The 14 Best RTL WordPress Themes (Right to Left Language)

Are you on the lookout for RTL WordPress themes that scratch the surface of international design standards, offering an impressive blueprint for websites catering to a global audience? Crafting an online presence with a right-to-left language character set requires foremost attention to the fundamentals of layout and appearance. In this article, we delve directly into how the top ten Arabic WordPress themes stand out, providing impeccable support for bidirectional languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian (Farsi), Kurdish, Dhivehi (Maldivian), Pashto, Syriac, Yiddish, and Sindhi.

Let’s now delve into collections that surpass conventional configurations, presenting a ready-made solution for efficient content management. Discover how these templates streamline coding and configuration, empowering you to concentrate on developing a striking online presence. From customizable headers, footers, and sidebars to meticulously crafted layouts, these themes exemplify a steadfast commitment to excellence in both form and function. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, explore how these RTL WordPress templates redefine the landscape of online design, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for a diverse global audience.

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1.) Xtra By Codevz ( ThemeForest )

Xtra: A Feature-Rich Arabic Language Template

Xtra, an exceptional and highly adaptable RTL WordPress theme, distinguishes itself through its remarkable features, including high-resolution graphics and multilingual capabilities. Demonstrating its adaptability, Xtra showcases numerous exemplary instances across various niches, catering to businesses like car repair, pet care, beauty salons, and coaching centers. Streamlining the initial stages of development, users can effortlessly preview and import any of the numerous demos with just one click, thanks to the user-friendly demo importer script.

In addition to its high-end capabilities, Xtra simplifies the website-building process for users without advanced webmaster knowledge. Whether modifying a sample page or crafting a new one, the WP theme seamlessly integrates with popular page builders like Elementor and WPBakery (Visual Composer). The visual editor’s drag-and-drop features empower users to effortlessly customize their blog’s appearance, offering adjustable settings and styling options. Elevate user engagement through the built-in popup builder, applicable to all pages and posts, and enhance content readability by seamlessly incorporating YouTube and Vimeo videos into your posts.

Moreover, this RTL-ready theme offers versatile configuration options, allowing users to choose between one or multi-page scrolling, and opt for a dark or light skin to match their visual preferences. Its compatibility with WordPress multi-site (WPMU) ensures a seamless experience, while support for various plugins like Contact Form 7, Google Translator, BuddyPress, and more maximizes functionality. Achieve a dynamic and responsive site with a hybrid architecture, ensuring optimal viewing across all devices with custom styling for mobile, Mac, and desktop.

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2.) Valenti By Codetipi ( ThemeForest )

Valenti: A Creative RTL WordPress Theme

In search of the perfect right-to-left theme for your publication site? Look no further than Valenti—an ideal choice for crafting a news portal, online magazines, or niche blogs, catering to diverse genres like gardening, gadget reviewing, affiliate comparison, sports journalists, lifestyle & travel blogs, and other niche blogging. Build your unique landing page effortlessly using visual builders like Gutenberg or Elementor, available in both free and paid versions. Plus, providing a wealth of widgets, shortcodes, and design elements, each with its appearance settings for a personalized touch.

Valenti goes beyond a creative interface, ensuring a comprehensive design that perfectly aligns with bbPress and BuddyPress, creating a deep and fully integrated community network. The login with Ajax modals and widgets enhance user experience, offering features like profile editing, messages, subscription plans, password resets, and logout without navigating the backend. Additionally, this RTL WP theme boasts a full-width slider showcasing the newest posts with a carousel and side auto-switch functionality, tailored for Arabic and other languages.

Elevate user engagement with Valenti’s versatile post formats, including video embedding from YouTube, Vimeo, Kickstarter, or Viddler. Plus, integrate a dedicated dashboard panel with customization options such as global colors, logo, sidebar preferences, and background color or wallpaper, ensuring a classic and stylish online presence for your site. Valenti strikes the perfect balance between functionality and styling, offering a directory of features for a seamless and engaging user experience.

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3.) Elessi By NasaTheme ( ThemeForest )

Elessi: An Authentic Arabic WordPress Template

Looking for an eCommerce template that caters to both wholesale and retail needs? Elessi is the ultimate RTL WooCommerce theme, perfect for a variety of businesses, including watch stores, furniture carpenter showrooms, organic farming, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, t-shirt shops, and drop-shipping storefronts. The header and footer builder ensures a tailored site appearance, allowing adjustments to menu styles, icons, mini cart displays, color schemes, typography, and a user-friendly widget panel for updates.

Also, Elessi goes beyond basic functionality, offering a comprehensive solution with functional modules and components for efficient online store management. Its built-in AJAX product searches enhance the user experience by displaying queried products without loading a page or navigating complex menus. Plus, encourages additional purchases through enticing incentives, boosting conversion rates, and building trust. Real-time monitoring of user behavior enhances the overall shopping experience.

Additionally, Elessi seamlessly integrates with Dokan, WC Vendors, and other plugins, offering comprehensive features for running a marketplace. The one-click checkout feature streamlines the purchasing process, allowing customers to add products to their cart without leaving the page. Experience the smooth mobile interface with this WordPress theme’s mobile app simulation, enabling the possibility of QR codes for authenticity verification. With easy installation and setup on hosting servers, a single-click installation wizard, and beginner-friendly features, Elessi stands out as an excellent choice. Whether you’re a startup storefront or an experienced business, Elessi is the perfect choice to showcase your product catalog.

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4.) Grupi By CaseThemes ( ThemeForest )


Grupi, a solid RTL support WordPress theme, combines sleek design with functionality, making it a web development powerhouse. Its unique mirror writing orientation sets it apart, catering to aviation companies, recruiting agencies, marketing firms, creative agencies, and outsourcing firms. The compatibility with WPML enables the effortless creation of multilingual sites, ensuring a seamless global reach.

For a touch of luxury, Grupi incorporates Revolution Slider right-to-left, introducing dynamic slides that exude sophistication. The theme prioritizes accessibility, with features like proper color contrast, keyboard navigation, and skip-to-content URLs, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all. Grupi’s straightforward setup process and easy demo upload, whether through FTP or WordPress, make it a powerful choice for efficient interface layout.

In the realm of trending web engineering, Grupi shines not just for its stylish design but also for its internal commitment to user accessibility. Extensive documentation and video guides streamline customization, making this WP theme the go-to solution for those seeking a seamless and bold content management experience. Moreover, the utilization of coding best practices, including HTML5, Bootstrap, and front-end frameworks, guarantees optimal results on search engines and ensures a pixel-perfect, lightweight web browsing experience.

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5.) Shop-Store RTL WooCommerce Theme

Shop-Store: A Free WordPress E-Commerce Theme

Shop-Store is a professional and inspiring template tailored for businesses of all sizes, from small ventures to large marketplaces. Its minimal design not only captures attention but also reflects a commitment to creating visually appealing environments that resonate with your audience, fostering loyalty and trust. Designed with flexibility in mind, seamlessly integrates with popular builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, and Divi, offering a versatile solution for website customization.

Versatility is central to this right-to-left theme, making it an ideal choice for diverse industries, including mobile parts, fashion, furniture, cycling gear, auto parts, organic salon goods, and boutique showrooms. The integration of advanced features such as product search, a modal fly cart script, and smart variation swatches ensures a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience. Beyond its functionalities, this WordPress theme offers over a dozen of ready-to-use elements, widgets, shortcodes, and sections, providing a highly customizable and clean architecture for your website. Moreover, prioritizes language support, providing .pot files for translation and pre-packed language options in .mo and .po formats.

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6.) Flatsome By UX Themes ( ThemeForest )

Flatsome: An Arabic-Language WooCommerce Template

Flatsome takes center stage in the realm of RTL WordPress themes, distinguishing itself as a best-selling choice that has played a pivotal role in crafting over a million visually stunning eCommerce and corporate websites. Its versatility shines through as it accommodates a spectrum of industries, ranging from groceries and pharmacies to unique niches like pest control, solar panels, housewares, and tea shops. The responsive layout and pixel prefect UI ensures an appealing and seamless user experience, adapting effortlessly to desktops, mac, and smartphones alike.

In the realm of e-commerce functionality, Flatsome aligns seamlessly with WooCommerce, offering a unified and efficient platform for online transactions. With a plethora of single product layouts, quick view options, and customizable grids, the WP theme empowers users to present their products attractively. The smart shopping cart augments the overall shopping experience with intuitive features, and the catalog mode appearance allows users to transform their site into a product showcase sans traditional storefront elements.

Moreover, prowess extends to its robust admin panel, placing customization at the forefront. Users can fine-tune everything from colors and fonts to layouts, ensuring their site aligns with their unique vision. Compatibility with WPML and easy translation through .po files enhance global accessibility. Additionally, comes with a pre-built child theme, providing a secure foundation for advanced modifications without affecting the core design and functionality. With PSD files and assets in tow, Flatsome empowers users with design prowess to further refine the look and feel, fostering a strong brand identity.

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7.) Betheme By Muffin Group ( ThemeForest )

Betheme: An Optimized RTL Template

Betheme reigns supreme as the ultimate theme, outclassing rivals like Elessi, Divi, and Astra. Boasting a myriad of solid sample websites across diverse niches – education, food, health, sports, travel, and beyond – it efficiently updates by importing dummy content. Shifting to design elements, Betheme incorporates crucial features, including a floating shopping cart for precise inventory control. Additionally, it equips users with a media kit, streamlining the efficient filtering and sharing of visual points, thereby enhancing the overall aesthetic of your website.

In terms of versatility, this WordPress RTL theme sets a benchmark with a dynamic layout generator, offering endless possibilities for pages with distinct logos, headers, layouts, grids, and skins. The custom font uploader adds a unique touch, allowing users to employ any font, enhancing branding, and establishing a distinct visual identity. Supporting horizontal and vertical menus, translation readiness, social media icons, built-in breadcrumbs, and compatibility with leading plugins like Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, and WooCommerce, Betheme ensures a seamless and comprehensive website-building experience.

Betheme’s user-friendly approach extends to translation capabilities, supporting popular translate extensions such as GTranslate, TranslatePress, Loco Translate, MultilingualPress, and WPML. Whether you are a coding expert or a novice, this theme empowers you to create a comprehensive website swiftly, complemented by detailed video tutorials for guidance. This ensures a faster website-building experience, delivering higher-quality Arabic sites that resonate with both end users and search engines alike.

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8.) Astra By Brainstorm Force ( )

Astra, a Free RTL Theme

Astra, renowned for its awesome speed and flexibility, stands out as a lightweight and highly customizable WordPress template. Its compatibility with various page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder makes it a preferred choice for creating impressive websites. Astra goes beyond the ordinary by supporting right-to-left languages like Arabic, Kurdish, Syriac, Yiddish, Pashto, German, Japanese, and more. This means users of RTL languages don’t need to worry about updating core strings and text, ensuring a smooth experience.

When it comes to blog layouts, Astra doesn’t disappoint. With a range of options, including classic grid, clean list, and dynamic masonry styles, Astra allows users to craft an aesthetically pleasing and engaging single post. Also, offers dedicated sidebar options for customization and provides flexibility in choosing between traditional pagination and modern infinite loading for blog posts. This attention to detail ensures an optimal viewing experience for diverse audiences.

Astra’s user-friendly interface is a wealth of convenience, enabling users to customize design, container, and other elements effortlessly – all without the need for coding. As a WooCommerce-ready theme, Astra caters to the needs of eCommerce platforms, ensuring seamless integration. Transparent or sticky headers, diverse layout designs, and various appearance settings add to Astra’s appeal, making it not just a recommended choice but a practical and versatile solution for WordPress users.

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9.) ThePRO By ThemeREC ( TemplateMonster )


ThePRO stands out as an awesome template tailored to meet the needs of a diverse range of professionals. From handymen to designers, nutritionists to photographers, this template caters to a broad spectrum of individuals seeking a visually appealing and creative online presence. The seamless integration of light and dark layout options ensures flexibility, allowing users to harmonize the template’s style with their website’s overall design.

For users leveraging Elementor, ThePRO elevates the coaching experience by introducing nine custom widgets that enhance capabilities. Crafting diverse portfolio displays becomes effortlessly efficient with the inclusion of six modal box variants. The user-friendly manager facilitates easy customization through the intuitive live Customizer, ensuring a hassle-free experience in configuring layout settings. Built on the latest Bootstrap version, this WordPress RTL theme provides a solid and modern foundation, complemented by Font Awesome and Ionicons integration for an extensive array of icons, contributing to a polished visual design.

Beyond aesthetics and functionality, ThePRO excels in language support, going above and beyond the basics. With right-to-left layout compatibility for Arabic and other languages, PO translation support, and compatibility with WPML and Polylang add-ons, managing translations and achieving multilingual functionality is a streamlined process. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional, this theme empowers users to personalize their websites, including the creation of a multilingual curriculum vitae, all without the need for extensive coding.

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10.) SetSail By Select Themes ( Qode Interactive )


When deciding on a WordPress theme, one must properly evaluate various aspects to ensure it aligns with their website goals. Enter SetSail, a minimal and classic reverse layout template that stands out by offering a diverse range of pre-designed landing pages for ski resorts, holidays, hunting travel, hiking, and more. Its flexibility shines through custom post types for tours and destinations, allowing users to choose between tours list, destinations grid, and destination with tours based on their preferences.

Beyond mere aesthetics, the localization factor becomes crucial when selecting a global blogging site. SetSail addresses this concern by supporting Polylang for multilingual sites and ensuring bi-directional text direction support. Simplifying the transition to a different theme, SetSail offers straightforward methods for installation and activation. It keeps pace with design trends through multiple header types, smooth page transitions, and a customizable mega menu, ensuring a modern and polished look and feel.

Conversely, goes the extra mile by incorporating booking functionality and PayPal payment support, ensuring seamless transaction processes for users. Whether you’re in a travel agency, tour car & limousine rental business, or an aviation expert, SetSail proves to be an optimal choice for a site with global language direction or a versatile blogging portal.

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11.) Massive Dynamic By Pixflow ( ThemeForest )

Massive Dynamic: A Vibrant WordPress Theme in Arabic

Positioned as a top-tier multipurpose template, Massive Dynamic excels in right-to-left (RTL) design and offers diverse localization features. Tailored for businesses of all scales, from local enterprises to finance firms and healthcare institutions, it provides a versatile solution across various industries. Notably, its seamless integration with WooCommerce makes Massive Dynamic an ideal choice for showcasing products ranging from tea and coffee to meat, seafood, kitchenware, and housewares.

What sets Massive Dynamic apart is its built-in tools libraries, offering an extensive range of configuration possibilities. It also features a professional Ajax component that enriches the user experience with real-time results. Ensuring a visually stunning appearance across devices, this WordPress theme’s responsive and retina-ready layout aligns with modern design trends. The inclusion of premium plugins, including Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Master Slider, and , valued at a substantial amount, enhances the theme’s functionality.

Furthermore, provides advanced footer appearance settings, allowing users to customize columns, background video, or static wallpaper, and enable or disable various features. Functioning as a powerful platform with a user-friendly control panel, it streamlines site management. With its robust set of elements, Massive Dynamic stands as a comprehensive solution for diverse web development needs, empowering users to effortlessly create beautiful and customized websites.

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12.) Vantage By SiteOrigin ( )

Vantage: A Free RTL WordPress Template

Vantage, a highly versatile multi-purpose WP theme, distinguishes itself as a responsive and meticulously configuration option that seamlessly integrates with a myriad of exceptional component libraries. Offering a perfect blend of boxed and fluid container layouts, Vantage provides flexibility with multiple logo positions and three menu alignment options, allowing users to customize the header according to their preferences.

Creating an awesome, reliable, and reader-friendly blogging site is made effortless with Vantage, courtesy of its incorporation of favorite Google Fonts accessible right from the live customizer. Beyond its core features, Vantage goes further by supporting additional widget bundles, boasting an extensive set of over 50 shortcodes. These include visual editors, headlines, hero sliders, testimonials, grid layouts, accordions, and more, offering users a diverse range of tools to enhance their website’s look and feel.

What adds to Vantage’s appeal is its cost – it’s absolutely free. For those seeking premium support and additional features, SiteOrigin premium becomes a valuable option. In essence, Vantage turns the process of building a successful website into a straightforward and downright enjoyable endeavor, making it an attractive choice for users looking to kickstart their online presence.

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13.) Mesmerize By Extend Themes ( )

Mesmerize: A Free RTL WordPress Template

Mesmerize, a free theme known for its simple and minimal design, empowers users with a diverse range of visual options, allowing them to craft truly unique and outstanding sites. Whether you’re involved in farming, operating a storefront, or managing an online marketplace, Mesmerize offers specific pre-designed pages tailored to your needs, including shop archive, cart, checkout, and user accounts. What sets Mesmerize apart is its user-friendly interface, facilitating rapid page building by seamlessly combining predefined content sections.

Beyond its visual design capabilities, Mesmerize excels in providing outstanding features like a frontend dashboard, enabling users to edit content easily within each section. This allows for flexible customization of layout and design to suit individual preferences. Plus, extends its functionality to the creation of exceptional sliders, making this feature accessible even to those who may not consider themselves designers. Background appearance settings, ranging from simple colors and gradients to text direction, videos, and slideshows, ensure versatility in presenting content.

Moreover, this WordPress theme doesn’t just stop at versatility; it ensures security and ease of configuration through its integrated features. Smooth integration with WPML and Polylang add-ons allows users to effortlessly create a bidirectional language for their sites. Whether you’re establishing a restaurant, arts school, gym, pet care service, fashion outlet, glass company, or cleaning and laundry business, Mesmerize empowers website creation without the need for prior designer or developer knowledge.

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14.) Personal CV Resume RTL Support WordPress Theme

Personal CV Resume

Embark on a journey of professional distinction with Personal CV Resume, a theme that exudes sophistication and elegance with its right-to-left direction-ready layout. In the realm of coding, this Arabic theme leads the way by employing the latest programming architecture, seamlessly integrating design trends for a modern and dynamic web presence. Featuring several pre-built blocks, each meticulously designed and customizable to match your unique style, Personal CV Resume ensures an impressive and tailored appearance that captivates your audience.

As you showcase your skills and experiences in an elegant resume format, Personal CV Resume goes beyond the conventional, offering the flexibility of a robust blogging platform. Its user-friendly interface empowers you to effortlessly create a personalized and engaging online presence that stands out. The compatibility across major web browsers further enhances its appeal, making your professional story accessible to a broader online community.

With an auto-update feature that keeps both the template parts and plugins current, this theme provides a seamless experience for website owners. Seamless social media integration enables you to effortlessly share your resume with potential employers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Regardless of your profession – be it a content creator, photographer, UX/UI designer, freelance writer, data scientist, or marketing consultant – Personal CV Resume offers a ready-to-go solution for elevating your online portfolio and storytelling.

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In conclusion, delving into the realm of RTL WordPress themes presents an exciting opportunity to elevate web development specifically tailored for right-to-left languages. The carefully curated collection of the 14 best templates offers a diverse array of alternatives, showcasing remarkable designs, bidirectional settings, and a multitude of configuration options. Whether drawing inspiration from a beautiful mirror writing orientation or seeking a reset for maximum efficiency, these Arabic themes collectively serve as a valuable roadmap for businesses and individuals aiming to create a successful website or blog that seamlessly caters to diverse language requirements.

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