The 15 Latest Newspaper WordPress Themes

Are you on the lookout for ideal WordPress newspaper themes? In the dynamic realm of journalism, where daily news takes center stage, having a compelling online presence is paramount. The shift from traditional print media to the digital landscape has transformed how news is reported. Today, media outlets, including news agencies and tabloids, recognize the crucial role of an engaging online platform. This shift has sparked a quest for the perfect website blueprint, seamlessly integrating the essentials of news reporting with the style demanded by the digital age. In this article, we explore the scratch-to-success journey of news websites, delving into the best newspaper WordPress themes known for their beautiful and programmatically efficient designs.

To grasp the roadmap of a successful news website, one must dive deep into its core elements shaping structure, appearance, and functionality. From layout to configuration panel, each aspect is pivotal in creating a compelling look and feel. WordPress news themes, powered by Bootstrap and backed by a vibrant community, offer an ideal model for crafting efficient and visually appealing online portals. Whether you’re an editorial columnist or part of an ads agency seeking to boost your online presence, these templates provide a roadmap for success. Let’s now explore the collections of themes awaiting you.

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1.) Newspaper By tagDiv ( ThemeForest )

The Newspaper: A Solid Content Creation Tool

Searching for a stylish and versatile new layout? Your quest ends here with the Newspaper WordPress theme, catering to bloggers, live streamers, journalists, and businesses alike. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, this template seamlessly adapts to any website design, boasting a robust header and footer builder, SVG icon support, and easy monetization options for a functional online presence.

Content creation is a breeze with the Newspaper, offering compatibility with Gutenberg and Elementor. Additionally, the inclusion of free premium widgets, such as weather, social counter, exchange, newsletter, and store features, adds an extra layer of versatility to the container. With lightning-fast performance ensured through AMP and accessibility readiness, the Newspaper is designed to meet modern website requirements and practices

Furthermore, the WP theme’s mobile optimization is a secret weapon, featuring an included layout for mobile apps. Thanks to its commitment to best practices, it ensures GDPR compliance and offers a built-in translation panel supporting RTL and multiple languages. The seamless integration with popular plugins such as BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Forminator, WPForms, and WPML enhances the CMS functionality, making it an ideal choice for a dynamic news portal. Trusted by ThimPress, Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, CSS Winner, Lapa Ninja, Siteinspire, and esteemed organizations such as the United Nations, ShareAmerica, Best Buy, Turkish Airlines, and Tech Explorist. The straightforward download and installation process makes it easy to kickstart your NFT, sports, copywriters, lifestyle, or viral current affairs website publications.

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2.) Zox News By MVPThemes ( ThemeForest )

Zox News: A Timeless News Aggregator Template

Zox stands out as one of the best-selling online newspaper WordPress themes, distinguished by its professional layout and comprehensive set of functioning components that contribute to its widespread popularity. Crafting an effective blog layout requires meticulous planning and consideration of various elements to optimize user experience and enhance search engine visibility. By paying careful attention to the structure of headings, thumbnails, and URLs, Zox ensures improved readability and navigation for readers. Additionally, the implementation of a robust taxonomy system logically categorizes content, making it easily discoverable.

In addition to its layout prowess, Zox prioritizes audience engagement by offering dynamic features such as a visually appealing post slider and a sticky sidebar for easy access. These elements work in harmony to elevate the overall user experience, fostering engagement and providing a sophisticated platform for interaction through advanced comment and reviewer scripts. Moreover, this news theme seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, enabling effortless transformation into an online marketplace while enhancing visibility on search engines through rich snippets, thereby elevating the presentation of content in search engine results.

Furthermore, caters to a wide range of entities in the current affairs domain, including press agencies, media outlets, news organizations, broadcast ventures, information bureaus, and wire services. Its versatility, combined with its robust construction and customizable settings, makes it a reliable platform for constructing visually appealing and highly functional websites with a professional look and feel.

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3.) SmartMag By ThemeSphere ( ThemeForest )

SmartMag: News WordPress Theme

SmartMag, a classic and stylish newspaper theme, stands out as the superior choice for those seeking to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly online platform. Offers a dark and light mode preview, adding a stylish touch that makes it an excellent fit for various news niches, including gadget reviews, tech blogging, business news, lifestyle blogs, and affiliate niches. With over 50 example websites, SmartMag serves as a repository of design best practices, providing users with a versatile and well-constructed foundation for their online presence.

Streamlining the construction process, SmartMag features a one-click demo import wizard that allows users to easily import demos and initialize their layout. Powered by the Elementor and Gutenberg block editor, users gain access to new widgets, blocks, sections, and elements, or they can conveniently copy from sample content. Beyond appearance, SmartMag incorporates rich snippets for breadcrumbs, article schema, and reviews, boosting visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). With multiple post formats and features like a full-screen search overlay and live search, this WordPress theme ensures users can quickly locate the desired content.

Additionally, provides a comprehensive user interface, including sticky social sharing, a floating bar on the left, and sharing bars at the start and end of posts, encouraging increased engagement and content sharing. The powerful admin panel gives users control over various elements, offering flexibility for customization. Integrated with WooCommerce, it enables a functional online store for selling digital downloads and other media, featuring essential eCommerce modules like a shopping cart, shop catalog, and user dashboard. Whether for general public websites, government agencies, education and research institutions, nonprofit organizations, or marketing professionals, SmartMag delivers a versatile platform for diverse website needs.

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4.) Papr By Axilthemes ( ThemeForest )

Papr: Modern WordPress Theme for News

Papr, a stylish template designed for newspapers, seamlessly caters to a variety of websites – from news portals and car reviews to business publications, food blogs, and comparison articles. Its versatility extends to various header styles, allowing you to tailor menu styling, icons, color schemes, and other configurations, enabling the creation of a distinct brand identity. With the seamless integration of Elementor, constructing visually appealing web pages is simplified through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Enhancing user experience, Papr facilitates effortless sidebar customization with its robust sidebar manager and an array of custom widgets. The inclusion of advertising as a strategic marketing tool seamlessly promotes your products, services, or other content. Emphasizing speed and performance, this theme ensures a consistent and optimal viewing experience on diverse devices through Google AMP compatibility and responsive design. Additionally, proudly supports leading plugins like CMB2, Contact Form 7, Jetpack, WP Rocket, and Yoast SEO, providing extra functionalities.

Moreover, the WP theme’s W3C-validated and well-commented code, incorporating HTML, CSS, PHP, and other frameworks, establishes a robust backend and frontend foundation, easily recognizable by fellow developers. Aligned with modern digital marketing strategies, Papr incorporates SEO and SMM-friendly features to attract organic traffic. Its commitment to contemporary standards and inspiring design makes Papr the preferred choice for those aiming for a polished, pixel-perfect online presence.

Check It Now ( Papr )

5.) Qoxag By TripleS ( ThemeForest )

Qoxag: Clean Magazine Template

Qoxag kickstarts your journey into the modern era of news WordPress themes, offering a clean and highly customizable structure that empowers you to shape a personalized publication website effortlessly. Without the need for an outsourced developer, you can easily craft platforms for diverse niches such as travel, technology, personal blogs, and other influencer sites. In this coding model, Qoxag integrates lightweight components and tools, presenting a blueprint that covers a spectrum of requirements for a seamless website creation process.

Within the Qoxag framework, explore the versatility of Element Kit add-ons to further enhance your website’s features, contributing to a more enriched user experience. With over four variations for both categories and post displays, the template provides a dynamic and engaging design that aligns with your branding strategy. Elevate the overall look and feel of your website with a stylish blogging layout, blending aesthetics and functionality seamlessly for a captivating and user-friendly design.

Dive into a diversified content presentation with Qoxag’s support for varied post formats, including audio, video, and gallery options, introducing a multimedia dimension to your posts. The implementation of a review script on single posts adds a detailed evaluation aspect, fostering interactivity. The theme’s user-friendly appearance settings ensure a hassle-free experience, allowing you to adapt your site according to your preferences. Setting up the Qoxag is a breeze, thanks to detailed documentation and video tutorials, enabling you to take charge of the configuration process effortlessly.

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6.) Read and Digest By Elated Themes ( Qode Interactive )

Read&Digest - An Exceptional News Portal Website Design

Immerse yourself in the world of Read&Digest, a cutting-edge newspaper WordPress template designed to simplify the installation and customization process for beginners. With easy methods for installation and customization, this theme offers a seamless experience from the start. Dive into the provided tutorial, understanding its architecture and validating its outstanding features.

Explore the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality powered by WPBakery, allowing you to effortlessly switch between various layouts and design schemes. Whether you’re inspired to create a sleek journal or a dynamic news website, Read&Digest provides specific tools to bring your vision to life. Easily rock your online presence with smart sliders that showcase your articles, promotional text, and video content, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your website.

Furthermore, elevate user engagement with dedicated breaking news widgets that highlight important updates in real time. Seamlessly integrate social media feeds from Instagram and Twitter to keep your audience informed and engaged. Enhance user experience with Ajax load more and infinite scroll pagination, ensuring smooth content loading without interrupting the browsing experience. Whether you opt for a seamless one-page scrolling experience or a multi-page setup, this news theme offers versatility in navigation structure, catering to diverse preferences. With responsive design, your website will look impeccable across various devices, ensuring a professional and engaging online presence for your publication or niche blogging site.

Check It Now ( Read and Digest )

7. ) Apace By ThemezHut ( )


Apace emerges as the optimal choice for those in pursuit of a simple, lightweight, and well-coded template structure. This free theme not only offers a responsive design but also provides an intuitive user interface for easy configuration. Allows you to optimize your website’s visual design effortlessly, making it a versatile solution for those seeking a no-cost download with unlimited potential combinations of landing pages.

In addition, the simplicity of Apace doesn’t compromise on functionality. Boasts widget settings, user-friendly appearance settings, and a seamless layout that caters to various niches, including pet care, beauty salon, gardening tips, real estate publications, and career coaching. Moreover, the loading speed of Apace surpasses other WP news themes, utilizing default system fonts, SVG icons, and vanilla JavaScript to ensure a swift and efficient user experience.

Check It Now ( Apace )

8. ) TVChannel By Zemez Studio ( TemplateMonster )

TVChannel: A Cutting-Edge News Aggregator Template

TVChannel stands out as a classic and minimal WordPress news theme, epitomizing a timeless design that places a strong emphasis on simplicity and functionality. Seamlessly integrated with Elementor, a versatile visual editor, empowers users with a robust platform to craft compelling news blogs. Through meticulously crafted layouts for blogging content, TVChannel ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing you to showcase your latest publications in visually appealing and advantageous ways.

Moving beyond its design excellence, TVChannel distinguishes itself in terms of compatibility and performance. Engineered to support the latest PHP versions, accommodating both 7 and 8, seamlessly collaborates with popular web servers like Apache and Nginx. Whether you’re covering breaking news, TV bulletin, entertainment, or sports, TVChannel emerges as a comprehensive theme solution, catering to the diverse needs of news agencies, bloggers, and media outlets. As you embark on a layout hunting expedition, you’ll discover the latest and most effective content creation tools for your site, making TVChannel an ideal choice for those seeking a perfect blend of style and functionality.

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8. ) ColorMag By ThemeGrill ( )

ColorMag: A Creative Writing Site Design

ColorMag, a popular free WordPress newspaper theme, is a versatile and costless option for those entering the realm of online publishing. As the best friend of popular editor extensions like Beaver Builder, Divi, and SiteOrigin, ColorMag opens up a world of design possibilities at no extra cost. Moreover, compatible with WooCommerce, allowing users to seamlessly integrate an online store into their site, providing a real and practical solution for those looking to monetize their content.

Beyond its design prowess, this free template prioritizes a smooth user experience through careful engineering. The inclusion of a sticky menu ensures effortless site navigation, regardless of a visitor’s position on the page. Additionally, the footer appearance settings provide added flexibility, allowing users to personalize or remove footer copyright text according to their preferences. Whether you’re an experienced news professional or a novice in news blogging, ColorMag accommodates all experience levels, providing a seamless and cost-free experience in terms of installation and customization.

Check It Now ( ColorMag )

9. ) Bimber By Zemez Bring The Pixel ( ThemeForest )

Bimber: A Premium WordPress Theme for Newspapers

Introducing Bimber, a top-tier theme meticulously crafted for newspapers, it emerges as an economical and visually captivating solution for those looking to establish a news repository. What sets Bimber apart from its counterparts is its unique inspiration drawn from viral platforms like BuzzFeed, Hacker News, and YouTube. Elevating the user experience, the template prominently displays popular posts through dynamically generated lists based on views or votes, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for readers.

To elevate your online magazine into a profitable venture, Bimber provides diverse monetization avenues. It supports the creation of paid member subscriptions and seamlessly integrates with membership management plugins like Restrict Content Pro. Additionally, facilitates effortless promotion of products, discount codes, and coupons from renowned brands, allowing site owners to earn commissions on reader purchases. With its built-in social login, user registration becomes a breeze, fostering a sense of community engagement.

Bimber’s robust array of integrations encompasses essential plugins such as AMP for WordPress, , WP Super Cache, WooCommerce, Loco Translate, and WPML, empowering users to build and manage successful community platforms effectively. Its responsive and AMP-ready design ensures suitability for digital journalism, news portals, business blogging, and magazine layouts. Whether you are outsourcing web development tasks or handling them in-house, Bimber’s flexibility and adaptability make it an impressive solution for creating websites comparable to renowned platforms like Bild, Fox News, The Guardian, El Mundo, Rambler, and CBC. For those exploring the latest alternatives in popular themes, Bimber stands out as an impressive choice, making it a must-try WP theme in the market.

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10. ) Poseidon By ThemeZee ( )

Poseidon: A Modern Magazine Site Template

Poseidon, the choicest WP news theme, boasts an elegant design that effortlessly captures attention. With clean typography and a spacious white layout, it provides an amazing platform for sharing your stories. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Poseidon ensures robust performance, guaranteeing a swift and trouble-free browsing experience for your visitors. Installing this template is a breeze with a simple one-click process in the WordPress dashboard, and keeping it updated to the latest version is both recommended and hassle-free. Poseidon’s commitment to data protection and GDPR compliance further enhances its appeal, making it an awesome choice for those who prioritize privacy.

This freebie theme is more than just a recommendation; it’s an actual gem for personal blogging networks and niche sites. Whether your interests lie in travel, perfume and cosmetics, food reviews, aviation news, fishing and hunting tips, tea and coffee comparisons, pet care, or any other article directory, Poseidon’s versatility and wealth of features make it a wealthy addition to your online workshop. Download and install Poseidon to unlock its robust performance and enjoy an elegant and trouble-free site-building experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Check It Now ( Poseidon )

11. ) Newsup By ThemeAnsar ( )

Newsup: A Minimalistic Free Blogging Template

Newsup, a straightforward free newspaper WordPress theme, invites you to explore versatile content layouts for engaging and diverse presentations. The template’s open-handed approach to customization ensures a polished look with ready-made header and footer designs, making the process both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. With the convenience of real-time customization through live editing in the Customizer, Newsup offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for users seeking a minimal yet eye-catching design.

Engaging your audience is effortless with Newsup’s dynamic slider, providing easy navigation through tabs for a captivating user experience. Tailor your layouts with a customizable grid structure and varying column options, offering advanced styling possibilities. Plus, includes a handpicked library of widgets, allowing you to display content in organized grid-list formats and efficiently showcase information. Also, caters to a wide range of environments, making it suitable for dynamic news portals, publishers, editors, fashion and gaming magazines, personal blogs, clothing influencers, review sites, and any impressive website seeking a stunning landscaping of content.

Check It Now ( Newsup )

12. ) SociallyViral By MyThemeShop


SociallyViral stands as the ultimate modern blogging WordPress theme, meticulously designed and coded to prioritize fast performance and boost the visibility of viral content. With a range of homepage styles to choose from, users can opt for a prominent image for the first post and easily toggle the homepage slider on or off, providing creative flexibility in content presentation. Also, ensures an enduring look and feel, implementing simple yet effective techniques for enhanced readability and accessibility through typography and structure. Users can effortlessly brand their sites by uploading logos and favicons with ease, while built-in breadcrumbs and ad management options contribute to a trusted and professional visual design.

SociallyViral introduces a game-changer with unlimited sidebar support for personalized layouts, allowing bloggers to drive an incredible amount of traffic with little to no effort. The newspaper WP theme includes a built-in AJAX search, ensuring quick and efficient results for visitors. With 100% fluid responsiveness, SociallyViral guarantees an optimal viewing experience on any device, making it a trusted choice for bloggers across various niches, from print media and news outlets to industrial journalism and energy writers. Join the ranks of successful bloggers who have found recommendations in SociallyViral, including ViralNova, AwesomeJelly, All Created, ABECitrus, Allpedia, and more, making it a go-to choice in the blogging world.

Check It Now ( SociallyViral )

13. ) BoomBox By PxLab ( ThemeForest )

BoomBox - an Effective Viral News Theme

BoomBox, a sleek and highly customizable WordPress newspaper theme, offers endless variations to ensure a tailored and optimal user interface. Users can elevate their website’s look and feel by incorporating creative shape patterns into the header and footer. Provides unlimited options for layer header layouts and behaviors, allowing for a dynamic and visually appealing configuration. Whether you prefer a fluid container or boxed layout, BoomBox caters to your unique website style, preventing monotony and adding a creative boost to your platform.

In terms of content management, BoomBox excels with advanced sidebar options and enhancements for post lists. Webmaster can seamlessly manage sidebars for a tailored experience and enhance post with fancy badges for trending, hot, and popular content. Also, goes beyond traditional features, allowing dynamic lists for the most viewed, shared, voted, and discussed. Additionally, provides a modal newsletter form with MailChimp subscriptions, fostering user engagement and communication within the organic development of a website.

Moreover, places a strong emphasis on website integrity and performance by incorporating semantically correct HTML, Bootstrap, and PHP code. The amp newspaper theme ensures a solid foundation for optimal performance and broad accessibility, with cross-browser compatibility supporting major browsers like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and more. The community script adds an interactive layer, allowing members to share knowledge and collaborate through questions and answers, making BoomBox a go-to choice for various niches, from beginner broadcasters to NFT marketplace reviews, periodicals, news agencies, and media outlets.

Check It Now ( BoomBox )

14. ) KingNews By Zemez Studio ( TemplateMonster )

KingNews: A Startup Newspaper Template

KingNews, a modern WP news theme, brings a fresh and contemporary design to the world of online content. With a fully responsive and retina-ready layout, it ensures a seamless user experience across various devices, making it a popular choice in the industry. Arrange posts on the main page, allowing users to combine them as they prefer, providing flexibility and customization options for an elite and engaging presentation.

Navigate the advanced dashboard panel, which offers a user-friendly interface and unlimited choices in colors and fonts, giving you complete control over the visual design and branding style of your site. Explore its captivating gallery, showcasing a stunning array of visuals that captivate and inspire. This starter theme is well-suited for business blogging, junk removal awareness campaigns, creative writing platforms, news aggregators, video streaming sites, and other news portals. With KingNews, you’re not just starting a website; you’re launching a visual and interactive experience tailored to the latest digital landscape.

Check It Now ( KingNews )

15. ) Newsmatic By Blaze Themes ( )


For those in search of a GPL licensed free newspaper WordPress template, Newsmatic stands out as an excellent choice. It provides a solid blueprint for creating professional and unlimited layouts with top-notch design patterns that elevate the overall look of your website. Newsmatic has successfully been used to build various sample sites across diverse niches such as fashion podcasts, lifestyle blogging, car reviews, travel and hunting blogs, industrial craft energy tutorials, and more.

Ensuring global accessibility, Newsmatic boasts seamless multilingual compatibility. Facilitates easy editing with popular page builders like Gutenberg and Elementor, allowing you to think creatively and build a website from scratch effortlessly. The main banner can be dynamically displayed based on time frames such as the last 7 days, today, this week, this month, and last month. Engage your audience by effortlessly gathering subscribers through the built-in newsletter form, and customize the appearance of your website using various filter layouts. With features like the grid widget for showcasing content and options like 404 page appearance settings, Newsmatic is not just a theme; it’s a comprehensive overview for beginners entering the realm of news portal development in the digital world.

Check It Now ( Newsmatic )


In conclusion, this curated collection of the fifteen best latest newspaper WordPress themes serves as a comprehensive roadmap for those seeking to supercharge their online presence. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a user-friendly design pattern or an experienced developer or designer aiming for a complete overhaul, these templates offer a diverse array of alternatives to suit various needs. From news aggregators and information hubs to press agencies and digital journalism platforms, the themes in this collection are tailored to cater to the look and feel desired by successful entities in the realm of current affairs.

As we recycle through the vast landscape of WP news themes, it’s evident that the careful removal of subpar options has left us with a curated set that answers the demands of both novices and seasoned professionals. The overview provided here is not just a compilation of deals but a thoughtful collection that echoes the evolution and trends in the world of online news portals. Whether you’re on a quest for a theme that aligns with your beginner-level aspirations or seeking a design that aligns with the sophisticated needs of a news portal site, this collection provides a solid foundation for your journey toward a successful and visually appealing online presence.

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