30 Top WordPress Influencers On Twitter: Who to Follow

Do you want to know the latest updates on WordPress? Do you want to follow the celebs to understand how to shape your website the best.? Congrats! Your search is over, and we have some great ideas for you.

Influencers play a significant role in introducing the updates to the followers. That’s why you follow them. WordPress updates are always coming up with new plugins, themes, and so much more. All credits go to its Content Management System (CMS). That’s why to be an updated person; you need to follow the WordPress Influencers.

We know you want to know about the celebs. And we shouldn’t keep you in surprise anymore. So, let’s get to the point straight without any further delay.

In this article, we’ll tell you about some fantastic WordPress influencers. You’ll regret not following them.

The Influencers

You can’t compare the influencers with one another because they’re the best in their fields. But at least they can win your heart.

Mike Little ()

This amazing man is the Community Engineer of Human Made. They work to improve the services of WordPress. Besides, he’s the maker of Altis DXP, which helps websites make a positive change in their content. The brilliant man is also the co-founder of WordPress. So, of course, he can be the best choice for those who wanna know a lot about this excellent blog site.

Mike Little

Syed Balkhi ()

No one in the world hasn’t heard of WPBeginner – Beginner’s Guide. It’s the most prominent site that provides tips and tricks for newcomers. is the man behind this fantastic creation.

Moreover, he also has the hands behind OptinMonster, , and MonsterInsights. The OptinMonster is a digital organization that can increase your sales. And WPForms is the most accessible Drag and Drop Form Builder. Also, MonsterInsights is the most famous Google Analytics Plugin with above 2 million users. This man is an investor, founder, and CEO in a row, and he, of course, can be an ideal choice to follow.

Syed Balkhi

Aaron D. Campbell ()

Aaron D. Campbell is a speaker, web lawyer, and WordPress Contributor. The person has spoken about so many current socio-global issues till now. Racism and Covid-19 are the most popular two of them. He also talks about many essential topics in WordPress. For instance, we can say about editing, web development, and website designing. This kind man also helps his followers with many tech-related problems. You’ll never regret following him.

Aaron D. Campbell


Have you ever heard of CM Commerce? It’s the best-in-class marketing dashboard. If one is interested in the market, Campaign Monitor is the best email marketing platform. WooThemes has the most themes for WooCommerce platforms. Automattic contributes most to WordPress. And these platforms are the creation of this man named adii. You’ll feel blessed if you become his follower, we bet!


Mike Forrester()

He is the co-creator of human². And he’s also the co-founder of WooCommerce. We’re sure that no one in the world doesn’t know WooCommerce. It’s the most famous platform that helps people build their online businesses. This platform is super customizable. And you can add your favorite plugins and themes with it. Moreover, there are many of them available which are free. He gives the latest updates about WordPress improvements too.

Mike Forrester

Adam Connell 💡()

Adam Connell is a top-rated content marketer. He is an SEO specialist, researcher, and planner in WordPress. According to Buzzsumo, Adam is one of the top 50 content marketers globally. He is the respected founder of BloggingWizard and StartupBonsai. He shares many marketing strategies on his social media and blogging platforms. These may be very helpful for new business starters and even experienced entrepreneurs.

Adam Connell

Joost de Valk()

This man is an entrepreneur by profession, and He is the founder and CPO of an SEO company named Yoast. Yoast is an SEO specialist platform. More than 12 million websites use this WordPress plugin, and it helps them make a massive growth in their website. He gives his advice talking about many tech-related issues on WordProof. The all-rounder man invests in many big projects too. Also, He tweets many tips, tricks, stats, and information related to WordPress. You can follow him if you’re curious about these.

Joost de Valk

Adam ()

Adam contributes a lot to WordPress. He shares the largest source of YouTube-based training and a massive community for WP users to join his group. Also, He talks about the new changes, problems, and performance improvements. And the latest themes and plugins also come in his discussion topics. If you want the mentorship, he can be the best choice to follow.

Joost de Valk

Jason Cohen ()

This successful man is the founder of WPEngine, and smartbear. Also, WPEngine is the best hosting service on the earth. It helps to improve your website performance and site trafficking. Thus, it makes a positive change in your sales. The man speaks about the current issues and the latest technology changes. As a result, the followers are very engaged with him.

Jason Cohen

Kori Ashton ()

If you want to know about a superwoman in the 21st century, meet Kori Ashton. This woman is a CRO strategist, WordPress Youtuber, and in a row. Moreover, she’s also a real-life cancer fighter. She talks about many tech-related issues, and coding and more are the main topics in her workshops on social media. Also, she tweets about WP Plugins, networking, and more WP improvements. You must follow her workshops and tweets if you’re a WordPress beginner.

Kori Ashton

Dan 🍻 ()

This fun-loving guy is one of the best mentors you can find on the internet. He ongoing happenings worldwide, especially the tech-related ones. His posts may also teach you many notable facts about websites, bloggers, and successful entrepreneurs. Making him aware of the latest spamming is another thing that he posts, and he can be the best one you can follow.


Andrew Wikel()

This prick is a WordPress pro. He’s an influential person on WooCommerce, WooThemes, and Automattic. If you’re a web-related freak, then you’re going to love his posts. His Twitter is full of didactic posts about plugins, websites, and WordPress. Moreover, he discusses the latest WP changes and the latest features. He’s the real man that you can follow.

Andrew Wikel

Andrew Claremont 🇨🇦()

Are you a fan of GoDaddy? It’s a community that helps to bring your ideas into success. So many successful companies have the hands of GoDaddy behind their progress. Andrew is a fantastic contributor to this community. Besides, he’s also building an automated community tools creator named Community Stacks. The Community Stacks is also a tech and social media-related community. Don’t miss a chance to follow this multi-talented guy to learn about digital ideas.

Andrew Claremont

Lisa Sabin-Wilson()

If you want to enter the world of coding, she’s the best choice to follow. Lisa is a successful author of WordPress For Dummies, and the COO of WebDevStudios. It’s a website design and development agency. You can learn many things about the virtual world from her profile. Besides, she also gives updates about WordPress and talks about the changes. So you can learn a lot from her.

Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Brad Griffin ()

This man contributes a lot to the improvement of WordPress and WooCommerce. He discusses the ongoing problems with these website builders. Moreover, he also markets the themes and plugins by a giveaway. Thus, the lucky followers also get help as a gift from him. Such a generous man, isn’t he? It even shares many cost-effective ways to build a page, marketing tips, and more tips like these.

Brad Griffin

Brian Gardner ()

He’s a designer by profession and also an expert on WordPress. Here is not the end. He’s also a Principal Developer Advocate at WPEngine. The surprising fact is, this man is also the founder of StudioPress. Furthermore, is also his creation. These all help to improve WP Themes or websites on WordPress. You can see many facts and news about his professional life on his .

Brian Gardner

Rocio Valdivia ()

Valdivia is a Community Strategist at WordPress and OpenSource, and a computer engineer at Remote Work too. Right now, he’s working at Automattic. So, as you’re getting the point, he posts regular updates about these. You can read his blogs too. He has made the most beautiful usage of WP in his blogs. He shares many important information and updates. Also, you can enjoy many valuable workshops too.

Rocio Valdivia

BobWP aka Bob Dunn ()

This man has given all his life to WordPress, and he is such a passionate man about it. His profile is the best choice to follow if you’re a new site builder. He shares the latest updates about WP. Also, he discusses the changes and posts about job offers and hiring. Following him will not be a loss for sure!

BobWP aka Bob Dunn

Jared Atchison ()

Jared is a technical and marketing expert and a successful entrepreneur by occupation. Also, He’s the co-founder of WP Forms. WP Forms is the best drag and drop WP forms builder for beginners. You can find the new templates here. In his profile, you can find many informative posts and tips. Also, he speaks about software systems and developing apps. Job vacancy posts are also something that you can find on his profile.

Jared Atchison

Joe Howard ()

Joe Howard is the CIO and founder of WP Buffs. WP Buffs is the top-rated website management and service. Moreover, It helps people with digital growth. His posts are beneficial for site owners, agencies, and freelancers. The man is also the host of the WP podcast. You can get an idea of how essential updates you can get following his profile.

Joe Howard

Brad Williams ()

Brad, a marine of the USA, is a podcaster and author of professional WordPress series. He contributes to many improvement things as he writes about them in his articles. Also, Brad tweets about WebDevStudios, Maintain, and Plugin. Moreover, You can find the updates about them on his profile. He also posts about the latest updates and vacancy posts. The network of connections is enormous, and one can get much latest news following him.

Brad Williams

Alex Cooper ()

He is a fantastic author of WP Eagle. It’s a famous website that teaches WordPress and Affiliate Marketing for free. The idea is beneficial for most people, including beginners. He conducts SEO and keyword research, and he also teaches many other valuable contents and tweets about them. You can follow him to learn and get regular updates.

Alex Cooper

Charlie Livingston ()

This outstanding guy Charlie has built great WP accessories like aThemes and TheBookCoverDesign. As with the name, aThemes has the most fantastic collection of articles for WP, and they make them too. And TheBookCoverDesign has over 18k premade book covers for talented and aesthetic authors. As he’s engaged in these, he tweets the latest updates about them. You can have an idea from there too.

Charlie Livingston

Colin Newcomer ()

He is a super talented WP blog writer. This man has deep knowledge about the digital world. And, the platform on which he shares them is his Twitter account. He writes about WP themes and designs, plugins, and more. Besides, he also discusses the pros and cons of the latest updates of WordPress. You can stay updated following him too.

Colin Newcomer

Gary Jones ()

Jones works as a code wrangler at . Also, Many other influencers and designers have a connection network with him. He shares many stats and facts about WordPress. You can see the latest versions and features from his profile. Furthermore, he also talks about the new changes and updates, and his followers can get the most recent updates from him.

Gary Jones

Greg Narayan ()

He is a fantastic mentor and trainer who answers your blogging-related queries. This way, you can make your professional blogging site. As a professional, he has chosen to be a successful blogger. Also, He shares the latest deals with hosting and marketing companies, which may be beneficial for the newbies. You can learn a lot from him about using WP for your blogging website.

Greg Narayan

Cory Miller ()

Cory Miller leads Post Status, news, and community for WP professionals. Before, he used to work on iThemes, which is a massive collection of WordPress themes. This multi-talented man is a mental professional too. You can find many motivational posts in his profile. Besides, he also discusses and shares updates about WordPress.

Cory Miller

Jennifer Bourn ()

Cory Miller leads Post Status, news, and community for WP professionals. Before, he used to work on iThemes, which is a massive collection of WordPress themes. This multi-talented man is a mental professional too. You can find many motivational posts in his profile. Besides, he also discusses and shares updates about WordPress.

Jennifer Bourn

Jonathan Buttigi ()

He’s the co-founder of WP Media, behind many successful WP plugins. They can make your website faster, better, and lighter. He shares the latest updates regularly. Also, he posts about the job vacancies and tweets about the ongoing things happening on WordPress. You can follow him for more.

Jonathan Buttigi

Bottom line

These all are our top WordPress Influencers for today. We’ve tried our best to find you at the top of them. Thus, you can learn a lot and stay updated. Hope you won’t regret following them. Of course, they all are the best and well-capable in their personal and professional field. Comment how you found them. Have a good day.

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