sample data for a thriving service directory. WooCommerce integration enables buying, selling, and renting.

In today’s remote work era, Shop-Store sets trends. It’s your hub for talented individuals and micro workers, showcasing unique offerings. Enjoy a storefront aesthetic, user-friendly cart, streamlined checkout, and secure payments. Whether freelancing or shopping, it’s your gateway to a prosperous online marketplace.

Check It Now ( Shop-Store )

4.) Entaro By ApusTheme ( ThemeForest )

Entaro: A Solid Micro Job WordPress Theme

Entaro is the ultimate WP theme designed for recruiting agencies and human resources. This multi-purpose functionality and layouts is your go-to solution for crafting a robust job portal that stands out. By integrating essential plugins like WP Job Manager, WooCommerce, Visual Composer, Contact Form 7, and , you gain access to a comprehensive modules that revolutionizes your website.

Entaro isn’t just a theme; it’s your modern guide to running a successful job portal. Its programmatically crafted design ensures a seamless display of icons, directories, and a responsive layout, making your platform a trendsetter in the freelance marketplace. Whether you’re a recruiter, business owner, or a small firm, Entaro’s strategies and practices will boost your portal’s visibility and lead to successful outcomes.

Even if you’re a novice, Entaro’s user-friendly features have you covered. With the WP Job Manager plugin, adding jobs from the front-end is a breeze. Candidates can submit resumes easily, making it a personal and interactive experience. The theme’s configuration options, shortcodes, widgets, and responsive design ensure that your portal looks stunning on all devices, with retina-ready display for the utmost clarity.

With the adaptable this WP theme, you can replicate the functionality of renowned job directory sites like Reed, Job Bank, Posao, Prace, JenPráce, Állások, jobly, and more. Unleash the potential of your dynamic job portal today!

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5.) TaskHive By HivePress

TaskHive: Empowering Micro Jobs Marketplace

TaskHive, a solid and dynamic freelance marketplace WordPress theme, empowers both seasoned freelancers and newcomers to craft successful online platforms effortlessly. Simplify the process for freelancers to showcase their services and clients to post custom requests, creating a seamless user experience.

Take charge of your website’s design and functionality with TaskHive’s user-friendly interface—no coding required. Utilize the integrated WP block editor for stunning layouts, and personalize your site’s look to match your brand’s identity. Built with reliability in mind, TaskHive adheres to WP coding standards, ensuring smooth customization.

Drawing inspiration from esteemed platforms like Fiverr, DesignCrowd, Outsourcely, PeoplePerHour and more, TaskHive offers a credible alternative. It safeguards your website data during theme switches, eradicating common errors and boosting user confidence. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, TaskHive’s intuitive features and streamlined operation pave the way for an exceptional online presence. Embrace the future with TaskHive and elevate your freelance marketplace with style and substance.

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6.) Mayosis By TeconceTheme ( ThemeForest )

Mayosis: Micro Jobs WordPress Theme

Mayosis is a sleek and universal marketplace theme designed to showcase and sell a wide range of digital goods, from photos and videos to audio files and stock footage. It’s not only perfect for digital products but also excels in supporting micro jobs, service selling, and freelance gigs. Whether you’re starting or expanding, Mayosis has you covered.

Seamlessly integrates with Easy Digital Downloads for smooth digital product sales. The inclusion of WPBakery Page Builder allows stunning layouts without coding. Customize your site with unlimited custom header options to match your brand. Also, the powerful dashboard change the layouts color, fonts, icons and element position like menu, header, sidebar.

Mayosis ensures impeccable site display with features like retina-ready display , Bootstrap 1170px grid, and full responsiveness. Choose from 800+ Google Fonts for creative content presentation. Neat code, cross-browser compatibility, and SEO optimization guarantee user-friendly experience and enhanced visibility.

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7.) Workreap By AmentoTech ( ThemeForest )

Workreap by AmentoTech

Workreap, a flexible micro job WordPress theme, caters to various industries and services, offering custom templates for a unique design and enhanced user experience. Although not all pages are editable with Elementor, the theme provides potent customization alternatives. Not only suitable for development, design, and art taking but also to services like handyman work, glass repair, roofing, gardening, and tile renovation, among others

Incorporating a blog into your website can serve multiple valuable purposes. It enhances user engagement, establishes your authority in your industry, and drives traffic to your platform. Each single blog post can contribute to these goals, making your website a comprehensive resource for your audience.

Workreap features a robust admin panel and review moderation system for smooth freelancer-employer interaction. Its clean code and easy extend ability enable effortless customization and future improvements. With social networking integration and smart navigation features, Workreap offers an advanced solution for dynamic freelance marketplaces and directories.

Check It Now ( Workreap )

8.) Micro Jobs By PremiumPress

Micro Jobs by PremiumPress

Designed with the inspiration of Fiverr, Upwork, AnyTask, and 99designs. The Micro Jobs theme offers a powerful admin panel and versatile tools for both freelancers and employers. Easily manage micro jobs with the user-friendly admin area, where you can control everything from user details to photos. Sellers can create their gigs with personalized pricing and add-ons. While buyers have the option to make offers or purchase instantly using the built-in checkout and escrow system.

Featuring advanced Ajax search and swatches filtering, finding the right talent has never been easier. The theme’s clean code and extendable nature ensure a seamless experience. While features like the moderation system for reviews and social networking integration enhance user interaction. The breadcrumb navigation and identification process streamline user journeys, making navigation a breeze.

Maximize revenue through custom ad spots and integrated advertising systems, offering visitors the opportunity to purchase ad space, including Google AdSense and video. Utilize the bulk coupon code setup to boost sales by offering job discounts, a perfect method for generating new leads.

Experience complete control with unlimited theme installations on websites you own – no hidden costs or extra charges. Whether you’re new to the world of micro jobs or a seasoned entrepreneur, the micro jobs WordPress theme offers an advanced, smart, and efficient platform that adapts to your needs.

Check It Now ( Micro Jobs )


The selection of these 8 freelance marketplace WordPress themes provides a comprehensive overview of the versatile options available for creating a successful micro job platform. Whether you’re hunting for a blueprint to launch your own mini board or seeking inspiration to improve your existing gigs shop. These templates offer a sweet blend of design, automation, and management features. From on-page improvements to fast database management, each comes with a unique roadmap for driving profitable results. By installing and switching to these themes, you unlock a world of simplicity and talent, making your small tasks marketplace a driving force in the competitive gig economy.

In the world of freelance marketplaces, these themes serve as more than just designs – they are an essential part of your marketing strategy. Their inspiring features and organic talent integration pave the way for a successful journey. Thank you for joining us on this exploration of micro job platforms, where every single theme acts as a catalyst for progress, improvement, and ultimately, the opportunity to earn money in a fast-paced and rewarding landscape.

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